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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong bit. I thought I'd seen a You Tube thread but can't find it. Took this from another forum. I love C15's This video made me laugh. Heritage Motor Company how's the C15 going? Have you still got it? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wwI1UnU2SmI
  2. My Inca, that I've not owned long, suddenly did oil pressure warning light flashing and buzzer. I had no time to anything for a couple of weeks, apart from cry and rue selling my ultra reliable C15. My hope was it wasn't a shot engine, especially as I'd had cam belt done. Yesterday I decided to take oil sensor out, so started it up to put on the drive. No warnings on oil! I've been driving it all day with no lights showing or anything ??? Anyone have a clue why it's repaired itself? Sorry for thread hijack Laquer Peel.
  3. As has already been said I would have suggested a fiat siseley, or just a panda (not new style) or a metro as that would make me laugh. . You could always see what a popular cheapy car is in the countries that you are visiting and buy one of those. Then you will be able to get spare parts easily Hope you have a great time, I'm jealous. This is the rally I want to go on. http://www.pandaraid.com I used to live in Spain and had an ace Seat Marbella. A car only appreciated by the Spanish and Italians, not my fellow UK ex pats who rather rudely scoffed at it!
  4. Just read last posts. I hope it goes to a good home and they don't try and rip the old chap off. I bought a vw camper from a city centre garage in Sheffield. I wrote to previous owner to ask about history. He rang me up and I went round as he had a few spares I could have. Turns out the chap had owned it 30 yrs, his wife had died and he had a bit of dementia. His mechanic who he had used all those years told him no one wanted these old campers and gave him £3000. What a git!! I paid £6500 prob 2 weeks later. A good price. The old chap thought I'd been ripped off. I didn't put him straight as I thought that would be unfair. I wanted to punch the garage man but he was massive!
  5. I would love that . Only done about 70 miles per year in the past decade according to MOT history
  6. Sold sold sold! I hope you love it as much as I did HMC . I've spent the past few years defending it very loyally in the plumbers merchants, what do they know with their fancy sign written vans?!! Hope Mrs HMC. Feels better soon. Im sure when the van arrives at least it will cheer her up! Maybe fill it with flowers to soften the blow
  7. I can get a 3m length of pipe in over the passenger seat when I can't be bothered to put it on the roof rack. Barefoot, this is a Friday end of a busy week throw everything in! That was after I'd taken drills etc out too!
  8. Hi, I'm in Sheffield. No thanks as I've got another 4 vehicles so can't get any more! I had a petrol skoda fabia for a couple of years and it was great.
  9. It's been great. Used as my daily plumbers van since I bought it from you. I'm only selling as lack of power steering as I've got bit dodgy shoulder. Even tho I've now got a relatively shiny (tho 4 yrs older) Seat Inca I've already had 2 customers saying they loved the C15!
  10. Ha ha, just seen where you are based ruffgeezer. I think you were the chap I bought it from. I got a train then bus out to where you worked, a bit out of town?
  11. I bought it from a mechanic in Lincoln but it had been advertised on here . It’s got a sticker on the back window about Cheshire dogs so must have been the Warrington connection.
  12. Thanks for your comments, tel no edited using letters instead of zeros, mileage also added and price to heading. Sheffield 101,747 miles £395 I've also got a rust free, white, second hand bonnet that I bought back from Spain (where these vans are super popular, but didn't bother fitting as I was keeping it until the existing one good too bad. If it's not broken don't change it being the motto I was going by! Thie bonnet I shall sell separately, if required, or just put on auction site. The drivers front door was also a Spanish replacement, the old one was rubbish, that's why it has the Club sticker on rather than the plastic trim.. I feel it adds to the mystique Today after I emptied it I looked under the floor liner to see what it was like as I'd never had it up, or had completely empty van since I bought it. It's got blue carpet on the floor that looked comfy enough to lay on! Also a bit up the side.
  13. Oops forgot price and location. £395 in Sheffield Cheers
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