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  1. Just to update this for the last time. Clean sheet on the mot a few weeks back. I just wanted to say a big thanks to all that helped me on this. Plasticvandan, Ray, Eddie,Mally, Bub and sorry if i missed any others. Without your help i could'nt have got stuff sorted on this. Big thanks. As they say on the two Ronnies, Its good night from me, and its goodnight from him.
  2. Possible airlock from fitting the new stat?
  3. Heard on the radio this morning, primary school kids and others being encouraged to stay off school today because of climate change? Really, how will this help them learn and get a job? Total joke
  4. Well saved. He must have been getting about a grand weighing it in with all those MATS. Lovely story indeed. Get it mot'd all polished up and take the old boy out for a run and some lunch.
  5. You see a few saloon Rialto butchered to make a pick up. They did make the Giant pick up but there are rare.
  6. Class. The photo of it being dragged off the trailer with a rope is brilliant. Its like a young puppy acting up and not moving. Love it. Wouldn't know where to start. Egg has cracked it.
  7. Bad news, looks like my 75 was about a month ago. All sorted now.
  8. Carpro is it? Some of the spray on ones are more top ups rather than stand alone products.
  9. Fancied it but seems hard to apply. I used fusso wax. It last at least 6 months even in winter and is £25 for a big tin.
  10. Wonder if they would do a raffle? Well up for that. They even have dealer showplates on. WANT.
  11. Great work again. Love reading about this, shame i cannot do welding. If i have the time and money i would learn.
  12. L spec i would say, just like my father had.
  13. Polar seal does sound good. Be interested to see how that works.
  14. Now that's one way to offer heated leather seats.
  15. Good luck. Just remembered my reliants is up next week. Great.
  16. Only one way to collect this really. A frame behind DW's one
  17. Vodafone. Some folk slate them but i have always had great service, and the girl i just spoke to was spot on, fixed the issues and text to confirm its done. Cant say fairer than that.
  18. That's a bonny wee thing. Pez station shot required.
  19. From what i have read once the hood is cleaned and sealed most folk wash it monthly with car shampoo. If like me you clean weekly then maybe leave the roof and only do once a month.
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