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  1. Is it written some where silly ? Back of owners manual, sun visor etc ?
  2. billyboy406v6


    Warm welcome on here.
  3. Personally I would have had the wank, at least you would know what was coming next ?
  4. You let him buy a Vauxhall and he still asks you for advice on cars ???
  5. Not enough heat, flames and smoke ? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. In a months time there will 6,000 claims and only 1,900 parking bays !
  7. Looks like we gotta us a karnvoy ?
  8. Merry Christmas and enjoy all that cold turkey !!
  9. I would have come home in the big white van ! Glad its fixed.....
  10. Handsome looking beast, thought Hondas were mega reliable ?
  11. Trying to get the v6 MOTed this week, the rear calipers are partially seized, its cold and wet and the mojo has gone missing !!
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