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  1. Unexpectedly got an afternoon in the shed today. The offside front wing had all its exterior paint removed. It had two thick layers of red on top of the factory paint, and was certainly a bit of a faff to remove, but the trusty poly abrasive discs got the job done. A wire wheel attachment on a drill sorted the tricky bits that couldn't be done with the disc. After a good cleaning, the epoxy primer went on. It got a good thick coating, and can now be put to one side until I start the filling, blocking and priming necessary to enable some colour to be splashed ar
  2. A friend I used to work with now does house clearances - a current job has exposed some weapons grade shite to daylight. A couple of partially dismantled RO80s (+ Suzuki) A very sad looking DS But best of all, an NSU TT! I'd love to own the TT, but alas, there's no room at the inn. Anyone SERIOUSLY interested in having a look, PM me. (Junk is in Warrington area)
  3. Got the door primed yesterday. Still not fully cured after 24 hours - getting a bit cold for painting stuff now. Hopefully I'll pick this back up in a few weeks once other stuff has been fettled.
  4. So far so good - Should get it primed tomorrow, probably won't get at it for a while after that- many jobs need doing on my daily wheels .
  5. Slim pickings this weekend- made a start on the doors, N/S/F first. Inside just needs finishing off Started the outside, but ran out of time. I'm hoping to get it primed this week, but fate has been regularly farting in my face recently.
  6. Been doing overtime at work this week, but stopped off at the shed on the way home and got the rest of the tailgate primed earlier. Two of the doors have no dents, so I'll probably start on those next.
  7. Most of the weekend passed by with no time for this, but this afternoon I got back on it. Only managed to get primer on the inside though. Gonna do the outside tomorrow after work.
  8. Stole a little time on Friday, and made a start cleaning up the tailgate for priming. I'll hopefully get it done this weekend.
  9. With re-application every couple of years or so, I reckon it'll be reet. Not planning on using it all weathers, but even so, it should last pretty well. Many different jobs have been competing for my available time this weekend, but I managed to get the rest of the engine bay primed today. This will all get a rub up at some point to flatten any brush marks from the Hydrate 80, then primed again to seal any bits that get rubbed through. This should then be ready for regular primer + colour.
  10. Only got half way around the engine bay before running out of paint. Most of the time has been soaked up by the masking. Hopefully the bay will get finished this week.
  11. Got a bit more primed this afternoon. Once I've worked out exactly how I'm gonna tackle the engine bay, I'll be getting it done this weekend hopefully.
  12. Looks like luck was on my side - nearside was prepared after doing some chores. Then primed in time for Sunday dinner. Not lucky enough to win the lottery though.
  13. Offside sill + door apertures now epoxy primed. It's a lot easier to see where filler needs to be applied now it's all the same colour. I realised just how effective my dust/fume mask is when I had to answer the phone half way through spraying - this stuff properly reeks! If I'm really lucky, I'll get the other side done tomorrow.........
  14. Got an unexpected bit of time on this today, so got stuck in to the offside door apertures/sills. Hopefully I'll get this side epoxy primed at the weekend.
  15. The Deox gel did its thing. 80 grit sand paper used to get a decent key for the paint. Masking complete to ensure the stone chip stays fresh Epoxy primer applied - it was a bit thick, but got it to spray reasonably well. Sills + door apertures next in line for this treatment - then engine bay and front valance.
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