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  1. I'll have Shite Knight's tickets. He's normally a lucky bastard.
  2. Early MGB - pull handle, 3 bearing engine, early floor and gearbox is very sought after.
  3. Is this series of articles already commissioned or are you hoping to write and tout them? The difficulties of finding one car which meets your criteria suggest that it could take some considerable time to pen a series.
  4. Glasgow to Portsmouth in a 3.5V8 Range Rover on Strombergs and TorqueFlite 3 speed auto, pulling a three ton trailer. Too scared to work out mpg, but on a good day, without the trailer, 12 - 15. It appeared to be looking good when I got there and saw a car that I assumed he was using as a parts donor for the good one he was advertising, but I'm sure you can guess the rest.... Always been wary of the phrase, "BMWCC member", stated on ads since.
  5. Mahles are rare now. Weighed dozens of them in over the years.
  6. Slightly surprised you sold the 244. Only slightly.
  7. Did I see the saab convertible towing a trailer with a Sonnet aboard following an L200 or similar towing a trailer with a 96 estate. Northbound M6 last Monday?
  8. In amongst all the vile name-calling and the cesspit of abuse that is the Dark Wob, a classic car was described as a car that the neighbours were envious of. Shite was described as a car that the neighbours despise and a modern was a car that the neighbours didn't notice. I may be paraphrasing slightly, but I thought it was a decent definition.
  9. I was one of the critics of moderating the open forum. I'm prepared to give it a go. Hopefully most of the other dark wobbers will be content with a foot in both camps too. A split diminishes both.
  10. Can't we have a separate Invacar section? Obviously, you'd need to ask to be allowed in there too.
  11. I'll take the last one, if it's still available?
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