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  1. Skut

    1925 Trojan

    Fascinating vehicles. Doesn't one branch of the Conrod have to bend slightly in use or am I misremembering that.
  2. They went to dump their crap and in the process lost their transportation as well. Oh that's priceless.
  3. It's a TT. Matt black and pink wheels interesting choices. More Covid exercise discoveries. Mk5 had a tidemark that wouldn't have looked out of place on a Marina or Avenger.
  4. More Dundee tat. Campervan last had MOT in 2006.
  5. That Rover 75 wasn't there last time i was there. Nice to see he's still adding to his hoard.
  6. Cheap and Lazy. You can tell it was discussed for 30 seconds at best in a boardroom. There's still a ghost of the Prides sheet metal in the Nova like flare in the wheel arches. I only know about them as a friend is SC bought this one after they were inspired by my Panda. The cheek.
  7. You've done all this to a car your taking to the weighbridge in the Autumn. Is there something actually wrong with it or is it because it's cheap and therefore disposable.
  8. Kia was the guilty party. Rehashed Pride.
  9. Some abandoned student transport outside a halls of residence. They certainly got their moneys worth out of the front tyres.
  10. Ford Aspire. Message received and understood.
  11. Sorry to hear the news. I never had the pleasure and I've lost my chance now. Judging by the comments a true gentleman. Condolences to Reb and family. Having lost my mum far too young you never really come to terms with it.
  12. Thanks - maybe a better use of my time would be to drill some holes in the original stat or do a second completely unnecessary head gasket change for the sake of a rubber grommet.
  13. I followed on online guide off MGRover. Org which is fine if you don't want to use the stock airbox ever again. As I did it became a bit of a plumbers nightmare as it sits between the starter motor, the cooling fan and below the stock airbox. It should work on all K series as was designed for Freelander and 88 degree versions were used on 1.8t 75 and the TF. I can PM in more detail if you want. In theory as its on the outlet it 'sees' temperature change more quickly and releases coolant accordingly managing temperature gradients better. As its the dark grey Freelander version it starts to open at 82 degrees as opposed to the usual 88, and it reacts to pressure as well in case you floor it when cold.
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