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  1. Several much shonkier examples than that brown one have fetched much higher prices on eBay in the last couple of years, but I suppose that without a thorough inspection for car pox, the pictures don't give you a particularly good idea of how fucked they are.
  2. MOT'd this today - first time its been driven on wet roads in my ownership! Hadn't even done 800 miles since the last test, I really need to get out in it more.
  3. Smartened up a few pieces after stripping them back to bare metal. Made a start cleaning up the engine too. I'd originally planned a complete strip and rebuild, but theres nothing wrong with it, so a clean and spruce up will be fine for now. (gonna replace the carburettor though, the one on it is problematic) Whilst stripping parts off to ease the cleaning process, I noticed that the gear shift tie rod was worn, giving a sloppy gear change. The elongated hole was welded up and re drilled, which should reduce the travel of the handlebar considerably during shifts. Totally regret scrapping the frame that this engine came to me in - would have been an easy fix for me nowadays!
  4. Grabbed a little time for this after a job interview today - wheels + hubs were built up with new tyres and tubes. Dampers were then sprayed up after being bare metalled yesterday. Got a few odds and sods to paint still, but will hopefully be getting the engine in some time next week.
  5. Forks and handlebars now in position, I need to order in some more parts before I can get much further.
  6. A little more time was found for this today - petrol tank, tap and air box all found their way back on to the frame. When fully tightened, the straps were still slightly slack. This was remedied later on with larger rubber buffers.
  7. Forks now built up and ready to go. As is normal, it was a bit of a faff, but got there in the end without doing any damage.
  8. Front hub was built up yesterday - really pleased that I didn't mark the paint! Forks next - not looking forward to it!
  9. Time for this has been pretty much non existent recently. To prepare for the completion of the fuel system, I've been de rusting the pick up pipe flange. After several applications of Deox gel. Several more sees it pretty much ready to paint. I need to get the new tank stone chipped before I can get it all back together, hopefully it won't be too long before I get back on it properly.
  10. Had a bit of spare time after a job interview today, so with everywhere being nice and dry, I dug this out. Whilst driving I couldn't help but notice a rhythmic miss fire every 10 seconds - as though the ignition switch was being flicked off then on again. A quick root around under the bonnet revealed that the plug on the knock sensor had disintegrated, effectively unplugging it. I cobbled it all back together again, and the weird miss fire was gone - I guess I'd better order one up! Had a good ride out in it, then put it back in the garage until next time.
  11. Still trying to find a new job, but managed to grab a bit of time on this today. Stand and splash plate went on. The threads in the handlebars, horn case and tail light housing were all cleaned up with suitably sized taps so that the screws ran in nicely. Just before teatime, the rear frame badge went on after a bit of a polish. More to come in the not too distant future.
  12. Fuel pump related gubbins now painted and back together. It's shield is also ready to be refitted. Tank straps were painted too. Attention then turned to the fuel tank, stuff needed for the new tank was removed from the old one. Internal bits to be cleaned up ready to go into tne new tank.
  13. Careful removal of paint from key areas allowed the steering lock gubbins to be fitted, closely followed by the dip switch, throttle + gear controls and finally the headstock clamp. No paint damage yet................
  14. A couple of odds and sods arrived this morning from Scooter Restorations in Nottingham. This little package has allowed me to fit the toolbox door, fuel flap and headstock bearings/cups. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can order up some more stuff to enable a decent bit of progress.
  15. Got a load of rusty junk blasted today. I have some more paint on the way - hopefully it'll get here before it all goes rusty again.
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