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  1. What gets lost in the goal warming debate is the local health impact. Tax policy was so focused on reducing carbon emissions it ignored the fact it was poisoning us with diesel fumes. Meanwhile coal power stations in China are cancelling out any overall global reduction in CO2 resulting from our use of diesel. Ergo we all get lung disease for nothing. Driving old diesel snotters chucking out soot might produce less carbon overall but you're killing kids. Not worth it in my opinion. There's no easy answer than to drive less. Meanwhile government need to massively promote electric so we have plenty of old ones to keep going in 15 years time. I'm a maybe hypocrite of course since I drive a 12 year old diesel but it's almost impossible to find a decent cheap large estate in petrol auto thanks to diesel obsession of the last 20 years.
  2. Mostly my family's old cars that I was too young to drive but remember fondly. They owned some iconic vehicles but didn't seem that bothered about them at the time and they were neglected then disposed of without much discussion. My Dad's BMW 850 he used to give me whiplash in every time he set of from the lights just to see if that was necessary. He sold it to a dealer in the 90's recession to pay the mortgage. My mum's split screen air cooled VW bus that caught fire on the North circular. This was left to rot on a friend's driveway until scrapped in the late 90s. My grandad's CX which lived under a beech tree and slowly turned to mould as he succumbed to cancer. My grandmother's early Micra that ended up a greenhouse on my uncle's allotment. Other than that in terms of moderns a V6 petrol engined hydropneumatic Citroen just because I want one. I drive a lot of hire cars for work and there's always something interesting and fun about it. Even if they are shit (Mokkas).
  3. Glad to hear it. I'm talking from complete inexperience. I just assumed a Starlet with all that gubbins on the roof would be slow. Makes me want one even more.
  4. So much want. Nineties Japanese underpowered coupe dreams fulfilled. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201911214623398?atmobcid=soc3 The interior really lives up to the radical exterior styling*
  5. One Direction's tour bus. Adding this to your watch list will put you on a watch list. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173989152178 Truly a mystery what sort of creep would pay £45,000 for this.
  6. Tired looking Volvo 480 rotting on a bomb site in North Somerset for £700. These are getting rarer at sensible money. MOT expired 14 March 2009 so probably not much work needed. That interior is beautiful. https://www.gumtree.com/p/volvo/volvo-480/1356191905
  7. Should add the m47 engined BMW 3 E90 and E91s didn't have dpfs
  8. Lexus has Dpfs, timing chains, OMGHGF, ridiculous 6th gear that requires at least 80mph, ergo sawing the gears at legal motorway speeds. Still nice place to sit and cheap considering the luxury level. Late m47 engine post swirl flap, pre timing chain grenade BMW 320d E90 or E91s are getting into the £1000 range. Mine has been fine mechanically over 2 years and is bloody quick for a 2 litre and a hoot to drive.
  9. It might be that west Cornwall and being kept on grass/mud had tested mine. Strange that others in the fleet over the same period - VW T5, BMW E46 and E91 did not rust.
  10. During its time from 2005ish to 2015 mine had an entire new subframe, rear brakes, exhaust and filler neck. Filler neck alone was £300! I used to wonder why my shoes stank of petrol until I realized it was pissing out the rust holes onto the forecourt while I filled up. Didn't help the abysmal mpg either. Contrast with supposedly rust prone BMW E46, 2 years older which was brought from new in 2001 and is still going strong on its original exhaust.
  11. I'm also sick of shite. Worked out I've spent more on old cars in 3 years than a 3 year lease on something like Hyundai Tucson which having driven as a hire car I know would have served me fine with no hassle. All I have to show for it is two slightly broken cars with an average age of 15. I'll be there naysayer on Subarus. Had a 2003 Outback. Needed because we lived miles down a crappy farm track wrecked every year by daffodil farmers. Everything rusts, brakes, exhaust, filler neck etc. Parts had to come from Sweden at vast expense. Practically swept the Outback off the drive in bits about 2015. Still nice in 2.5 manual but ridiculously thirsty and quite slow. To put it in context it rusted worse than my E46 from 2001 that is still going strong despite being left in a wet field in Cornwall all its life. I'd go Toyota if I wanted to buy a modern upfront.
  12. What about Saab Sensonic? Computer controlled clutch manual. Sounds ideal to me, shame it didn't catch on.
  13. Sometimes it's too far gone. Eventually gave in and bought new lamps for my 2005 Micra, after 3 consecutive years of MOT fails on cloudy light I'd had enough.
  14. I've used rattle can stuff but it makes a mess. 3M do wipes I'd be tempted to try them. The cloudy plastic is oxidised, by sanding you remove the oxidised plastic exposing fresh slightly less unoxidised plastic. It will eventually also oxidise too but the clear coat delays that. Just don't want you to think it will last forever!
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