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  1. colnerov

    TV cars

    The direness or desirability of the cars was down to the rules governing the value of prizes offered on television. Colin
  2. colnerov

    TV cars

    Erm, I 'm having trouble focusing on the sill covers.
  3. colnerov

    TV cars

    The Victor from Randell and Hopkirk also made an appearance in one of the last New Avengers episodes as the villians car, played by Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw before they moved onto The professionals.
  4. colnerov

    TV cars

    According to Patrick McNee an absolute pig to drive with the big wheels.
  5. colnerov

    TV cars

    ...And the subsequent bent front axle.
  6. colnerov

    Fuel gauge arrow

    Yes just swipe your card in the slot.
  7. Hi, Yes it should be SAE30 R10. Get it from reputable dealers and good makes like Cohline. A lot of the stuff on ebay is dodgy even though it's marked up as such. One good supplier is - http://ajlelectronics.co.uk/epages/832315.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/832315/Categories/Classic_Microcars/Fuel_hoses Colin
  8. I can remember when it used to be a day.
  9. Hi, ...And it's drivers side, not like it's the other side of the car where they might not see it. Colin
  10. Read the instructions? What sort of man are you?
  11. Why do girls like bad lads? They don't seem to think it through when it could go wrong.
  12. Reflectors need to be a mirror finish, not shite and briney like you can get out of a can.
  13. Hi, Putting Dexron fluid into older 'boxes can finish them off, unless they have Dexron compatible linings, because Dexron is a friction modifier. So check with the supplier of the linings what fluid to use. Colin P.S. I'm sure you know this already so apologies if so.
  14. How easy is it to get them back out?
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