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  1. Don't know if I'm ever going to be ready for that! Christmas came early this year! After completing a couple of small jobs, I had a bit of a play with my new toys. Much easier to move cars around the shed now.
  2. Left hand cluster bulb blew in blue Polo today. Bit of a faff to replace, so probably wont bother until warmer weather.
  3. It is, if it wasn't red I'd have bought it already.
  4. Been offered this partially pogweaseled pile. Not sure if I'm up for it, but it does sound pretty fine. 😃
  5. Don't often get my heaps out in November.
  6. Been a few years since these were last pictured together. Had a switch around at the shed the other day.
  7. I try to give all my heaps a coat of wax once a year. This one was the last to get its annual paint love session this year, and for a change, didn't get rained on straight afterwards. Colour looks very different in the sun compared to the doom blue look you get in lower light conditions. Tyres are 9 years old now, hopefully I can still get decent tyres in this size.
  8. Didn't get round to this at the weekend, but did get on it this evening. Wheel and drum came off I cut the old bearing off, much quicker than using the press, and it would allow me to inspect the bearing surfaces. No noticeable wear could be seen, but there was a couple of chips out of the hardened surface of the outer track. This explains why there was plenty of noise, but no discernable play. The new bearing and locking ring were pressed on to the half shaft and once slotted back where it came from, normal quiet running was resumed.
  9. A couple of weeks ago a photographer bloke got all his light up umbrellas and stuff out, and did a photo shoot of this chariot for a feature in Practical Classics magazine. I don't yet know when it will feature in the mag, but I'll let y'all know when I find out. I wasn't expecting to be featured myself, but sure enough, sporting work clothes and a general "well turned out tramp" look, the photographer snapped away. After an hour or so he was done, and I arrived at the inevitable conclusion that my photos will always look a bit shit compared with those done by a professional.
  10. Still regularly getting out and about in this thing - I moved it over to the shed the other day for a bit of fettling. It needs an oil change, and a rear wheel bearing replacing. Ill hopefully get that stuff sorted at the weekend.
  11. After a root around in my spare bits, the only rear door rubbing strip I can find is for the wrong side. There is someone breaking a blue one on ebay at the moment - might be worth getting in touch.
  12. The only component to give up so far this year was a front wheel bearing. It took me most of the day to fix it due to arthritis related restricted mobility, but got it done with enough time left for a decent ride out in it. Still scrubs up well.
  13. Annoyingly, I've had very little time available for this over the last couple of months. So far, after nearly 400 miles, it's been good. I need to address an annoying rattle in the drivers door at some point, but other than that, all is well in GLi world.
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