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  1. After a root around in my spare bits, the only rear door rubbing strip I can find is for the wrong side. There is someone breaking a blue one on ebay at the moment - might be worth getting in touch.
  2. The only component to give up so far this year was a front wheel bearing. It took me most of the day to fix it due to arthritis related restricted mobility, but got it done with enough time left for a decent ride out in it. Still scrubs up well.
  3. Annoyingly, I've had very little time available for this over the last couple of months. So far, after nearly 400 miles, it's been good. I need to address an annoying rattle in the drivers door at some point, but other than that, all is well in GLi world.
  4. Loctite 319 is the stuff to use - available in Halfords.
  5. Got a little time on a four post ramp to check suspension nuts and bolts today Didn't get much movement on anything, but you can't put a price on the peace of mind it gave me. Back to pootling around in it to bed everything in before giving it a bit of stick.
  6. Mileage milestone passed. 150 miles done since MOT. So far, the dash lights stopped working, then fixed themselves. The dimmer switch is the culprit here, I can try cleaning it up, or just bypass it if necessary. I lost most of my gears this morning, just needed to tighten the selector rod pinch bolt though. Apart from those small hiccups, it's been fine. I'll go round the car checking all nuts and bolts are tight next week, just in case anything is planning to fall off.
  7. The bloke who tested it has a unit very close to mine - he tested it before fettlings began, and has witnessed the transformation over the last few years. I'll be doing some work on one of his cars when he gets round to digging the thing out of storage.
  8. MOT and tax sorted. Finally back home after 4 years away.
  9. Pre MOT checks done this morning - only problem found was one of the washer jets was blocked. Did a couple of miles up and down the farm driveway to scrub the new brakes in a little, they work better already, so hopefully they'll be up to par by the time I've driven it to the test centre. The underside is now sporting some dirt, the minty freshness is already a thing of the past. It was alas inevitable. MOT booked tomorrow......
  10. Still waiting for a suitable time slot to get an MOT on this - but in the mean time, a small package arrived from the U.S. of A. They're the right colour, and almost the correct size, so got some stuck in position. Should hopefully be back on the road in a week or so.
  11. I have a decent selection of rubbing strips for Manta + mk1 cavalier. I'll have a look at the weekend for you. I have a couple of sets of VAUXHALL lettering for the rear panel. I don't know if the chevette used the same ones, if the ones offered above don't fit, the ones I have are from early and late Cavalier mk1. (slightly bigger font on late ones)
  12. Shameless self promotion. Might get round to MOTing it eventually.
  13. Knocked these up to replicate the ones you get with new mudflaps. Once painted, and plastic bits fashioned. After small holes are drilled in the arch liner, the above items are threaded in to sit on the arch lip, and the metal bits of the mudflaps are clamped on by tightening the little bolts. (which have been shortened since the first pic)
  14. After a recent tidy up of the shed, I thought that now there was plenty of room I might as well fit the other new steering arm and balljoint. (Its been a while since the passenger side one was done!) After a bit of faffing, and one of the gaiters tearing, it was finally done and tracked up. The next job on the car will be a bit of a clean underneath, its getting pretty mucky under there. That can wait until my two poster is installed.
  15. Sadly, the plates that were on it are not a matching pair. Not in particularly good nick, not matching, not put back on. It was originally registered by Vauxhall Motors in Luton. If I can find out what their plates looked like, I'd definitely get some reproduced. I totally agree with you. After all, it's just an old car thats been restored for stylish trips to the shops, and maybe some car show type events. Been working on it since October 2018. Since I got made redundant, I've had a lot less time available, so it kinda dragged on a bit. (and to be fair, it was pretty ropey in places) Hopefully, the next one will be a bit quicker!
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