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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to maxxo in I've done a silly......CITROEN XM   
    XM stuff today

    oh yes

    very easy to do actually, undo 3x 10mm bolts on the underside of the transmission and lever the plate out and you then get yourself absolutely soaked
    want to see what came out?

    it didn't smell burned at least! but it was very very dirty
    filled it up with fresh reddish/pink stuff, around 3L i put in and that got me to the top mark on the dipstick
    how does it drive?
    well it seems to shift a lot smoother now! which is nice
    going to do another change in a week or so
    i dread to think when this was last done, a very long time ago i'd say
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Stanky in Saab 93 the second - mildly moist   
    Snap. On mine, the housing that mounts to the bulkhead which the filter element sits in had come away from the bulkhead, allowing water to run off the screen straight into the intake of the heater blower.
    I tiger-sealed it back on and all was well again for multiple years. The screeching from the blower motor fan eventually got too much and I replaced it for a good used one, I suspect the water getting onto the spindle killed it earlier than it should have. All easy jobs to do though.
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    Uncle Jimmy got a reaction from Low Horatio gearbox in 71 Rover 3500 (P6B)   
    3,000 miles of motoring later, I think it likes you
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Blake's Den in 1975 Turner Ranger BL parts bin 'tractor'   
    I've posted this previously on the 'cars that you never knew existed' thread and also on the 'ambitious towbars' thread but I think that it is time it got its own thread.
    Introducing my 1975 Turner Ranger tractor! Four wheel drive, four wheel steer, mid mounted 1098 A series in longitudinal configuration (gearbox in sump) but mounted transversely driving the front and rear axles through a Triumph differential. Steering box from an A30/35, hydraulics from a Leyland 154 tractor, drum brakes and rubber cone suspension from a mini. Very small, very unusual and very fun¬†ūüėÄ

    I saw this on ebay a few years back and being a mini nut I had to get it. I've used it for light duties since, namely moving trailers and a caravan. Road registered thanks to the Friends of Ferguson Heritage club and absolutely scary to drive on the highway. 

    The history of this design is quite odd. It started off as a Harry Ferguson design through his Ferguson Research company. They were originally designed to run on Calor gas and were sold as Calor Ranger's. Turner Engineering (who made the Calor Ranger's) also started selling the petrol versions badged as Turner Ranger's.
    The rumours are that about 250 were made. Since acquiring one I have become obsessed and have done plenty of searches to find as many survivors as possible. I've found 26 examples (including mine) including one of the original prototypes which has a shorter wheelbase than the production models. I've also found various brochures and literature related to these odd machines.

