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  1. 2.5 V6 GT. £1,500. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224488200407?hash=item34448a18d7:g:k6kAAOSw5FdgvPxt
  2. Estafette Camper. £7,000.
  3. Datsun Stanza. £1,750.
  4. Pair of rust free MK1 Capris. £17,500 for both. Facebook South Africa. Seller also selling MK1 Cortina. But the P100 looks best of all.
  5. OK, so all good useful info. I've sent him a link so he can read it (as it's on the forum's public side). We'll see what happens. Bots launched the current number plate system in 1995. The plates look exactly like UK plates from 1995. I once had P646PYG made up in Bots and put it on my UK Previa. Simultaneously I had a big Rover 75 rear plate made up in the UK and put in on my Rover 75 in Bots. There's no location info on the plates anymore. The first plate series issued was B100AAA to B999AAA. Next series B100AAB to B999AAB...then AAC...AAD...and so on. It's a small country t
  6. Pal of mine wants to sell his Landy. It may or may not be a collectors item. We don't know. It's a rarity because it was built in South Africa during the height of sanctions and Leyland ZA struggled to import parts to produce any at all during that period. But does that mean it's mega-valuable or will no one care? The spec is above and it's in good running condition. He's owned it for 28 years. What do the collective think? The car is in Botswana.
  7. I hereby nominate this as post of the year. So glad I clicked on that link. Fantastic. Thank you. The rest of you should try it.
  8. Call me Mr Nice Guy. Yep, I'm the one who hoovered this little beauty up. In an almost too-good-to-be-true transaction Mr. Three Speed delivered a mechanically flawless but dented Saab 900 Auto to my door and then made his own way home! Now for a bit of Summer fun. First stop was to pick up some South African friends who've just moved over here on work permits and who were released from quarantine on Saturday. Bought some fancy Costa Coffees, dropped the top, stuck the heater on full blast and took them on a 10pm - 1am night drive around the sights of central London (Regent Street, Buck P
  9. My missus has a 2016 C'eed 1.4 Petrol SR7. Had it since one year old. Bit embarrassed to say it's only on 20K now, so I'm not exactly getting the most out of the 7r/100K warranty. Yeah, it's cool. Everything works. Both daytime running lights started flickering but the dealer replaced the circuit boards on those no probs. Common problem apparently. The Kia Venga she had before it for 6 years was just as good. Big Kia fan boy here.
  10. But who would care at that price point?
  11. My grump is I can't find anyone to do a welfare visit to my mother in Glasgow. I'd go myself but I'm down here in Hampshire and look after my elderly father round the clock. Wish I could find someone.
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