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  1. I'll attend in a green Saab 900 convertible. I'm supposed to be "up North", but I didn't make it yet, so I'll come to the meet.
  2. Bombing along a desolate M25 at midnight last night and suddenly there's 20 MPH limits everywhere. What the hell? Why do we have to do only 20 MPH?.....Oh, ok. Fair enough...
  3. I have an Astra auto listed in the for sale thread.
  4. Grew up thinking Sid James was the definitive cockney sparrow. Recently discovered he was a South African, real name Solomon Joel Cohen and was a hairdresser in Kroonstad (middle of nowhere) until he moved to the UK in his mid 30's.
  5. Watching the 1980 film Airplane! for the thousandth time, just realised it's Otto for Autopilot.
  6. See also "Phantom of Heilbronn". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_of_Heilbronn
  7. Facebook. In my town. £1,395.
  8. Why is the screenwash in the engine bay in the first place? Why can't it be a flap outside, like a petrol cap? I always get dirty and break a nail.
  9. 16v Auto. Nearly 1 yrs MOT. £1,250. Brighton. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/145489335654
  10. Earlier on I rolled past this little fella sitting at an odd angle with hazards on. Obviously just had a little clump.
  11. It's a cliche I know, but like most people on here I like to Streetview the suburbs of Montevideo for the chod from time to time. There's something cool on every street.
  12. £1,600 provisional. The back wheel arch is bashed and rusty. Last MOT was 3 years ago. And how do they ventilate that hall? The bidders will all be dead by the end of the day with all those old Jags etc idling.
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