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  1. This arse biscuit. When I still had to frequent the office one of these fuckstick things was parked so close to the doors it was nearly in the ornamental pond with the koi carp. It's such an irritating mix of aggression and passivity. The Grill screams Predator but the indicators are Golf green flags. A blind person could use the creases and slashes as braille to conclude it's ugly as fuck. I can guess what the manager who drives it is like. Peroxide hair and a polished sociopathic demeanour.
  2. Comforser. On a PT cruiser. Grim.
  3. Much the same as it always was...
  4. Rovers and Fiat's. A man after my own heart. How's Grumbleweed.
  5. For some reason in 2003ish I convinced myself I needed another boxy Panda. They were getting thin in the classifieds by then but there was a bright red 1000CLX in Glasgow for a few hundred. Spoke to the guy who seemed an enthusiastic sort. He asked whether his Panda's recent FTP was likely to be a snapped camshaft. Having ascertained he was probably not a mechanical genius I went to see it. Not a great part of town. The owner somewhere in his 60s emerged and immediately made clear this was a done deal. The fag dangling from his lips didn't go out when he got in and puffed away. Not for the first time judging by the overflowing ashtray. The car was shite. It was filthy inside and out. It had been described as in good condition and rust free which didn't extend to the fucked doors. The inner wings in the boot had been battered to fuck. No just dented but caved in as if someone had assaulted them with a sledge hammer. It was mechanically still hanging in there but screamed neglect and drove indifferently at best. None of this dented Billy boys confidence until I opined it was worth £100 not 500. I was accused of being a cheeky shite and wasting his time.
  6. Lovely cars. What's going on ere though. Looks like it's been to a river bottom. Was the SW flood damaged?
  7. Tobermory. The local boy racers seem keen on extra lights.
  8. On a walking holiday with a mate on Mull. When I awaken after an unplanned snooze in our hotel I find she's had about 6 lagers in the bar and now very worse for wear. She proceeds to very loudly ask me and rest of the bar about the possibility of a shag later. Interrogates me as to why I don't fancy her. When the fish and chips arrive I'm alarmed to see she can't use a fork. She stabs at the mess with such violence that tartare lands on her nose and forehead. When we getup to leave there's fish everywhere and her seat is effectively destroyed. FFS
  9. Lancia Y10 - White Hen Perodua - Prodder Fiat Tipo - Teapot
  10. R3 with 1.4 K series about 46 mpg.
  11. My nans 85 Pug 205 was a 950 ish on a 4 spd box. No heated rear window or passenger side mirror either. I don’t know if that mingebag spec survived until the end of 205 production.
  12. It’s the glovebox upside down as the car was on its roof with its nose facing up the bank. I’d thought perhaps a Jag.
  13. Any ideas what this might have been. 5 stud wheels, RWD, coil springs all round and disc front brakes. Near Errol on the Tay.
  14. The Michelin factory in Dundee closed in 2020. Have we had Saferich yet?
  15. Sorry to hear you’re thinking of selling. Just read most of the thread. They were everywhere in Ukraine in 2015 when I was there. I thought the look of an 80s car with wheels that leave the Drums exposed was so cool. One snuck into a photograph of the new safe confinement.
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