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  1. Twin cam is on here isn’t he? I do have a channel but it’s documentaries rather than ‘me’ https://youtube.com/user/Imp5011
  2. Lights have flickered a few times here in Dundee city centre. Wind sounded a bit like a train at one point.
  3. Sadly after posting to the grin thread recently I’m afraid it’s the grumpy thread today. Relationship of 7 years has ended. And I have two young children sleeping downstairs who have no idea their world will never be the same again.
  4. Outstanding. In summer I was passenger in this tired S series saloon for 200 miles so I salute your perseverance covering 1400 miles in an A series engined version. That’s taken some bloody mindedness to achieve. The estate is a handsome old hector compared to the saloon.
  5. Thank you kindly. I need to get the birds Daihatsu through the MOT just so I can get another endorphin high. MOT passes would be an unusual addiction. The Maestro van was mega late and looked a little ‘odd’ somehow. Not quite how I remember them.
  6. MOT pass on the ZR. It looks absolutely hanging these days but all it required was a bulb and a headlight adjusting. Been in a terrific mood since.
  7. Yeah it’s mine. Continues to defy OMGHGF predictions. Be fun to recreate that group shot. Like the Automotive equivalent of the Usual Suspects.
  8. Just removed this from a daily. Not particularly funny but definitely a bit daft. Wet grip traction was appalling. Also these things which have a dull name but have writing on the tread which I’ve not seen before.
  9. Jacking up the SWMBO new car produced nasty noises.
  10. Overflow area for local dealer. MOT expired in 2017.
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