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  1. Would love to but by time I passed test 2nd time (failed for speeding 1st time) I had grown out of the max power scene.
  2. Always preferred "DTM" mirrors to the M3 mirrors everybody had.
  3. Back when I was a teen my dream was to have my car on the front cover of Max Power,Fast car, Revs etc Bought all modified car mags etc It was not till I grew up and got my 1st car I realised how much of a pita it was. Now I laugh at the 90s and early 00s fast an furious atyle s etc. But secretly recently I have had a deep desire for some dodgy Nova or mk3 fiesta bodykitted and ICE'D UP lol. Anyone got any taLes or pics of their modded cars that you regret now lol......
  4. Hi Felly. I collect lots of 1/43 & 1/18s give me a message when you are putting them up please. Maybe interested
  5. If you find it funny then yes, if not no it was a serious post if a little strange lol
  6. Does anyone have any stories etc regarding haunted cars or even strange things happening in cars. (I dont mean your pal ACTUALLY fingering someone in back seat 😂😂) My dad told me a story years ago about a 2nd hand car he bought a white mk1 Escort, and he said he always felt the presence of someone sitting in the passenger seat when he was alone, it used to really freak him out, the car had had a colour change over the years and later he found out from the guy that he had bought it from that it had been crashed and a young lad had died in it. He sold it not long after finding out. Not really scary, anyine got anything to add?
  7. Did you ever find out what you where not meant to look at?
  8. I have been run over a few years ago ended up fracturing umpteen verabtae my back, my ankle and compression fractures from base of skull to mid back!! The thud and afterward double sumersault across road will live with me for years to come,i actually feel like i witnessed it rather than being in it!
  9. I remember when i was taking my lessons all the local instructer's used to use the same area in pollokshields, as it had big straight wide roads and was in a proper block formation, so was great for first few lessons for turning, junction work, reverse parking etc. So one time i am out on a lesson and we are coming down a nice straight road when up ahead we can see a bit of a comotion and a hole in a massive hedge, Haha was another learner corsa in the garden on its roof!! Both occupents where out and unhurt, don't actually know what happened as i was on the clock but heard from instructor the week later that the pupil had panicked and mashed throttle somehow and hit curb and slowly rolled over into garden!
  10. Anyone got any funny driving lesson or test stories?.... I failed my first test for speeding 😠, But it was harsh. I had been on a nsl road and came in to a 30 i had slowed down safely and on time,did the rest of test was thinking i had passed no bother..got back to test centre and pulls in.... Tester turns and says "well, i dont think i need to tell you.... at this point im already thinking of out cruising lol..that you have failed" FAILED!!! "For what?" asks I, "oh you passed the first lampost in the 30 zone doing 33!!! I was fucking raging, even worse i am short sighted and found it difficult to read reg plate from distance. So my instructer had told me to memorise 3 reg plates outside test centre, as it would be one of them lol. Was gutted. Got a few more from lessons i will add to thread as we go 😀
  11. needforspeed

    Old man's car

    No pics but most of my dads cars had been Ford's, first memory in a car of his was a red mk1 capri, then loads of other Fords. Used to buy loads from auction and sell em on! As he got a bit older he became a right tight old bastard and would drive anything as long as it drove. I remember him coming hom with a mk3 ttansit minibus with 5 seats in it, back doors hanging off. He got it for 50 quid he fixed doors and used it for a good bit. I used to walk to school rather get a lift in the "spaz bus" Had a horrible fucking Yugo heap of shite in a burgandy which was awful, think he paid about £20 for it! Last i remember him having before he died was a Fiat 127? I think it was a tiny little thing. Again bloody horrendous
  12. I remember my Dad telling me about a garage he worked for in the 80s had a metro van for getting parts,Tea etc lol. Well 1 day they had an engine in the back and the owners son was to bring it back to the yard, he decided to go get pished (well it was the 80s) and drive it back after a "few" later, Owner got a call saying son had crashed into a roundabout at speed ( basically a walled one) and the engine had came out through windscreen basically. Apparently his head was found on bonnet while rest of body was in footwell!
  13. Just seen a very near miss by a Toyota aygo and a transit, which got me thinking about the last major accident i witnessed Only ever seen 1 proper accident which will stay with me...it was about 21 yrs ago i was about 8 and on way to school whwn a Renault 5 (turned out to be stolen) Crashed head on into a bus, it was a routmaster type bus.the Renault was litrally destroyed on impact. Wedging itself fully under front of bus. Guy was killed and bus driver injured. No passengers on bus thankfully as bus was returning to depot. So anyone else witnessed or been involved in any bad ones and can tell the tale.?
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