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  1. ... its very very late n im posting from my ancient PC but what comes to mind is this; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunbeam_Tiger
  2. ...its a 115bhp BKE engine code B6; mine is a sort of irish spec semi s-line spec; colour coded lower bumpers but base level cloth interior etc; its up at 380k kms at the moment; TBH its had an intank lift pump that I replaced with a 2nd hand unit; it has a 'every 4 to 6 months' -refuses to start at all, issue; possibly worn injectors; 2 days in the year on the day it will crank n crank n wont catch at all; draining battery's n wont start- next day it starts on the key- no issues... I actually forget about this issue occasionally; had it plugged in but they found no faults - it had all audi service history before me with eye watering bills before I bought it for €600- previous owner used to chug it round france n Europe with no issues... its just a daily / load lugger to me; a motorised holdall for tools etc - I have broken a rear spring in it... best MPG I had was when me and the brother bought my old mans 04 skoda estate 110bhp auto - he originally bought that from BCA in blackbushe, Hampshire UK - it was possible to achieve 65 mpg in that 50mpg if you hammered it with the right foot... I like the VAG Tdi's as the seem to largely 'look after themselves' if you bother to service them; even without regular service they seem to plod on; just all round a decent reliable daily chugger...
  3. I got a calculated 55mpg out of the 04 audi a4 Tdi wagon last Saturday on a 400km round trip down to pick up a decent ratios T25 5speed box in deepest west Cork; I decided to go the windey backroads through a series small 'no mans land villages, in the hope that I might spot some aul chod in fields etc (very little spotted on that front) so I was up n down the cogs quite a bit on the bends/ narrowly avoiding flocks of lycra clad cyclist etc... it needs a service, so I was quite happy/surprised/less skint by that...
  4. ...I pissed myself laughing yesterday when a mate told me he'd been to our local NCT centre to have a 'visual' minor fault inspected (seat belts 'inoperable'- just slow to release so I wanged some GT/45 or whatever into them) from last week... .... he reported the place was ramm'jammed with folk n in total chaos; the local place is always staffed by a contingent of knobend testers; they are super reluctant to issue the pass cert first time, n fail on petty shit eg. 'number plate lights not sufficiently bright enough' or whatever - anyways the lifts issue coupled with their propensity to have folk returning for the minor outside in the carpark visual inspection shit led to the total chaos - their continued petty stupidity caught up them... I travel 40 miles away to the limerick test centre when getting my own done; its staffed by reasonable non petty testers
  5. first gen' tesla's are 'technically rear engined' - the power electric unit being in the back AFAIK - I used to watch a few of them 'rich rebuilds' youtube vids (before he became really unbearable) where he takes apart/rebuilds salvage testlas with a kitchen kinife spoon etc - that's how I know...LOL
  6. ...this all sound very shifty to me; theres something motorviating her to constantly pester you re the 300; is it possible shes paid in the money via a forged bank draft? there are some forged bank drafts these days that even fool the bank for 6 or 12 months, n its not till then that they attempt to unravel whole paper trail ... for me once a deposit is put down, that's binding both to you and the seller; renege n you've lost the deposit, or if your the seller, its your right to keep it - this is an unspoken agreement of terms; Ive been on the receiving end of both sides of the deposit agreement; ive just had to suck it up n move on...
  7. dieselassist

    Ford timelord

    ive just spent the last few hrs going through this thread; facinating n enthralling stuff altogether!! fair play datsuncog et all for all the ongoing research ...
  8. ...they seem to be expanding tho; ECP; they bought up the PR Reilly brand over here; the PR reilly brand used to focus on the 'order n delivery' to the trade/garages; a mate of mine works in a factors in the same town as they operate, n the delivery lads are constantly in buying bits from them, as presumably they don't have the stock at the time to supply the requested parts to the trade lads...
  9. ...a lot of these firms seem to use the same business model; ECP, GSF etc; you need to tap in the reg' of your car n the internet 'site wizardry' does the rest, n you take it for granted the parts they display in eg; the suspension page it generates, will be for you car... ...I found this not to be the case with 'micks garage' when buying some bits for my Audi avant B^ tdi- I selected 'mid quality' brand ARB rubber insert n it was delivered along with other bits... long story short the ARB rubber was for a saloon; theres a difference between the two even tho the fronts look common to both.... I gave a good aul fist at trying to press it in there, but it was too big, as I later discovered with the vernier calipers but the steel jacketed ARB bushing was well chewed at that stage... it was all of €13 but I thought id go through the pointlessness of ringing up MG and explain their fugg'up... the customer services lad didn't want to know at all; he stated it was up to me to cross reference parts no's (how TF id be able to do this with the likes of QH brand stuff, i'll never know), and also he wasn't going to accept it as a return as I'd mullered it attempting to fit it n it was out of their packaging... ...as said above, theres a lot to be said for supporting your local independent factors; if only for time saved; in the end I just bought the right ARB rubber from a local factors; I cant see myself using MG again...
