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  1. This Fiat has been sitting on Strathmartine Rd in Dundee for pushing a year. Can't imagine it will be long before plod notices as it's a main road, and the MOT has recently expired.
  2. The whole pence per mile calculation can't be such a big thing in the US.
  3. Family Photos rather than FB finds.
  4. I'd say it's an ordinary ZR converted into a van. The vans don't seem to have ZR badges and it's missing the window panels. Partition looks fairly homemade as well.
  5. I wouldn't say access on a Kettle powered R3 is bad. It's a very compact engine. I can imagine the L series powered version is worse in that regard.
  6. Modernism meets retro. Both been sat there for years.
  7. Oh dear I thought that example rode better than most Y10s I've driven.
  8. The Sipani Badal puts up a strong case for grimmest car of all time. Wrong in every conceivable way.
  9. Astras of this generation and general demeanor. Automotive depressant.
  10. Is a Princess heavier than a Montego?
  11. I choose the picture as it reminded me of something I'd read in Apex : The Inside story of the Hillman Imp. (During Imp prototype testing) "One young man ran head on into a steam-roller and incredibly wrote it off. He had hit the front roller with such force the the stalk holding the roller was broken, resulting in a steam roller 'on it's knees'. That particular Imp driver was not hurt , though others were."
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