    Having seen his success on the Invacar thread and the '93 Mondeo thread then I might have to employ the services of @LightBulbFun¬†to work his DVLA magic to find some more examples¬†ūüôā
    Also, a few videos of this on my YouTube channel. Just one link below as I don't want to spam you!
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    Uncle Jimmy got a reaction from Low Horatio gearbox in Vauxhall VX 4/90 (FD)   
    Tidy as fuck that; very much my sort of motor, shame so little of that age that's in decent nick turns up anymore, Jealous I R! 
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to JeeExEll in Vauxhall VX 4/90 (FD)   
    Sorry, it's not VX4/90 but it's interesting if you haven't seen it before. We've seen this road test elsewhere (thanks Trigger) and I think someone mentioned what happened to the car, but I don't remember the outcome.  I think it was stripped for parts.  Two were built.
    (Text is blurry but click on the pic).  Note position of gearstick.
    Fuel consumption, -  standard Ventora  20.8mpg / Black Prince V8 13.0mpg.  Ouch.  Bet it sounded lovely though.
    Roadtest is dated June 1972 so any further conversions would have been on the FE Ventora.  (Unless they bought a stock of the outgoing FD Ventoras at bargain prices).  The newer FE Ventoras were around £2000 when introduced in 1972, a new Granada GXL was around £2300.
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Low Horatio gearbox in Vauxhall VX 4/90 (FD)   
    And time of an update!
    (I've been I'll and its been raining.. I have my excuses ready!)
    The girlfriends dad came over yesterday and the brakes were bled decently - I think my mentioning to her that if her project didnt make the road by the end if the month I'd can it for another hopeless project. The brakes now work, tho they feel to me a bit pants compared to the Rover and Jag. They will stop you though and lock up the fronts so could just be me. I've ordered  a master cylinder rebuild kit as it was only £12 and it's not a difficult  job to remove it,  though I've done mountain bike masters before never a car.   There is an annoying brake judder, so I'll  have to have the front wheels off and look at the pads and discs.  
    With the brakes done it needed test driving, tho this mean dealing with the carbs.  Previously it had been running pretty well -by that I mean for an amature like me who has messed with 4 sets of carbs in his life.   So I'd continued to fix it till it was broke and would struggle to start, idle at 1500 rpm and not rev over 2k. I unfucked my handiwork and tho it's a bit rich and doesnt like going over 4.5k it sufficed for a test drive.
    Which highlighted the alarming amount of steering slop and vaugeness whewhich turned out to be a cotter¬†pin fitted incorrectly.¬† It wasn't going to fail or fall out¬† but you had¬† 1/4 turn of nothing.¬† ¬†It took 2 minutes to get it out and a mere¬†hour and half to have it fitted properly and tight snappy steering wa srestored! 2nd time out and though running a bit rough is¬† a delight to drive, easily the sharpest steering¬† and best¬† dare I say it..¬† sporty! of my gaggle of shitters.¬† ¬†Managing a manual was interesting, I only went 2nd to 1st twice when I wanted 3rd..ūüėĖ ,¬† all gears are smooth¬† to change and the Overdrive works¬† nicely in 3rd and 4th and I daresay performance will improve when I remove the 100kg or so of spare parts¬† from the boot too.ūü§¶ūüŹĽ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Low Horatio gearbox in Vauxhall VX 4/90 (FD)   
    The alloy ring is set/glued in from the inside before the 2 halves of the tank are welded together.  (Spare tankn pictured.. looks ok but internally but it's got a dent and the leading edge joining seam is rusty and deformed) 

    Removing or replacing it would be involved work and the steelmof the tank is pretty thin. In an ideal world I'd love too but it's a bit impractical/beyond me. I suppose a circular ring cut in half and epoxied onto  the existing ring would work or even nuts epoxied/jb welded into place.
    I've removed the sender and it would appear despite the gasket being ancient  it was (some of) the upper screw holes themselves allowing it to leak as nothing was dripping or leaking till I undid the lowest one.
    On that note.. the screws..  all the same just nipped off rough . The rough end may have damaged it but I'm not sure they are the correct size/thread.

    Fuel pickup and gauge sender out and.. oh and a free prize... no idea what that is doing in there

    It appears to be greaseproof packing paper.
    Currently on a coffee break.. airing the fumes out of the garage and awaiting a delivery of fuel tubing and gasket compound .
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Rocket88 in Vauxhall VX 4/90 (FD)   
    All FD/FE Vauxhall‚Äôs are bloody thirsty‚Ķ.. if you get more than 25 mpg, it‚Äôs probably because you‚Äôre pushing it‚Ķ.ūüėÄ
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to RoadworkUK in Vauxhall VX 4/90 (FD)   
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to maxxo in I've done a silly......CITROEN XM   
    stuff left to do pre MOT
    repair drivers seat runner
    replace drivers seat recline switch
    repair blower fan
    replace all interior bulbs
    do a quick fix to the glove box
    use rust converter on the last little bits
    put some more diesel in (will do that on the way to the test)
    bear in mind 8 or do days ago it looked like this

    i'd say it's going to be roadworthy within the next 2 weeks
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to maxxo in I've done a silly......CITROEN XM   
    I had assistance today from my father
    we spent about 2 hours on it......on 1 job
    sorting the siezed height corrector
    it was siezed above the exhaust, right on a pivot
    cue lots of plus gas, hammering, all forms of lubrication
    it's fixed, a clip is now weak, but still secure
    but it works, and it works well! goes up n down quickly too
    rather pleased with the results i must say
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    Uncle Jimmy got a reaction from lesapandre in Hatred of French cars   
    You play a V8 Vedette, I raise you a Matford V8. Old French cars are fantastic, in fact most French cars up to the end of the last century have much to offer.

