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  1. It is! Very good reproductions are available for about ÂŖ120. 👍
  2. 3 years later, I've finally sorted my seat out. Stripped it down Cleaned it all back and applied epoxy mastic paint. Attached some wood to enable the stapling of the new cover. (Originally it was just glued on) A top man who has a unit on the same farm as mine then made a nice new cover for it. Just need to find a bit of time to get it on the scooter now!
  3. Wire wheel, drill attachments, sand paper + elbow. 👍
  4. Underside finished bar a coat of sprayable seam sealer. Started stripping engine bay. Primer applied. Still plenty to be done. Now begins the primer, rubbing, and dust phase.
  5. Got a bit of clean underside envy now I've done two for other people. Hopefully I'll get the time to sort my own out at some point.
  6. I'm one serious sucker for punishment. Decent shell this one though!
  7. Next one cued up. An awful lot less welding required on this one. 👍
  8. A lad I used to be at school with moved here from Germany in the early 80's and his mutti brought one of these with them. He was given it when he passed his test. Never seen another since it rotted to pieces by the early 90's.
  9. Spare time over Christmas means that this gets a bit of attention for a change. Fettlings to begin at the weekend. 👍
  10. This has been neglected for the last few months. Fortunately it forgave me by starting instantly when I finally got round to paying it a visit this morning. The very light use its had since its return to the road means it has stayed pleasingly clean under the bonnet. And inside too. It really needs a lot more use - I'm thinking of letting it go if I don't get much time in it next year.
  11. Correct bits sourced and fitted. Number plates drilled and flung on. Much better. 😀
  12. Cam belt and pump unexpectedly arrived within 24hrs of ordering. After removing the belt from the car it was apparent that they'd send the wrong stuff. (Sigh)
  13. Post man came today. Stuff went back together. New radiator and clean intercooler brighten up front end view. Some pre 2001 font number plates should arrive tomorrow. I've been meaning to address the inappropriate plates ever since the car went back on the road nearly ten years ago. 😀
  14. Annual wax is just paintwork, cavity wax is applied every three years or so. Never waxed the underside - it still has its factory PU sealant on there.👍 Attended to a few jobs on this while it's immobilised by saltiness. First up was the load compensator valve - it seized up some time this year, highlighted by less than normal brake effort at the last MOT. Car goes up. Easy enough job, made easier by one of those pressure bleeders that utilises an inflated tyre as a source of air pressure. Job done. Next was the in tank fuel pump, after the in-line pump became noisy, this was suspected as the cause. Another easy job, access is through a removable panel under the back seat, now fuel delivery is quiet again. 🙂 Whilst having a good look around while it was up in the air, I noticed that the (original) radiator had started to fail, leaving pinkness as a witness. Unable to buy a genuine one now, I settled on a Nissens one - I've been using one on the grey car for years. Car goes up again. Radiator, intercooler and charger outlet all came off. Removed bits cleaned up before going back on. The job was then let down by Royal Mail's "24hr" service, which after 72 hours still hasn't materialised. ☚ī¸
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