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  1. For about 5 services the dealer charged my wife for 5 litres of oil even though the car only takes 3 and charged her for work I could prove had not been done. I had the invoices to prove it. They still played hell with a refund. Never go near them.
  2. Same for me. 4 wheels good, 2 wheels better. Road bike if it's sunny, hybrid if it's raining, mountain bike if it's snowing. Some days I splash out on parking but a city centre office with no car park means it's an expensive treat.
  3. Je voudrais one of these petit French bean cans tres much but sadly just too far for une collection from South Devon. GL!
  4. You are probably right. When I bought mine from a drug dealer bumtree dullard he had put run flats on it.
  5. Good buy provided the door seals are in good nick. Mine was like having a hair dryer in my ear on the motorway. Seals £300 a side and they are on long term backorder from Germany. Eventually got rid because of that. Handbrake is shit but TADTS. You learn to only park on hills facing forwards. If it's still on runflats bin them.
  6. I would politely tell the rozzers that until they can provide a memorandum of conviction in relation to that vehicle you will be keeping it. Until proven in court it's just their opinion on whether it's nicked. If course offer to otherwise cooperate with their investigation. You cannot get good title to stolen goods so it's hard luck if it really was nicked. You would have a claim against the seller which would probably be worth bunging through money claims online if you can prove it's not theirs.
  7. Nah, surely artisan gin
  8. I had a mk2 1.6. Bought new by mother in law in 2001 who only used it in summer and kept in a heated garage all its life until I got it in 2015 when it had done 40000 miles and it was still rotten. Sold it back to her last year for what I paid her because she preferred it to the brand new Bini soft top which replaced it. I actually prefer driving my wife's 1.2 K12 Micra, sacrilege I know. Sills, arches, chassis legs all rotten. Enjoy it then sweep it off the drive.
  9. Pretty sure this had one of the biggest boots ever similar to a V70 or E class of the era.
  10. This is brill. Probably one of the most comfortable cars of the last 20 years. I'm after a later one in manual lhm style. Still if this weren't directly the opposite side of England from me I'd give it a go.
  11. I seem to have developed a small obsession with tropical islands formerly part of the British empire. Most recent visit was Bequia, famous for an active whaling fleet and not much else. The 90s Jap shite senses were tingling, small remote - check, drive on the left - check, hot enough for shite to survive rust but develop chronic lacquer peel - check. Sadly things did not turn out as exciting as hoped. Of the 6000 residents almost every single one seems to drive a Suzuki Vitara. The others have boring moderns. I have a theory about small islands. A certain car becomes popular and then develops critical mass so that it’s the only thing you can get spares for which means everyone has to buy them. Despite that there were some Jap export gems. There are no roads which permit you to go fast enough to hit the rev limiter in second gear so it really doesn’t matter what you drive. No idea if this is of any interest but since there is some shite you would probably not see anywhere else I thought I’d chuck some pics up. Spots included Many Escudos (rebadged Vitara) Local taxis which are basically cattle pick trucks. Parallel bench seats and no belts obvs. You have to just hang on like a trip to the abattoir. Rotten old saloons Roller painted Nissan saloons JRG for winners Dollar buses with 90s era airbrush Bashed in MX6 which definitely still drove Sunny estate A totally fucked Twingo in a bush down an abandoned estate road Random van which I loved 4 door original RAV4 which I don’t remember seeing in the UK. A very old Land Rover probs from days of the empire
  12. You will go loads faster without the trailer. Every gram makes a huge difference on a hill. Decathlon stuff is good value and usually well made, get their waterproof panniers if you can. Otherwise line with a rubble sack. Most tourers can get away without a rear rack and make do with strapping their tent to the top of the rear rack with bungees and using a frame bag. Front panniers add weight and wind resistance which probably isn't worth the carrying capacity.
  13. Luxxo Waftybarger


    Since moving to Devon 5 years ago I pretty much never drive on the motorway, hadn't driven on one for about 3 years. I had to go up North at Xmas and I was amazed at how slow people drive now. I remember there was always a constant stream of cars in the fast lane doing 80-85. I was doing 70 on the speedo in a 15 year old car overtaking people in their brand new Mercs, Aldi's etc. People must shit themselves over the managed motorway stuff I suppose.
  14. As soon as there is any snow settled on the road cycling without studded tyres is lethal. If it's melted slush you'll be fine. Best to avoid cycle paths and stick to main roads where exhausts melt the snow. Hope you can stop and wait it out but if you press on wear overshoes or at least put some plastic bags over your feet, frostbite is a real risk. If budget allows I'd swap the trailer for front panniers you'll be much faster.
  15. Temperature inversion in river valleys plus shading from surroundings means it's probably extra cold following the Rhine. Hopefully you'll warm up once you head west. Keep eating, the cold will burn extra calories.
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