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  1. ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-100/233463560676?hash=item365b8339e4:g:Lg0AAOSwRiJd~jUS i think i may have posted this before. no not - whatever...... one late Rover Metro 114 kettle in GSi trim. no leather, sadly, but its got a test till november and a pretty clean mot history. and all for £800. the wheel arches even look like they are made from metal!
  2. edited for accuracy. same can be said for Dudley which i had the miss fortune to visit recently. it is a proper shit hole. it was a relief to see the place disappear in the cars rear view mirror on the way back home. i think my Grandfather was there during the war, not that he saw much of the town. He was in the nose of a german bomber at the time......
  3. round these parts seem to do a thing for grim, horrid places. Stockton, its one claim to fame is its not Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, not quite as shit as Stockton, Hartlepool, home of the monkey hangers, and even grimmer than Sheffield....... other total shit holes include Rochdale, Manchester, Leicester, Leeds and of course Bradford. these places all could SHOULD be used for the testing of weapons of mass destruction. Imagine how many millions of pounds worth of improvements even a small atomic bomb could do to Sheffield.... interestingly at one point there was talk of building a Disneyland type spot on the north east coast south from Scarborough, Scarborough council though wouldn't hear of it, as it would "take trade away from the town" - so with arseholes like that incharge, no wonder the place is on its knees!!
  4. ah well, that is cause someone has glued them on...... still for only a couple of quid, its an interesting little thing!
  5. we have been adding to the collection of diecast tat, just a pair of odderties that were only a couple of quid. a Corgi Juniors Reliant Ant/TW9 in proper 1970's orange. been a 3 wheeler it has some outriggers on the front bumper which don't look quite right but otherwise its about spot on. the other one is a Huskys Guy Warrior "coal truck" which is equipped with a simple suspension system of lugs moulded into the base plate which support the axles, amazingly it still works too.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1965-BUICK-SPORTWAGON-SKYROOF-STATION-WAGON-V8-PS-PB-PW-Oldsmobile-Vista-Cruiser/223829651907?hash=item341d4971c3:g:ZVoAAOSw6WJdqcPQ how sweet is this station wagon? why would you want to run some crossover suv piece of shit when you can have something like this instead?
  7. i especially bought some proper yellow and black serek number plates for the mini 1000, the ones with the separate numbers and letters riveted on to the backing plates. thats not the grump, the grump is that i have 3 fuckin' job interviews next week, and that those jobs are for an engineering job, the sort of job that i have said i would never, ever go back too....
  8. with regard to the preference condition of a Corgi Renner 16, well one just like that the one shown would be perfect, in nice original condition like that one. i don't mind a chip or two on the car like that, a toy which has had a life before i got its nice, certainly i think they are nicer like that as opposed to been all repainted,. price wise, £10 upto £15, thats gotta be enough to secure a really nice one, surely?
  9. ah bollocks..... one day, ONE DAY i'll get a nice Renner 16 to add to the collection!
  10. we are 15 miles away, but its a terraced house with on street parking.....
  11. yes i think you are correct, that the mark X jag is a husky, as its got a silver base! corgi junior/husky they were all made by mettoy..... i have wondered bout buying some new jewelled lights for the Olds, Steve Flowers lists them on his website too, but been more than a bit kak handed, and the jewels been propper small means that i can probably live with it just having 1 jewel left, and the mechanism still works fine too.
  12. i used to prefer Popular Classics and Jalopy, cause those magazines used to deal with crappy cars more like what i like..... any one else remember them?
  13. where my mam and dad live there has been a new housing estate built on what were open fields. over the last few weeks their cat Harley has caught and killed 8 or 9 mice that have been displaced by the new, shitty little boxes houses. and brought them back home, cos, well he's good like that...... and we still have that fucking dirty rat under our shed. it seems that the cheesy cracker thing we have been baiting the trap with is not to a dirty rats liking, so now we are going to try chocolate instead. we would try peanut butter, but we don't have any at the moment.
  14. hmmm, since my dream car is a detomaso pantera (amongst many, many others, my dream motor list is very, very long and changes with my mood), a car that is pretty, and lethal in equal measure i'd love to see that cockernee geezer trade up to that from a Rover 75......
  15. on a completely different but similar vein, there is a show on at Ripley Castle on Monday 25/5/20 which normally would be a bank holiday. but with this year been the 75th anniversary of VE day, that bank holiday monday might be a bank holiday friday this year. so i dunno if its going to be on the monday, or on the friday? i guess time will tell.....
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