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  1. we had the mini out to play today, but the revels were sadly short lived. seems our old friend "Mr Missfire" has come back. its the same symptoms as before, stuttering under load. so i guess the culprit is going to be some crud floating around in the carb somewhere. so the days run over the wee back roads of north yorkshire got cut short, and we headed over to Kerrys as fast as 10 inch wheels and 3 cylinders could manage. only to find out that kerry had left her keys at home "cos i won't need them with me" fucks sake. i have decided that i am going to NAIL a fuckin' coat hook onto kerrys forehead so that there will be somewhere to put her fookin' keys! well, now't else for it but to head for home. we made it too, though there were moments when i thought we weren't! "get and old car, they said, it'll be fun, they said......" so after that, well i doubt we will be running out tomorrow in the run from Middlesbrough to Pickering. we also found that the head gasket on that car is weeping, well more than weeping, dribbling, leaking, pissing out? oil too. yep, i am REALLY loving the bloody thing at the moment! and the Rover went for its test the other day. it failed, of course. basically it needs the cataracts on the headlamps polishing back, a o/s track rod and the hand brake, which is shit on a 75 at the best of time encouraging back into something resembling working order on both wheels. so not too bad for a 20 year old, 208,000 mile Rover! now to get someone to just do the jobs above. and the Toyota too has had a test what it failed with a "major defect", the repeater thing in the wing mirror had given up, now this is not some wee bulb, like what it would have been in the olden dayz, but some sealed LED shit. the only one i could get was from the local toyota main stealer, for £90. £90 FUCKING QUID!!!! still, could be worse, a friend had the same thing with some piece-of-shit golf, and that was £800-odd plus VAT as they had to change the WHOLE DOOR MIRROR! the LED nonsense wasn't available on its own, so it was a complete mirror job. "german engineering" what a fuckin' joke!!
  2. some new additions to the collection- first off these, today is my 21st, again, and again, and a bit more, birthday. so kerry has got me these. the matchbox racing car transporter, along with the matchbox lotus and ferrari racing cars. sadly the ferrari has lost its driver, though Steve Flowers do carry one in their range, its in playworn condition, but the glazing, ramp and tail boards are present and correct. which is nice. there was also this ERF stake wagon, which is in really nice shape, even more so considering how old it is, dating from the mid-1950s. and recently i also bought these, the plantectnican removals van, complete with back roller shutter door. this deserves new decals, which i have ordered, though have yet to arrive i also got this, the Vauxhall Victor saloon, and a Bedford Wrecker Wagon. and an Austin A50 Cambridge. and a Ford Station Wagon, all are pretty early Matchbox 1-75 series toys, all from the first series of the these toys so date from the early 1950s. the great things with these diddy cars is that you can get loads of them in a display case!
  3. i do keep onlooking at these land yachts with envious eyes. where i would keep such a monster, now there is a question. the neighbours in our narrow street of terraced houses will love* having a car the size of an aircraft carrier parked down it regularly. i am going to have one, one day. i just gotta save some money up first, which i dunno, i find is easier said than done! but yes, one day a full sized sedan like that green behemoth will be mine.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393452661411?hash=item5b9b9b2aa3:g:U48AAOSw9vpg9e5P these 3rd gen lesabre's are the best looking of them all. only the 2nd gen come close to matching them. and i didn't know that they came as a coupe too. no mention on which engine or transmission is fitted though. still nice though,
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234095590980?hash=item36812f3e44:g:hGcAAOSwD5pgsQWg i present this BIG green cruisin' machine. given the unpronouncable place name in the ad, i assume its in the land of the Taff's. so along way from California! a MOPAR big block, so i won't ask how many gallons to the mile this can manage.
  6. didn't Fozzy Bear drive one of those Studebakers in "the great muppet movie" back in the olden dayz?
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324693575398?hash=item4b993ec6e6:g:HpoAAOSw2npg2N8f sadly this has the wrong engine, but it is the right (poop) colour.
