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  1. Good man. ..softly softly catch the monkey they do clatter a bit but as long as the bottom of the injectors don't have a load of black sludge around them you *should be fine
  2. With no price or age restrictions may I suggest the Chrysler Ypsilon. It is a Lancia in a Chrysler suit and runs fiat 500 mechanicals
  3. So just to let you know what all Italian cars look like it is this This is an Italian T junction much amusement has been had watching the constant near misses from our balcony it is like watching an accident without being able to stop it. Bonus points will be awarded if you can work out who has right of way
  4. Bloody Audi advert writers..... That drag racing advert drives me nuts.. the first bit with the Yank doing a burnout is great but which badger shagging cum bubble decided to subsitute the sound of a peugeot rally car soundtrack when it pulls away.... first world problems ...pendant...
  5. Depends on your definition of important....
  6. You can replace the fuseable wire with a normal one with an inline fuse but it is better to use 4 wires all with individual fuses then if a glow plug goes bad you still have the three. Or you can remove the wire altogether as if the rest of the engine is in good condition it will happily start without them...
  7. Fusable glow plug wire... known problem, instead of a fuse they made the wire fusable then bundled it with the rest of the loom... genius...
  8. Because it is a thread about MOT exemption. Even die hard Corbynisteers are fed up with you turning every thread you post in into a Tory/ Government bashing all poor people are perfect and all rich people are bastards exercise.
  9. I have two.... on a side note that 15% power to weight increase means the A35 is limited to an extra 4 bhp
  10. Seatbelts? bugger that I go by the reckoning that if I ever hit or get hit by something hard enough to need them I will be dead anyway...Just my little two fingers up to the elf and Stacey brigade.
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