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  1. The funny thing is I felt the same, then I started reading loads of Board of Trade railway accident reports from the 19th century, and found that back then it was usual to spell it breaks. The average Marketplace seller is fairly illiterate, though.
  2. A friend of mine had an ex police 2.5PI in about 1979 that had those plain hubcaps.
  3. Everything I put on marketplace immediately gets an attractive lady asking is it still available? As if a twenty something in Finland wants a Toyota Corolla headlamp.
  4. It's the most exciting thing that ever happened there.
  5. It's the kind of thing that only gets put down as part of a list. It would be extremely harsh as a sole failure.
  6. A friend of mine used to drive one of these for Initial. He borrowed it once (with permission) and was driving along with the doors open with me and another lad standing in the left hand footwell with the door open. The other guy had his hand resting on the A pillar and missed finger amputation by a millisecond when we had to stop abruptly.
  7. I think the railway item is a wagon building plate, Shildon was a NER/LNER/BR wagon works.
  8. It's an earth I had a lot of trouble with. A high level marker light that was supposed to earth out through the aluminium cladding. But for some reason the cladding on that side didn't want to be an earth path, so I had to run a wire to the nearest wired earth. Routing it through without destroying half the back end interior was difficult, especially as someone had fitted a safe in front of the wiring connections, a safe to which no-one had the combination.
  9. I wouldn't agree with that, as the TR6 is the same car with the styling squared up (by Karmann).
  10. I've been working on various wiring issues on a Peugeot J5 Bürstner coach-built lately.(Shudders slightly).
  11. I looked it up, it seems to be more lenient than it used to be. 25 years ago Ireland was flooded with 6 or 8 year old JDM stuff, not much high performance but grey porridge Corollas with extra wing mirrors and other paraphernalia.I never understood why the Japanese don't fit fog lamps, don't they have fog?
  12. I was working on my brother in law's motorhome this week and needed to check all the connections for the rear light, which are under the sink at the back. Except someone bolted a safe to the floor right in front of them, for which no combination was available. Can I say that I hate everything about working on coach-built motorhomes?
  13. That's what it is in Ireland for light commercials, even small vans, well,€113 pa. And it starts when the first anniversary of registration comes up.
  14. There's some truth in that, but it's also true that a stitch in time saves nine. I.e., when the car is finally tested, instead of a new pair of shocks half the steering and suspension needs replacing. The same for slightly sticky brakes. So with the average UK driver, the garage will be able to charge one big bill instead of two small ones.
  15. The Japanese test prescribes the replacement of many parts, even when completely unworn, and the costs of that are so high that 6 or 8 year old cars are no longer worth putting through the test, and are sold for use elsewhere. I don't think that's a safety thing, just a way to keep the local production lines moving.
  16. The Tüv in Germany is two years without mayhem ensuing.
  17. Campagnolo means countryman, or possibly peasant. Although I can't imagine a BMW Mini Peasant.
  18. Is that a well known thing in the trade? I own an ex-Chubb Mégane.
  19. Getting definite Uncle Buck vibes.
  20. The wheeling dealing aspect of Wheeler Dealers was the fake part. It's only the workshop segments that made it watchable at all.
  21. They are the nicest trims on mk 1/2 Mondeo's.
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