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  1. That's the spitting image of my old one. Mine didnt have a buzzer for the lights so many a time I found myself pushing it down the road to bump start due to dead battery. Luckily they are very light
  2. Loving these models. Love the double decker
  3. What a cool little recovery truck. Good luck getting it sorted
  4. Done as others have Said easy and painless
  5. You are certainly going great guns with this. Looks a lovely repair
  6. Ok so a little more information. My father has had many of these and when I was 18 I had a tobacco leaf 2000. I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago and decided to get some bits for when I returned. When I returned all the said packages were waiting for me. Now the car is currently not running due to the carb being taken off. The carb has been cleaned but we are waiting on the service kit for it to determine how much we split the carb down. I need to give the leather a clean and feed but i dont want anything too powerful as i dont want to destroy the leather. I changed one of the front side light lens due to it not having the pip. I have also changed the rear lens on one side due to it being over tightened in the past and cracked. We also put a new interior dome in. I had to buy a set of front headrests due to a previous owner deciding to paint the sandalwood coloured ones in what looks like dulux paint. I cannot believe anyone would look at it and think that's a grand job that. I pulled the rear seats to have a look and it's really good under there no rust. I have had a look underneath and while it has been welded it seems to be of a good standard and also then treated. The car seems to be 100 per cent solid.
  7. Thats still enough, Nigh on 200bhp is still plenty in the real world. I can see the 2.8 badge now. Was on my phone so couldnt see. still looks a nice car though
  8. Looking good. Not really a fan of german cars but this looks understated and not shouty. What engine does this have? Good luck with it. Love the colour
  9. Some more bits. I also have had the radiator re done and uprated and we flushed it through and the heater seems to be working better now. My dad painted the fan on the front of the engine and also the airbox??.
  10. Well I have been buying a lot of bits for the p6 and some bits still waiting to arrive but here some bits are.
  11. Be good to see thanks Trust me I'm usually rubbish but my dad has had more of these than I can remember and knows them inside out. This one's also had recon calipers a couple of years ago. When I was 18 I had my first one. People came up asking and when told it was a 2000 they said oh and wondered off. Thankyou that was one of the criteria
  12. Yes he had a humber for sale aswell. This was up for £3295 and I actually sent messages regarding it but didnt get an answer Then i looked on facebook and it had just been reduced to £2795. I messaged and he sent me a number and we negotiated to £2600. Hes a trader but deals in modern stuff so didnt have a clue about the car. I've never felt the want or need to be honest to go v8 in these. I'm just after memories and the four cylinder was the one that I had memories of. I can understand why people would want to though. Sounds great any pictures?
  13. I hope that you like the update but I have been working nights and I'm too tired when getting home so pictures have been late
  14. So after taking the photo of the Mexico brown p6 we made it back from Coventry. The amount of people looking at the car was strange. Done 220 miles on less than 3/4 tank of fuel. Not bad for a 1975 2200sc. A little bit on why I got this specific p6. When I was a nipper my dad had a 2000sc in Mexico brown. I spent a lot of time in that car getting ferried to hospital appointments (I wasn't a well child) Also I can remember my mother and her friend and I walking home from the shop and my dad driving past. He didn't stop. I also remember the tape Speedo. His one also had pink filler in the rear door. I originally wanted something tax exempt and also looked at marinas and the like. I decided on a p6 as they are starting to appreciate in value and if I don't get another one now I never will. In the last 5 years this p6 has done about 100 miles per year. I think doing 220 miles in a few hours must have startled it as when I got home the radiator decided it was no longer for this world. I went and bought a brand new old stock one. Also I seem to have spent a lot of money while working buying bits for this car. Anyway here are some more pictures and once I have done the radiator today will hopefully go for a little drive.
  15. Thankyou Thankyou I will be getting some more pictures up as soon as possible. Thankyou, my father had one when I was a nipper in this same colour. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou it's a 2200sc, I wanted the tape speedo and either the 2000sc or 2200sc but this one showed up I bet they had loads of people enquiring about that. Classics and cars in general prices seemed to have gone through the roof Thankyou
  16. Just arrived at Corley services for a much needed toilet break.
  17. Well the time has come to get another car and well as usual with me it's a spontaneous purchase. Deposit paid and just about to leave Plymouth for Coventry. My father is driving me up and will keep updated. A couple of clues They are well liked on here They are alot older than me(34) It's a proper car(as my dad calls it) Poo count 3 and a half as the last time was just wind. Anyway the car that's taking me.
  18. Wow what a stunner. Loving the cars you are getting at the moment. Hopefully will be able to see them in the flesh somewhen
  19. Thankyou I agree it makes me smile and it's a fun little thing to drive. Thankyou so do I
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