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  1. today i have changed the blown o/s/f bulb in the Rover. fucking light still doesn't work however, as i have managed to drop the new bulb into the back of the headlamp. i then threw a massive tantrum and fucked off trying to get the bulb back or even putting the car together, cos right now i FUCKING hate the very sight of it....
  2. oh dear, you have lost your air filter! luckily they are available from Steve Flowers, or they will be when (if??) they reopen.
  3. me mam's clever with a sewing machine, she has run these new curtains up this week, so that the second hand ikea curtains in our bedroom can FINALLY be replaced. When i moved into home 20 years ago, i put a pair of curtains up that my sister had recently replaced as a "temporary" thing until i got sorted with something better. well, today that has actually happened. Tinky likes them, clever use of the "overlock" apparently..... he doesn't think much of the new "no climbing" rule though!
  4. its not looking good for me been able to go to work on Monday. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind......
  5. i got given some alexa thing for xmas from my little sister. today i have taken it outta the box and plugged it in. then fucked about for an hour getting it to connect to the interwebs wifi thing, and fucked on for another hour getting the password reset on the amazon account which i never, ever use, cos, well amazon is i think shit, i use ebay if i want something, to then find out that this thing doesn't do anything, much. it is it seems just some pointless clock, and i have several of them already! me mam has one, "it can do alarms" she says, like say, an
  6. time once again for a bit of a fleet update- Rover 75, 202450-odd on the clock and still going. this has recently been treated to some of the finest* chinese deathrings at our favoured tyre spot, as i noticed that the tyreson the back of the car were proper fucked and waaaaaaay past their prime. it has also had the none functioning lights replaced meaning that there is currently, touch wood, no warning lamps lit on the dashboard. i think though that the thermostat in the motor is jammed open as the temp gauge barely gets off the bottom bump currently, as Rover gauges are complete liars, u
  7. Haynes are stopping publishing their infamous books of lies..... Since John Haynes died the company has been sold out to some outfit what does publishing on line only, so no more paper books. I cannot help thinking that the writings been on the wall for a while for the HBoL. especially given how there isn't one for that avensis thing we bought. but repair books on line, well that won't fly, at least not for me. having to deal with a broken car, and something on the fuckin' interweb, AT THE SAME TIME?? well that will not end well, not end well at all.
  8. So Kerry said to me last night, "do i want to drop the Rover off in the morning as i pass, and i take the piece of shit turd toyota?" "no" said i, "no, i'll stick with the Rover, that other thing, you can keep it, i want nothing else to do with it, and besides, i know it won't start" "oh yes it will" "no. no it won't, and i'd bet you it won't" "how much?" ah a challenge, "i'll bet 400 Quatloos that the turd won't go in the morning" well, apparently. it did. with no jump leads involved. cos Kerrys brother was pushing it! needless to say, i am now 400 Qu
  9. the new battery on the Avensis has made not one jot of a difference, it still won't go. we did manage to jump start it off the Rover, but that is all we have achieved with it. and i am through with it. we bought it in a piss and a panic cos we needed another car, and having run about in it for the last 6 weeks i can now positively say that i don't just dislike it. i really, do not care for it at all, in fact i hate it, hate it almost as much as the shitty job i'm doing that it was bought for. it is the dullest, dreary, deathly dullest thing i have ever owns. i've dri
  10. this morning the bastard toyota decided that it did not want to go to the shops this morning. as a reward for replacing the exhaust the other day, this morning it didnt want to go. it wouldn't start off our jump leads either, though it did go quiet happily off the roadside assistance fellas booster pack. and apparently kerry says it won't start this evening too, in spite of me taking it for a damn good thashing this afternoon. so we need a new battery for it. triffic..... i did however get Kerry xmas present. nice eh? and that signature? its Har
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Morris-minor-1949-mm-low-light-totally-rust-free-and-original-C-w-V5/224282945381?hash=item34384e2765:g:iVYAAOSwMXdf27Ys its a shame that Nuffield Group had to lift the headlamps up onto the wings. even been a side-valve, and been slower than continental drift, i'd still love to own it. i couldn't though, the "benign neglect" that passes for my ownership means it'd be shagged in no time
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-1100/254809783859?hash=item3b53d8be33:g:neoAAOSwWplf2gza i like an ADO16. they are a pretty car. and this one is worryingly close to home.....
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-Metro-1983-37k-Miles/164588353506?hash=item26523af7e2:g:d-IAAOSwzq5f3Hpq how has this little thing has lasted as bright and clean as this, when usually they were proper fooked at 5 and 6 years old? this might as well have just come off the line, by the look of it!
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Gran-Torino-Elite-5-8L-V8-1975/303792558584?hash=item46bb7291f8%3Ag%3AGTcAAOSwSpNfx4-F&LH_ItemCondition=3000|1000 so these did come in other colour schemes besides red with a white stripe.... you do need to provide your own cardigan!
  15. can anyone lend me a few quid? what? no one? bastards...... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3660046330708895
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