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  1. Last bit of reasonable air temperature for the foreseeable today, so took the opportunity to prime the underside of the bonnet. Here ends the "bare metal and epoxy primer" chapter. The "filler, rubbing and dust" chapter will begin when the weather warms up at some point.
  2. Finally got round to finishing the stripping yesterday. And found a bit of time to get some primer splashed on today. In other news, I was given these wheel trims the other day. They're 14" though - probably off a Carlton. If anyone needs a set, they are available FOC.
  3. Got a little done on Sunday, And a bit more today, I'll hopefully get it all cleaned back and primed by the time the weekend has ended.
  4. Next to no time has been available for a while, just enough to finish up cleaning the inside of this. With the potential for warmer weather on the cards, I may even get some primer on it in the next few days.
  5. Far too cold to be painting anything at present, so made a start on cleaning the inside of the bonnet. Theres no rust at all inside, so I'll just remove the blue paint and filth, leaving the e Coat in place like on the bulkhead.
  6. The thinners approach was sped up considerably by using a scotch pad with it instead of a cloth. It was still a pretty grim way to spend an afternoon.
  7. May 2012, some tit pulled out of a side road without looking first. Didn't look to bad at first glance, but alas, the door didn't fit the aperture any more.
  8. As seems to be the norm, commercially available paint strippers don't have much effect on actual paint. Back to sanding and thinners it is then.
  9. Inside of the door was primed on Sunday. It took a while to fully cure, so I didn't get to do the other side until yesterday. With all four doors stripped and primed now, theres just the bonnet and spoiler left to prepare for bodywork now. As the weather is set to be colder for the foreseeable, I reckon now would be a good time to make a start stripping the paint off the tailgate spoiler. It has been painted over the factory finish, and there is crazing in certain places, so the only way to make it right again is to take it all off. I've tried a patch sanding the
  10. Its been all go at the shed today, sadly not all Cavalier based, but still got a bit done. Mrs Stool's car was in first for its annual oil,fuel and air filter service - followed by my van, which recieved new shocks and bottom ball joints. The remainder of the day was spent stripping the paint off the last door. No time was found for this during the week, but the whole door was done today to catch up. Just need to finish the window frame, and I can get it epoxy primed tomorrow.
  11. Cavalier - only GLS got fancy clocks with rpms, oil pressure, amps etc.
  12. The street light reflection took away a bit of the grimness, but not all of it!
  13. Just about managed to get the O/S/R door done this week. Bare metalled in dribs and drabs on my way home as per. This one had a little bit of rust pitting on its bottom corners - you can see the Hydrate 80 has been applied here. The back was primed on Friday afternoon. And the front was done today. The colder temperatures mean that it's taking a lot longer to fully cure now. It looks like its gonna get colder still later this week, so may well have to find non paint related jobs to do for a while.
  14. N/S/R door now stripped back to the metal. I thought this door was good and straight, but it has been pushed in a little where the rearward portion of the side trim sits. I've straightened it out reasonably well, but a skim of filler will be required at some point. The back was primed yesterday, and the front was done this morning, just two more doors and the bonnet left to be stripped and epoxy primed. Getting a bit repetitive........
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