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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to lesapandre in Hatred of French cars   
    Let's keep pedding the myth that French cars are rubbish. That means more for us...
    French cars are tough and reliable and easy to look after mostly. They are meant to be - distances in France are huge, many people keep their cars a long time and buy them with their own money. There are still lots of small dealers with basic facilities. They are also driven by the French - who do love to thrash their cars. 
    They have, beyond the clichés, produced some of the most interesting cars ever made. France is a nation of car enthusiasts.
    Enjoy a Simca...

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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to sutty2006 in Hatred of French cars   
    The reason PH hate french cars is exactly why this forum exists. Someone’s gotta love em, right? 
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Metal Guru in Highway Code changes 29/01/22 - what do you think about it?   
    Road policing is a joke. They are only interested in speeding and drunk driving because both can be proven on the spot ( over or under a limit),so you’ve no defence. Hardly anyone gets done for careless driving and  dangerous driving only gets prosecuted if you actually kill someone.
    Insurance, tax and licence offences only get picked up if you’re followed by a police car with ANPR, and then the fine is less than half of what honest people pay.
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to warch in Highway Code changes 29/01/22 - what do you think about it?   
    My take on all this;
    I use roads routinely as a pedestrian (runner) where I often encounter stupid or aggressive driving from people driving to fast or cutting in and out and again to get past (nearly been hit by people doing that). I try to be as reasonable as possible, so I'll hope onto the verge if there is one or off the road, or wave them off if I can see the road ahead is clear. I can see why cyclists get pissed off if this is what they get on a regular basis (I'm an occasional cyclist). 
    I have also seen militant cyclists at their worst, especially in Bristol, where I was once accused of jaywalking (?) by a cyclist whilst crossing the road on foot. I also saw an old lady taken out at quite high speed by a cyclist whilst she was on a pelican crossing. I think cycling is a good thing, and should be encouraged for a variety of reasons, but I can't reconcile myself some of the more extremism views I used to hear. I got a fearful bollocking off another cyclist for stopping at lights on a junction once, because 'we don't stop for them'. I saw another attack a bus, banging on the windows and screaming at the driver for coming a bit close to him in a bus lane.  
    One thing that should be encouraged with road use is reasonableness. If you're driving something slow or holding up miles of traffic, whether on foot, or on a bicycle or in a tractor, don't be a twat, pull over and let it pass. I've always tried to do this, it also prevents you getting taken out by a hari kari overtaking manoeuvre. Conversely don't try and put the wind up some poor sod on foot or a bike or moped by driving right behind them or cutting them up.
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to sierraman in The Missymobile: Ford Focus   
    Ever wondered why the front wings on these rot so readily? In their infinite wisdom Ford fitted a bit of soft sponge inside the lip to help retain moisture. Wire brushed it up and waxed it whilst waiting fourteen business days for the bits to arrive.

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    Uncle Jimmy got a reaction from chris667 in The Missymobile: Ford Focus   
    'Climate', was that an early admission of guilt by those beancounting scallywags I wonder. 
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    Uncle Jimmy got a reaction from grogee in The Missymobile: Ford Focus   
    'Climate', was that an early admission of guilt by those beancounting scallywags I wonder. 
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end.   
    Areas of character. 





    Not too bad for an old girl. 
    And any imperfections of paint are more than overshadowed by the amazing gear shifter. 

    If you disengage the overdrive, and select the PWR setting, even on poor tyres, in the wet, on a greasy surface, it'll still return a 14.2 quarter mile. 
    Even with an idiot driving. 

    I like it more and more every time I get in it. 


    All in all, a fine old bus. 
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to bicycle repairman in Bangkok Shite: 1986 Mazda 626 continuation thread.   
    here my old 626 was a brill car and flying mechine,

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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Conan in Bangkok Shite: 1986 Mazda 626 continuation thread.   
    500 baht and one beer.
    I can assure you that until hairnet get to drive this thing it will not go away just yet, in the meantime I have to make sure it actually works.
    So today I went in for a belated oil and filter change. Also did the gearbox oil at the same time. Much improved shift feel.

    What's that?

    Ah yes, this is why the exhaust tone is RACECAR. It's been like this since day one.

