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  1. That's the six cylinder version of the Maxi engine as fitted in some Landcrab's and Princess's. They were 2.2 litre unless they've stretched it a bit, like they changed the capacity and re-designated it the 'R' series when fitted in the Maestro. Colin
  2. Because they are made of chocolate, they're for emergency use only not towing it halfway round the country.
  3. Switch it off, put it in gear, start it up and you're off. Now you can practice your clutchless gear changing, Pull it out of gear as you come off the throttle and gently push it into the next one as the revs drop. After a while it will come as second nature. Colin
  4. Hi, Another Rootes offering is the Arrow series Hillman Minx from 1967 to 2005 where it had morphed into the Paykan in Iran. Colin
  5. Why where did they move it to??
  6. colnerov

    Car chases

    Late to the thread but it's on there now.
  7. Hi, Another strange concept for presumably length constraints from 1983, the Steinwinter Supercargo.
  8. Very likely a London Transport RT bus.
  9. Hi, Yes it knackers the seals by making them roll over as they pass the wear/dirty ridge and they don't function as they should. Pressure bleeding with out moving the pedal can over come that problem. Colin
  10. Hi, Heater ducting options? Try tumble drier extractor ducting, they come in both round and rectangular flavours. Colin
  11. Hi, The trick with the engine mount nuts and bolts is to weld the nut to the mount flange, you don't need to go mad just a good tack weld to hold it in place until you get the bolt in. Colin
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