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  1. Original Mini doors never seem to fit properly and look open even when shut. Pisses me off everytime I see one. R25 door handles. Good looking rounded 90s profile ruined with blocky unpainted plastic door handles from an 80s Honda. Also the stupid vinyl applique on the door that tried and failed to look like part of the glasshouse can piss off and later did.
  2. How about a big Ssang Yong. The Rexton for example. Big, cheap, 4x4, 2 litre plus Merc engine, simple ish underpinnings and lots of toys and tow most things. 2012-13 model be about your budget.
  3. Noice. They do like a rust around the hatch hinges. Let's water into boot/wheel well.
  4. You can get Dacia Dusters in 4x4 flavour can you not and that keeps the simplistic ethos of a Panda. I completely understand disillusion with shite. They take up headspace that could be put to better use. And after all the effort they still remain a used car with too many issues. One thing I will say in shites favour is in a financial emergency, it's a spending tap that can be immediately turned off.
  5. Lol Brilliant. Exactly my process of psyching myself up to do car repairs.
  6. The Russian Dragon Astero seems to have been a production car and appears to be some offshoot of UAZ. There's virtually no English language info on them so translating info takes time. This helpfully burnt out example suggests its plastic panels over a crude looking but probably quite strong frame. The interior is Rover 400 wood fillets gone mad and the seats fold flat ala Maxi.
  7. I saw a dark red 4 headlight Wedge heading north on the A90 near Errol today. Too far away to get a reg plate. Must be pushing 20 years since I last saw one in the wild.
  8. My mum had a doom blue 5 Dr on a V plate. There was a perfect circle of rust inside the 0 of the 104 badge on the bonnet. The valvegear was trashed as well. My dad and uncle slightly lost on the Yorkshire moors heard it and knew which way to walk.
  9. The designer Roy Fedden was aero engine designer. The rear suspension is amazing.
  10. Cragars are what Roadkill is always applying to its fleet to make it a 'hot rod' I do like the original 20s wheels though. They look so much better than insubstantial pram wheels you tend to expect of the era.
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