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  1. bugger VAGshite, i'll be paying good money for the Wolseley!
  2. damn right DO NOT CLICK....... i've thrown better things away!! bloody Old School Ford Scene Tax even applies to slot cars!!
  3. Usually i would say "yes please" but today i think i had better leave it for another day, cos i've been and ordered a new telly! bloody house things getting in the way of hoarding adding to the diecast tat collection. thank you for offering all the same x
  4. darn it! wished i'd seen that Corvair earlier!!
  5. i wonder if anyone has an Airfix Vauxhall Viva? looks a nice car too, not that the hand drawn illustration in a catalogue can REALLY be relied upon for an accurate picture of it! still all part of the charm of retail catalogues from the 1960's, be it slot cars, toy trains and diecasts. Ladybird books from that period too are the same. I have got several editions of the cars book upstairs somewhere, along with Railway Trains of the World and one about Aeroplanes. All have really beautiful illustrations with a nice potted history.
  6. didn't Airfix do quiet a nice Mini Cooper for their slot car system, back in the day?
  7. yes leave them be, they sound horrible! shame as the pictures were really flattering them....
  8. ohi dunno, the matchbox Trojan? van and the GMC refrigerated truck both look ok, what is the score with the Corgi Ford Consul Classic, is it a repaint? i'm guessing the blue Jag in front of it has been painted too?
  9. possibly, depends on how much they are,please?
  10. and then today we have heard that our favourite, and cheap,tame mechanic has lost his premises. he has been working out of a shed on a small holding, but with the chinese disease he has been given notice to quit. he will still come and work off the drive, but that is going to be a pain instead of working on a big set of ramps and a pit, in the dry. so i don't see that really been a solutions thats going to fly. bollocks.
  11. Leeds - the arsehole of the universe, nothing more to be said. i've turned down a couple of jobs in Leeds because its Leeds......
  12. things fucking up - and driving me mad. mother has a k13? micra, one of them from Pune in India. had it from new, its what, 7 years old now and the fucker keeps flattening its battery. the battery on the car is only a couple of months old, but this morning she went out to it, and put keyin. nothing. nada. now't. and it had been fine earlier in the day. but no, now she's going out, it won't work. now jump start it, its fine, for a bit. except i aint got my car, kerry has it so i cannot get it going just now, and me dad he's off out in his car, so that won't work either. googling suggests that the immobiliser on these goes tits up, but,remember i am not a mechanic, or electrician either for that matter. so it could be that, or it could be something else that is completely different. so trying to explain this to a 70 year old, that the indian (nee renner, and no doubt cheap chinese) electric gubbins buried up under the dashboard is playing up and that i cannot do anything about it, well that has been hard going! oddly the battery on the car is TINY! its half the size of the battery tray, and looks like a motorbike battery its that wee. it is though, i'm told the right one for the car?? and its not in a box, just a tray with a clamp. i thought all new cars had to have the battery in a box with a lid? well me mam's micra, and the old mans new-ish x-trail both don't have their batteries in a box..... plus our 20 year old telly has been playing up, switching itself off, and the picture has also gone either VERY red or very GREEN briefly. so the tube is going on it guess, and i'm going to have to have a new telly, irritatingly the bloody thing is fine at the moment. just what i want to have to do, go into Middlesbrough when the chinese disease is still doing the rounds. though to be honest,i dunno what i'm more pissed off about, a dying telly, having to spend some money to go and buy a new telly,or the inevitable fuck about that going to friggin' currys to buy this new telly will be. i even got kerry to bring the Rover back home this evening , an not the Mini 1000 as planned so we can go for this new telly. You won't get a telly in the back of a mini. especially as some of these new ones are bigger than the car is! we could have,i supposed tied it to the roof of the mini, mr bean style? oh and apparently kerry's equally elderly laptop-a-ma-bob is fucking up too. i wonder what else can go wrong? place bets now........
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/287220062585992/ hmmmmm, orange......
  14. i'm going to guess Range Rover P38. Rover 820 seats dont have the little armrest things on the side.
  15. yea, but its in Ilkeston........
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