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  1. Time was in short supply, but I got the brake gubbins fitted. Brake lines and anti roll bar went on too. Just need to fit the beam mounting bushes and it can go into storage until the time comes to fit it.
  2. Stuff has been happening - front brake lines were finished. Rear brake stuff assembled ready for fitting. Powder coating now back with me.
  3. Not a lot to report this week - bit of brake line fettling. Once all the proprietary black filth was removed from the rear beam brake lines, it revealed that they were in really good nick. There was just a couple of small areas where the protective green coating had been breached. The green coating was removed with emery cloth, and the unions were de rusted with the help of Deox gel. Eventually they were given two coats of POR15 gloss black, and are now ready to put back into service. (should be good for at least another 30 years). Master cylinder to front brake lines are in process. Rear beam still not done yet.
  4. Holy crap! So tempted by this, but so far head is ruling over heart.
  5. Servo chamber hit with POR15. It was then rubbed flat, and given a coat of etch primer, followed by two coats of satin black. After hardening, it was put back together with the master cylinder. Drive shafts were stripped, cleaned, re greased and some paint was splashed about. Still waiting for the rear beam to be done.
  6. Due to my van's rear calipers seizing, this has been in use as work transportation. It's uncomfortably sweaty in this car when the weather is nice, but I can forgive it.
  7. Grabbed a bit of time for this earlier. Master cylinder and servo as removed. Master cylinder and reservoir bottle were dismantled and cleaned up. Made a start on getting the servo unit ready to paint. Hopefully get these bits prettied up and reunited over a couple if evenings this week.
  8. The clutch pedal on this has been requiring more and more effort of late, and today it started to get noisy too. After changing the oil and filter, I changed the clutch cable too - no jacking or lifting required, just a little entry level contortionism and in it went. The difference is incredible - I probably should have done it last year! Time to put some miles on it.
  9. It's POR15 chief, I'm getting a little tired of the preparation faffing required for optimum performance, but it is incredibly durable when done as per instruction - I accidentally dropped a hub onto the floor and amazingly it didn't mark the paint!
  10. Got a couple of bits painted this week. New bearings fitted before the rear hubs were done, and stub axles painted too. Brake drums were cleaned up and painted. Should get the rear end built back up when I get my rear beam back next week.
  11. Another thumbs up for the MIG180 - without mine, my welding looks considerably more amateurish.
  12. Still very short on time for this at present, but the demands on my free time should be dropping in the next week or so. Track adjusters were cleaned up and wound back in. Cleaned up some more pieces before a painting session was due. Painting session yielded some fresh looking parts for reassembly. Steering rack put back together ready for refitting at a later date. Stub axles, hubs and drums separated, bearings removed then cleaned up. My rear beam should be powder coated in the next week or so - once its been put back together, there's just the drive shafts and brake servo to sort, and all the gubbins are done. (deep joy of getting the bodywork ready for paint imminent!)
  13. No idea chief - had a good gawp at it with a magnifying glass, but there's no visual sign of anything amiss.
  14. This shat its ECU at the back end of last year. It was behaving a bit strangely - if you gave it a little throttle when out of gear, the rpms were fluctuating by about 1000rpm. It drove OK to start with (other than the fluctuations) then started misbehaving differently. Sometimes the engine would die as soon as the throttle was touched (it always idled perfectly throughout the shenanigans) Sometimes when driving it would behave as if the ignition was flicked off then on again. I removed the engine loom for testing and, found no issues. I removed the temp sensor, lambda probe, CO pot/air temp sensor, hall sensor, coil etc. and everything tested up perfectly. Only thing left to check was the ECU. A kind chap off of the G40 forum loaned me his spare ECU, and once it was installed, the car ran perfectly. Now I knew what was required, I just had to find one! I kept hold of the loaned unit for a few months so that I could carry on using the car while I tried to find one for sale. Typically, there were none for sale when I needed one, and by April, the bloke wanted his ECU back. I eventually found one on ebay.de, but when it arrived and was fitted, it was found to be differently defective to the original one. Fortunately I was able to return it and get a refund, so the search continued. Last week I got in touch with a bloke in the UK who was selling one earlier this year for too much money. As it had not sold, he thankfully halved his price, thus making it viable. (I could get my ECU reconditioned for £250+VAT which wasn't much different from his original asking price) It arrived this week, and I tried it out this evening - Success! I might just get the original one repaired anyway - electrical stuff for ageing obscure vehicles probably won't get any easier to find as time marches on.
  15. Stone chip paint finally arrived today. This is all thats required to finish off the underside of the shell, I'll hopefully get that applied in the not too distant future. More bits and pieces have arrived recently, including these nice shiny gubbins for the rear brakes. More pieces have been cleaned up ready for painting, including the rear anti roll bar brackets. Some items have been painted ready to reassemble, including the steering arms. Slowly, but surely, its getting there still!
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