  8. well we got marvin out today, so a guy could test on it a bit, and see what if anything was going on with the brakes. jacked it up, wheels off and have a look at whats going on. well, there was a vibration i wasn't expecting, and some odd sounds but it all seems to be working. strangely there isn't anything that i could feel rattling ir cluncking with the wheels back on and on the floor! same with the backs too, though i have dosed the hand brake cables and the adjusters in WD40 just in case. then down the lane a bit, well the back brakes are locking up and the nose of the car is dipping underheavy braking so i guess they are working, if the garage wasn't in town then i would have run it round the block for a proper try. so i have formulated a plan, i'm going to pop a new set of pads in the front, the ones in there are getting well down, and then i;m going to get it tested. but i want someone sympathetic to old cars to do it, so either i get it booked in at Cropton, or give George Allerton a call and get it in there, and see what it needs to pass.
  9. the jaguar and the landrover, please, if no one else has asked for them.
  10. how do you make a small car look even smaller? park it next to a bloody HUGE one! this Lincoln Town Car is equipped with a 460 ci big block (7 and a half litres) with 13 mpg's. the mini is 61 ci, that been 998cc, and does considerably more mpg's. we also saw this chopped chevy pickup while out and about. its very nice too
  11. at last, the metro having been a but of many jokes and general appathy has it seems finally starting to become a proper classic car. no doubt the silly values placed on early Festers and 205s is, like the Marina and Avengers getting dragged along cos RWD Escrots been daft money, the Metro is starting to get expensive. MGs, Vanden Plas cars and vans, cos vans usually were driven into the ground and very, very few are left now, have gone up in value in recent months. but if it stops nice cars loosing their engines for mini's than that is ok for me. even now 1275s have been getting their engines raped out of them and the remaining numbers of Metros have been falling off a cliff!
  12. https://www.mathewsons.co.uk/product/1989-austin-metro-gs-current-v5-present-paperwork-includes-mot-certificates-invoices-of-work-carried-out-old-tax-discs-service-record-showing-5-stamps-owners-handbook-and-haynes-workshop-manual/ going over the block next week at Mathewsons, this metro vanden plas GS isvery very clean, save the o/f back door which is starting to go and a couple of carpark dings, 33000 miles which i would think is genuine, given that the floor is spotless. guide price £1800 to £3000 even though the last thing i need is another bloody car!!
  13. very much so, up until the constant shit an shenanigans at Longbridge and/or Cowley frightening off buyers who saw news of YET another Leyland strike threatening their deliveries. the bus and truck arms were not above fuckups of their own, the bus arm for instance pissed money away on the hapless 501 series engine, and for a long time wouldn't offer an alternative in their chassis. if they had the brains to offer the Gardner engine, the engine buyers actually wanted from the start, then maybe things would have been different.
  14. it is always worth remembering that Chrysler, who had become desperate to get rid of what was left of Simca/Rootes by the close of the 1970s had actually started merger talks with BL. while doing the due diligence investigation BL discovered that Chrysler Europe were in an even bigger financial mess than they were, and politely brought the talks to a speedy end. Chrysler would eventually off load it all to Peugeot for a $1, though that did get them A LOT of debt, and the factory at Poissy, which was what i think they really wanted. Linwood closed pretty quickly after the merger, and while Royton closed back in 2006? and the design centre at Whitley now belongs to JLR.
  15. the hyrolastic and hydragas fella has been up again this afternoon to replace the failed o/s/f can on marvin the metro. marvin is now sat level, and is not listing like something about to capsize. which is nice. now to have a look at the brakes, see if we get some more action outta them, and then, an MOT, which was last done in September 2019, in the "before times" mini-marvin approves. it took them no time at all to change the failed can. but as it had all been apart early in May thats no shock. i'm hoping that there wont be an issue with this one that has just been fitted. the last one they think that the gas diaphram has given way as there was very little fluid come out of it, and not much gas too, but the busted can was considerably heavier than an empty can should be! it is, apparently not something that they had seen before. and this has been done with out any fuss, even if it did mean abit of a wait. i'm wanting to get using the car again. even after 11 years it still makes me smile. and while its crusty in spots, its still a nice little car.
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