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  1. The Renner 20 is possibly a Romanian Dacia copy. Dacia 2000 I think it was called and not violating flexible Marxist principles.
  2. You have a lovely car. An American equivalent it reminds me of is an interwar Willys-Overland. Both 4 cylinder equipped cars. Admittedly the Willys has 2.2 litre Go Devil but then it is a little bigger.
  3. Came across this huge American stylee Mazda MPV that I'd never been aware of. Must like a drink with it's 3.0 V6.
  4. They did a rather mean looking pickup version called the Colonial.
  5. I love this Brown wedge as much as that Buick that went to live in the Orkneys. Nothing helpful to add. Just love.
  6. What is that? It looks like something you'd nick from Sandy Shores in GTA.
  7. An Austin 7 Ratrod saloon that looks exactly like this but with two conjoined Austin 7 engines to make a straight 8 and I'll drive it from the back seat. Then I'd like to to see it run on a efi setup. I'm always curious as to whether you could get a prewar sidevalve engine to run as smoothly as a moderns on efi. Mk1 Landcrab in pillar box red or Princess in Blaze Orange with Trapezoids, both bone stock looking with drivetrain substituted for one of those mega powerful FWD American monsters like a Taurus SHO. Saw an Austin 1800 online converted in the US for 24hrs of Lemons using
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