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  1. 2009. 2019. I’ve gone right posh.
  2. Slightly depressing to think that if I were ten years older (started driving 2009 at 17) I could have afforded many of the cars I would truly love to own back then! I suppose you shouldn’t wish your life away though...
  3. I believe the green car still exists in some shape or form. If memory serves it did some time in the Elephant House at Longbridge whilst it was MG Motor UK's (lack of) sales HQ. It might even still be there. I think it might have had a KV6 in it as well. I always thought it was very Signum. Not a bad effort though from a team who, towards the end, were forced to divide their time between taming axle tramp on V8 ZT's and tarting up Indicas. Oh and manning sales booths in motorway service stations. Cheers Kev.
  4. Wow. I've just spent a fair bit of time engrossed in this thread from start to finish, some brilliant spots and a reminder that I really would like to visit the Channel Islands sooner rather than later! Funny to think that the surviving cars from the early pages in the thread are probably worth many times more now than when you papped them, the Cozzies, Integrales and Quattros spring to mind.
  5. Nice alternator conversion mister. Nice MM Minor steering wheel too.
  6. Another one I thought of on the way home. Mark 1 Clio.
  7. Good tat haulers those, rare combo as a 2.2 DTI SRI as well. I really liked my V6 hatch.
  8. Okay, Renner part no's are tricky at the best of times. But I have three potential numbers for it, two Dacia and one Renault. Dacia: 6001547488 or 6001551674 - One of these may have superseded the other at some point. Renault: 271503546R Looks like a Valeo part, but I can't find a Valeo number for it.
  9. I guess it's all relative. I mean, you don't see many Hyundai Stellars on the road today, but I don't recall them ever being that common even 20 years ago. Maybe I just live in an area of HGD (High Giffer Density), but I still see a reasonable amount of old chod doing the daily grind. Someone round the corner from me has a C-plate blue Maestro which has been papped on here before, another chap has a brace of Aggros, and there's a lovely late (J-reg, I think) Sierra Sapphire LX which I see a few times a month. Cars I used to see everywhere but now hardly see at all: Phase 1 Pug 106 - The last one I remember seeing was my old blue one. Phase 2's are still a common sight around here though as are Saxos. Renault 19/21/25 - Can't remember the last time I spotted any of these three. Mark 1 Galaxy/Sharan - Seem to have thinned out massively over the last few years. Rover 200 R3/400 HHR - 25 and 45 are fairly common, as are the MG versions but early ones are scarce. The same shape Honda Civic too. Astra G - Not quite disappeared but they're thinning fast. Shame really, they were a billion times better than the Astra H in my eyes. Golf Mk3 - Again, not totally disappeared, but rarer than they were 5 years ago. Rover Metro/100 - I occasionally see an R-plate 100 on my commute, but that's it. Xsara/Xsara Picasso - Always thought the Xsara was alright, but I never liked the Picasso. On the other hand, older cars I used to see everywhere and still do: BMW E34/E36 - Still a fair few running around. They seem to range between tatty but solid runners like my Compact to show queen 540i's and M3's but still plenty around. Merc W202 C Class - I would've thought they'd have rusted away by now, but seemingly not. Sierra - Maybe this is just down to the sheer number sold, but I still see a handful of 'normal' Sierras on the regular. Golf Mk2 - Mostly GTI's these days, but I reckon I see more about than Mk3's. 90's Impreza - Still lots of WRX's about. Although most seem to be in the hands of a more discerning clientele these days. Cavalier Mk3/Vectra B - Few of each still knocking around. K11 Micra - Seems to be the takeaway delivery car of choice around here. Don't see any pre-facelift ones now mind.
  10. What's the reg Mr FP? I can give it a go, but Renner are a little tricky with their catalogues.
  11. No. We do all the street drinking on the other side of that supermarket you can see in your photo. Don't know about whiskey mind, White Lightning is still very much en vogue in Rye. Anyway, top purchasing. I'd love a V6 Coupe, although I hear they're Oliver Reed thirsty.
  12. Evenin' all. Bit of an update as I haven't been on here for a little while. To be honest, I haven't had much to report and it has been nice to be able to just drive around in a working car after the Astra debacle earlier in the year. But this evening I have something to report on the BMW. Nowt major, but about ten days ago I was going down a steep hill and braking and the brake warning light started flickering. So I checked the fluid and sure enough, it was hovering around the 'MIN' mark. No problem, I topped up with some fresh DOT4 and was on my way. But then on the way home this evening, the light came on again when I was driving down the same steep hill. Stopped asap and sure enough, the fluid was once again low. Bearing in mind that E36's have a propensity to chew through brake pipes, I had a good look underneath, but in the fading light I couldn't see anything obvious. There was nothing pissing out and the brake pipes felt dry where I could get a hand on them. Filled up the reservoir TO THE MAX and did a few brake tests to make sure everything seemed alright. Pedal was fine, ABS working. So I decided the best thing was to get the car on the ramp ASAP just in case. Very handy having a mate with a garage - fortunately I got there before he locked up for the night. Once the car was in the air, it was easy to locate the leak. After 22 years the original clutch slave had given up the unequal struggle. Fair enough, I reckon. Only one thing for it then... £34 later and a new Pagid slave is now en route! Aside from that, the little Compact keeps soldiering on. Apart from another E36, I really am not sure what I would replace it with! Sadly the additional chod that was on the horizon last month, a Suzuki Alto, fell through. But I'd imagine it won't be long until I get offered some more scrap-in-waiting. L8RZ.
  13. My parents had an 806 with the same engine in and that could be made to go surprisingly well. With the same unit this must go like les clappeurs.
  14. Looks good Mr. Egg. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of those on the road, it’s only the occasional ‘F’ I spot from time to time.
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