    Also installed the mesh wheels with decent 2019 date Hankooks I sourced back in October and November respectively.

    I don't care if mesh wheels are chav-ish if they look this good.

    Also, this is the first pez since early 2021. Non-ethanol of course.
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Conan in Bangkok Shite: 1986 Mazda 626 continuation thread.   
    After I manage to put the belt on, all is well, for about 5 miles, then it ate another belt. At this point I was ready to drive it without alternator belt into a river nearby. But that would not be the Autoshite way, would it? So I ordered another belt slightly smaller in case it was slipping because of not enough tension. I manage to put this smaller belt on and it ate it again. Remember the post above? Putting a belt on required the removal of air-con compressor bracket and alternator, which in this car designed by a wasabi fuelled guy in 1980's Hiroshima, took about half a day.
    Then 2021 happened and I couldn't even get out of Bangkok to get to it.

    After the lockdown was lifted in around September, I decided to just drive it without belt to the nearby shop and get the whole system redone, and then this happened.
    The storage I had was not flooded, thankfully, so the car was 100% safe. But the whole surrounding area went in the drink. The picture at the start of this thread which I will repost here.

    I called a local version of worldofceri with a flatbed. This was 15th November 2021. 11 months. I finally manage to get this bastard thing back to Bangkok. I decided to choose a shop well known for converting and fixing weird air-conditioning system to make sure not another bonehead is doing the conversion again. I'm done with trying to half arse it myself.

    I cannot express how excited and glad I was when I took this picture. I'm ready to get hosed for whatever amount of money I have to spent to get this going again.
    The car went into the shop for 2 months, the mechanic said this is the hardest fucking air-con system he ever had to convert. 1980's Hiroshima engineer decided to put 3 rows of belt on the air-con pulley, one connecting it to the engine, one to the power steering, and the outermost to the alternator, this means it has to be a certain size compressor. A bracket worthy of Bad Obsession Motorsport was made and depicted above.
    It's done literally few hours ago. IT'S DONE!!!111

    The 12 miles drive home was the most nerve wracking one I ever had. The last time I drove this thing properly was September 2020, after which it mostly sat. The tank is full of E5 I put in January 2021. I nearly got pulled over by the police because at this point there's no insurance and it was 4 months out of tax.
    Today, the 626 rises again. But only if the fucker's headlights didn't decided to stop working, which it did. But it was only crud on the relay connector. Some contact cleaner and it was working again.

    Getting MOT'ed. I chose this particular place because the owner/operator has a Volvo 850 and knows I have one. I talked to him about that a lot to distract him, he said I needn't worry and it passed easily.

    So, a year in the making. I have finally manage to put this 626 in the new storage I rented for it. I hope it's grateful and will be nice to me in 2022.
    Next up: new radiator. This one leak like a sieve.
    Few things to note. I haven't taxed it yet, because we don't have an online system. I didn't manage to get to the transport office in time. The amount I spent on the air-con system is eye watering, but it is a work of art.
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    Uncle Jimmy reacted to Conan in Bangkok Shite: 1986 Mazda 626 continuation thread.   
    So what's exactly is happening? Well it is a continuation of this thread 
    Some introduction. Sometime in 2020 when it was clear @hairnet wasn't coming here anytime soon, I bought this 19851986 Mazda 626 1.6 LX from him. This was supposed to be hairnet's transportation for the trip that didn't happened. The V5 was already in my name anyway so I just transfer the money back to him.
    I lost the parking space close to home for it and so I have to move it 100 miles from home. It then develops some faults such as leaking lower clutch slave cylinder which was fixed promptly. I went back to it again in early 2021 to bled the clutch, change the oil, and get it running again.
    And then this happened on the test drive, which began a saga of pain and suffering.

    It ate alternator belt which was on the same plane as air-con compressor. Not a problem, I thought, just get a new belt, lob it on, job jobbed.
    It was not that.

    Basically sometime in the past, a bonehead converted this fine performance machine to R134a air-conditioning system. But because he's a bonehead he decided to mount the compressor in such a way that tolerances for the compressor clutch and frame was measured by millimeters. This makes putting on a new belt a hassle because I have to basically wrestled and hammered it in with less space than the size of the belt.
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