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  1. I always reckoned it’s a heavily modified version of the steel Daimler SP250 prototype. The fins at the rear are a dead ringer for one another. The base of the rear wing behind the rear wheel is damn near identical. If you look at the photo of the rear wing you can actually see the transition point between the donor and modifications where the fin suddenly widens out. That was my tuppence anyway after hours drawing the thing, even if I did make the wheelbase much too short.
  2. Didn't Rover 600s come in L series flavour. Big, wafty & frugal.
  3. That's the design Harry Webster said looked like "a bloody goldfish bowl" Not dated or provincial enough looking for his tastes I guess.
  4. Made a mistake today. I went into a Scottish branch of National Tyres and used the word Delicatessen. Nuff said really.
  5. It was a damn shame Rootes didn't have the cash and Chrysler the vision to make the Asp. The Swallow would also have been more interesting device than the pretty dull Rootes Arrow.
  6. I scrapped it mate.. Nah it's fine. The Y10 is currently out of reach as it's too far beyond my council boundary to be visited without taking the piss on covid rules. It will just have to wait. So best I can do is this which arrived yesterday courtesy of my VAG licker mate. I did however scrap the beloved little Fucknugget Suzuki. A fuel line exploded dousing the car park in petrol. Then someone smashed a window and grabbed a spare tyre. The rot was taking a hold, a replacement window wa
  7. My Y10 Fila is a good example of how cynical special editions can be. Cheapo white paint and black plastic interior, red cloth and a few stripes and stickers. In a way I'd rather have a stock Y10 as the stock item would have a nicer alcantara interior. But use a sports brand to justify the white paint and the nastier interior to offset the cost of whatever extras were thrown at it.
  8. My dads Princess 1800HL was ODU 777P.
  9. Snap. The Mrs was told in no uncertain terms to photograph it immediately. Trundling through Dundee Hilltown.
  10. This Fiat has been sitting on Strathmartine Rd in Dundee for pushing a year. Can't imagine it will be long before plod notices as it's a main road, and the MOT has recently expired.
  11. The whole pence per mile calculation can't be such a big thing in the US.
  12. Family Photos rather than FB finds.
  13. I'd say it's an ordinary ZR converted into a van. The vans don't seem to have ZR badges and it's missing the window panels. Partition looks fairly homemade as well.
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