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  1. So it is. And to think I was expecting it to just an old Ford or similar. A Hydrocon sounds like a Marvel comic baddie. A Scottish truck still at work on it's home turf. 9 minutes 😀
  2. I know nothing about commercial vehicles but hopefully the best and brightest can help. A couple of years ago I spotted this big beast in Arbroath Harbour. Been back today and I expected it to be long gone but it's still working away and I'm rather taken with its Thunderbirds cab. There's no obvious badging. So what is it.
  3. I found tightening the hefty nut on the opposite side of the column to the pull down adjustment handle helped. Then seeing which part of the columns travel has the least movement. As high as it will go was best on mine. Alternatively a Panda column gets rid of the crappy adjustor but attaching the cowls is tricky as screw holes in different places.
  4. I'd heard that the 25 SW was popular in France, but I didn't know it was the fastest selling Rover of all time there. It would be interesting to see how many they actually sold. The halfway house of a dash facelift they did on the SW was a bit odd. A slightly redesigned dash not shared with the 25 or ZR with some unique switchgear that was ditched anyway with the Mk2 dash.
  5. Probably be a fail on jagged edges or similar, in case a nuns veil gets ripped by the SU dash pot.
  6. Took this in Selkirk a few years back. It had been untaxed since 1990. I'll check if its still there next time i'm down.
  7. I love the Austin Champ. Dinky to blame for that one.
  8. 133s were on every street in Cairo when I was there in 2004 though that may have changed now. They were built in CKD form there.
  9. Scary progress is good progress. If you need an extra pair of hands over the summer let me know. I'm on 6 months paternity leave so I'm reasonably available.
  10. Sometimes it feels that you should deliver a narrative, edited & refined onto a plateau of fanciful perfection. And sometimes you just want a quick pish update. This update is in the latter camp. Finished welding a slightly odd wheel arch patch/segment into the Y10. Back in 2005 it was an area that I filled with p38 in very early optimistic days. So long ago that I initially forgot I was responsible for the filler and started to mentally berate some previous owner for it's presence. The welding of today is the other end of that story bar paint.
  11. Skut

    Daft tyre names

    The Harmonic Aptany
  12. The PO painted inside the van as well? That was a lot of effort to go to for such a horrendous green.
  13. Lancia action in its new laminate floored luxury. Not my Vespa or Pug. Wasn't a massively important area to fix really but a nice way to ease myself back into Y10 life. Interior penetration okay. This photo is about 2 years old, but having not shared before it's a one way valve from an MX5 filler neck jammed into the Y10s. This is to fix its habit of dunking the rear wheel in Super at every corner. It was always stripping the rattle can paint off and making the rear quarter look horrendous. Fortunately it's a great interference fit and solved the issue. In MG news Pirelli fantasy.... versus Pirelli fitting reality...
  14. Flannan Isles Outer Hebrides.
  15. The Ford Blue is nice, looks brighter than anti-septic original blue. I only just realised this dollywobblers old car. Nice to see a parts car live again. Normally I'd cynically expect a spares car to have a butterfly lifespan once robbed.
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