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  1. Rural Aberdeenshire. I’ll probably be paying the place a visit in the next couple of months if you haven’t found one elsewhere by then.
  2. I’d put a vote in for the 3 pot Aygo engine. Light enough, cheap and available. Saw this BIs recently with some structural issues.
  3. Rotting Golf somewhere in Dundee hill town.
  4. Congratulations on the pass and kudos for working on cars in the street. It takes brass nuts these days to get out the big trolley jack and get under a car on a public road. Are you doing your welding on the street as well?
  5. This collapsing Volvo has been in Broughty Ferry beach car park for at least a year. Gaffer taped hole in windscreen and full of the owners unwanted junk.
  6. The Maxi and Allegro 3 wheel trims were just vile. This particular Rover 25 & 45 steelie trim was deeply pish.
  7. I don’t think the great British class system helped much. Huge class rift between management and the shop floor for most of the 20th century which exacerbated terrible industrial relations. It also led to many British car brands trying to trade on silly class distinctions that the rest of the world neither knew nor cared about.
  8. Studebaker Goldenhawk or Packard equivalent?
  9. Here’s the book. There’s only one photograph of the car.
  10. I always reckoned it’s a heavily modified version of the steel Daimler SP250 prototype. The fins at the rear are a dead ringer for one another. The base of the rear wing behind the rear wheel is damn near identical. If you look at the photo of the rear wing you can actually see the transition point between the donor and modifications where the fin suddenly widens out. That was my tuppence anyway after hours drawing the thing, even if I did make the wheelbase much too short.
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