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  1. A little mudflap fettling was done this afternoon. Emblems and metal bits were removed first. The rubbery bits were then relieved of many years worth of muck (and bodge overspray!) These will be receiving a bit of treatment from the paint bloke to restore the shine lost by the deep clean. The metal bits then got straightened and cleaned back to the point where Hydrate 80 can be applied prior to black paint. Still looking for the missing emblem.
  2. Drivers' seat went back in first this afternoon. Obviously the passenger side was next! I got them reasonably clean using bathroom wipes (to avoid getting them too wet), but when the ambient temperature is considerably higher I'll be wet vacuuming the seats and door cards to finish the cleaning off. The worst of the muck has gone though.
  3. Long gone I'm afraid - still bugs me that I couldn't accommodate the thing.
  4. No more seats went back in today, I didn't have much time. Instead, I finally got round to filling the gearbox with oil. Once done, I got it down off the bricks and pieces of wood it's been stood on, and now it sits on the deck. It's been at a raised level for a fair while, and it seems stupidly low down now. I'll hopefully be cleaning the front seats this week.
  5. Door cards were given a good clean yesterday evening, and went back on this afternoon. Membranes fitted first with double sided tape. Door cards and mirrors back where they came from. Front seats still need cleaning before they can be reinstated.
  6. A little more was put back where it belongs today. First up the rear seat backs were fitted, closely followed by the boot floor carpet and load cover/parcel shelf. I've got so used to seeing the spare wheel through the hatch window that it looks odd to me with all this stuff back in position. Time was short on it today, so once the bits you sit on were fitted, I had to vacate. Hopefully I'll get some more bits cleaned and refitted tomorrow.
  7. Mk2 Cavalier, now everything works!
  8. Found a little more time for this today, all the load compartment and rear seat belts went back in. Just seats and door cards left to go back in here now, but I want to give them a decent clean before that happens.
  9. It's a light, comes on with sidelights/headlights when bonnet is up.
  10. The rest of the dash gubbins are now back in. I surprised myself by remembering how it all goes together! A quick check of all electrical features revealed that everything functions as intended (for which I was most grateful!). Not a right lot of jobs left to do now, I can take my time getting everything finished up as I have no intention of getting it back on the road until the Spring.
  11. Got the carpets and a few interior trim pieces back in this morning. I decided to have a search for the other two mudflaps in my assorted storage facilities - I found them, but one of the Griffins has escaped! On the hunt for a replacement now. In the afternoon I gathered up a load of interior stuff from home, and carted it all over to the shed. I wasn't planning to put the dash back in today, but thought that I may as well get it started. Plonked in loosely to work out where the spaghetti needs to go. Hardest part done now, even managed to tuck the dash under the screen rubber. After a few more bits went back on, my time had run out. Should be back on it tomorrow with a little luck.
  12. I found some grill grommets on Ebay (after none being available for months) No need for my improvised ones any more! They arrived on Christmas Eve, along with a couple of these exhaust rubbers. I'm gonna leave fitting these until I can get the car up in the air - exhaust fettling is so much easier when you can do it standing up! Finally got round to fitting the front bumper today. Then dug these out for fettling. I'm hoping to get a bit more done over the next week.
  13. The video was allowed to upload on mk2cav com - link below. https://www.mk2cav.com/topic/22497-stevels-1988-18-gli/?do=findComment&comment=223103&_rid=3877
  14. Its alive! The video is too large a file size to upload, but its alive. So far just a small leak from one of the pipes to the fuel filter, an easy fix. Was running for about an hour and a half, then ran out of fuel. Hopefully I'll make a start on putting the dash and interior back in over the Christmas break.
  15. Exhaust arrived yesterday - pretty good going taking just over a week from Poland. A side by side comparison shows the new item is a better quality product. The bends are nicer, and the hangers are actually positioned correctly. The only down side was they had to cut it to get the package size down, but they did supply a joining piece to make up for it! It's now in position, but suspended by cable ties until the correct rubbers arrive. The fit isn't bad at all considering it's all pattern parts.
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