  10. ...the mazdas cant cope with anything above '80-85%' clagged up DPF - yes the injectors seem to fail n leak off, n the EGR snuffs it round this time; some mazda dealerships will change the EGR n fit new injectors n tell the customer, that they are not driving it long enough for the Reg'gen to kick in, after they've reset all after new injectors etc- n tell them to drive on an otherwise pointless 70 mile round tripp once a week to 'clean out n regen' (knowing they'll seew the customer gain very soon!) - or 'off the record' a technician might recommend one of the 'DPF washout' outfits.... all of that lasts about 4-6k Miles before it goes into limp mode again, n the has to owner 'rinse n repeat' DPF regen 'ground'hog day' processes or swallow the cost of a new DPF... I know of a mate who's mrs had the DPF stolen from under the car n he bought a used one from stoved car at a breakers n its still working fine for him... Ive done a few DPF gut out jobs; on the actual opening up n gutting out' the DPF innards - all ive seen hopelessly clogged n you'd wonder how the car exhaled at all with all the clagg... if you get the right 'car software keyboard tapper' to remap etc after its been gutted; the car is transformed n is hugely reliable afterwards, with lots more power n MPG.... ...from what ive seen 170-200K is the usual life of the DPF but that's reduced if its been a short run commuter/city based car....
  11. fiat tipo or Uno lacking wipers/wiper mechanism??
  12. @jonathan_dayane (didn't feel like clogging up the thread quoting)- that looks similar to the way mk1 focus's rot in that area; a longwinded n intricate sort of welding job- I sacked off doing it on my mates mk1,5 focus in that area on both sides of the boot floor; the strut towers were also cornflake consistency after hammer strike testing... his also had sill perorations so the car got condemned; anyways fair play for metal kitting all that back together; looks like a decent job...
  13. c'est ca!! ...six is an acceptable no; same as myself (I think!), tho I have a few 'halves' which are either car bodies/shells so I don't count them... I try to stay away from 'odd number of cars' as it creates 'storage anomalies ' so I aim for the even numbers; rarely sell one but a new purchase gets me into the even numbers again- you have to have a system as harry hill says...
  14. it will work well as a car; my mate who had a few of them reckoned the prop removed/FWD consversion was better for his general MPG n he mentioned tyres lasting longer, after he changed to road only tyres n he lived in 'big time stickZ'; he liked to buy a breaker that didn't have its prop removed tho as he reckoned the coupling wear in its past life had transferred to rear diff n with it removed after many miles; the undriven rear diff was likely to even more severely worn n leakey... On the diesel theres one of the glow plugs that unremovable unless the pump is off; he was down at mine with cold cranking/catching issues n the glowplug behind the pump was well older than the rest n stuck; I managed to heat n bend a spanner to remove it after heating it, but there wasn't enough space to physically remove the plug- from memory its was 2000 era... I welded on some off-road OLLI looking tubular steel side steps with checker plate inserts he got off one of his breakers onto his one; they were so bent n the holes didn't line up so I I just welded them on; utter poinlessness vanity but that's what he wanted done.... theres a 'hippo's forum' - hippos are their knickname he used to be on he mentioned, some 'good info' was on there, is the forum is still going...
  15. ...I still have a bucket of bolts in the unit from helping a mate break freelanders; he had one himself and used to buy the odd one or two, which were cheap as breakers; the pitch n thread of nearly every bolt that comes off them; ive never found a use for apart from the odd BMW; in many ways they seemed massively over-engineered n in other areas very half arsed- eg the viscous couplings; he had some china contact n he used to remarket the 'recon'd couplings, even tho his own had the 'fwd only' viscous coupling delete; he had a few plates made up n used to sell them - they were needed after the rear prop delete... ...anyways they were 7 or 8 year old cars at this time but he used to managed to sell everything off the breaker ones; especially the diesel LWB ones; I though he was mad when he first got into them, but he used to make good coin off the breakers; I didn't think irish folk were masochistic enough to keep them going, but I was proved wrong - a big seller was the auto window rear tailgate...
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