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  1. I spent too much time finding some new screws for the fuel pick up in the tank today. Eventually the screws and seals were found, and the pick up and gauge sender were fitted to the new tank. The top half of the tank was then keyed up with some 180 grit sand paper to prepare it for a good coat of stone chip paint, I'll do the bottom half tomorrow, then once it's been coated with the underbody wax, it can be fitted.
  2. Another one of those less than pleasant jobs done this afternoon - the underside is now sporting a decent layer of wax. I masked up the lower bodywork first to avoid having to clean any overspray off it. A couple of hours was then spent unloading the cans of Dynax UB onto to the entire underside. I'll leave it to harden up a bit, then I can start putting the brake and fuel lines, tank etc. back in.
  3. It is! The original colour according to the chassis plate. Many thanks! Paint bloke isn't interested in whole car paint jobs unless the rubbing is all done. If your preparation is decent, he might be prepared to get involved. The underside tape pretty much came off in one piece, so a bit of wax application was due. I did the front footwell/lower bulkhead parts first. The rear inner arches were done next, preparing me for the misery of lying on my back getting showered in wax mist. I called it a day before doing the underside proper - I'm planning on using some old throwaway clothes when the time comes as I'll be wearing a fair amount of the wax by the time it's all covered.
  4. Many thanks! The spoiler came off an LX (same as SRI IIRC.), but I'm pretty sure one could be specified as a dealer fitted option. The time came for the body to part company with the dolly this afternoon. This left it on axle stands, but in the wrong places to be able to wax the underside. The front two were on the front cross member, the rear two were on the spring seats with a piece of oak spanning the two. After a fair bit of a faff, the axle stands are now in the correct places (back where they were before it was sat on the dolly) to facilitate an underbody wax fest. The tape comes off easily in big sheets, as expected.
  5. Not had a pop at this for a few days, but got a few odds and sods done this evening. After finding the fan warning sticker last week, I cleaned it up and reinstated it on the slam panel. I thought I'd lost this, so was most pleased to happen upon it in a box of parts. When I put the wiper mechanism back on the other week, I'd completely forgotten about the plastic scuttle drain thing. Miraculously after all this time, the flimsy plastic drain thing is still in good condition, and after a quick rub up was put back where its supposed to be. Just before I had to leave, the Griffin badge and water deflector were clipped back into the grill. I'm hoping to get the body off the dolly and up on axle stands at the weekend. Once thats done, I'll do the rest of the underside waxing and the cavity waxing so that the reassembly can continue.
  6. In between helping with a house clearance and a lot of chores, I managed to get a little more done today. The inner wings were masked up in preparation for a bit of underbody wax. After two liberal applications, they're ready for action. More wax based goodness to follow at some point.
  7. A few more bits and pieces done recently, the wiper mechanism got a good clean up and went back in. All traces of the old sealant were removed from the hatch window. Which allowed the glass to go back where it belongs. Apart from the badges, the tailgate is complete.
  8. Much fettling of small parts occupied me for most of the day today, but I did get to put the rack and brake servo back where they belong.
  9. More time theft occurred - I gave the tail lights a bit of a spruce up. Thought I may as well throw them on. Then thought I may as well chuck the reg plate on too. Should get a decent amount of time on this tomorrow.
  10. I didn't think I was gonna get another go at this until next weekend, but opportunity presented itself, so I grabbed it. I finished up the wiper arms first. Then gave the bulkhead cover a decent clean. After I'd located the bag of relevant clips and fittings, it was reinstated. This means that I can put the servo and rack back in at some point, hopefully next week.
  11. In among a mountain of chores, I got a little bit done on the car this evening. All three wiper arms were stripped back to the metal and primed, then the door handles and locks went back in. Looks like slim pickings timewise for the foreseeable.
  12. Other stuff took up most of the time in the shed today, but the tailgate lock and handle were reunited after a bit of paint was applied yesterday. It was then clipped into place, meaning I can open the lid without poking a finger in the mechanism. I need to move one of my cars into it's new home tomorrow, but will hopefully get a bit more time on this later in the week.
  13. Didn't get a shot at this until late in the day, nevertheless I got a few jobs done. There was only one body about on the farm, and he was roped in to help me get the tailgate in position. Once the wiring and washer hose were threaded through (massive faff) then the wiper mech, washer jet, lock catch and central locking solenoid went in, I stopped for a look. Next up, the spoiler went on - I should have fitted this first, as it was a little awkward to do with the wiper motor in position. I need to paint the lock handle/surround before I can fit it, then fit the glass before I can call the tailgate done - hopefully I'll get those jobs done in the week.
  14. I thank you very kindly! I'm in Cheshire, so should hopefully get it to Chodmolestedly next year. If the stars align correctly, I'll be taking it to FOTU next year too. Have a look on page 3 of the thread.
  15. Not a lot was achieved on the car today - after the door handles were rubbed and primed again, the gutter trims went back on. I then went over and collected the rest of the painted pieces next. Once they were all stashed away safely, I drove over to the Tyre Bloke's shop to get some tyres put on the shiny black wheels. Hopefully I'll get the tailgate on and fitted up over the weekend.
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