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  1. Man, I'd be using the starting handle every time. That'd confuse the kids at McDonalds. And more of an attention getter than a lambo.
  2. Yes sir. (But probably too late.)
  3. The exact same thing happened to me once in that Ikea. I'm sure of it.
  4. So many questions. What's an MS sufferer doing with an MX5? Why's he telling everyone about his mental health issues? Why's he sharing his counsellor's opinion? What kind of threats did he make on the answerphone? Have you kept the recording? What happened between office hours and 1am that made him cancel booking 2? This is better than Columbo. You could invite him back then fail the living shit out of his MX5. Or how about replying something like this: "This reviewer was never a customer of ABC Ltd. He twice cancelled on us at the last minute then threatened a negative review when we declined to make a 3rd booking. ABC Ltd does not respond to threats. We do, however, welcome reviews from actual customers."
  5. Spooky. I drafted this reply but didn't bother posting because I couldn't attach an image. Anyway mine was a black 1975 BMW 1602 bought from my mother's pal for £390. Then I found out I was too young to insure such a high group car so we undid the deal and she sold it elsewhere. (Insert in your imagination here a pic of black 1602 in an auction catalogue with a sold for £24K caption). Oh well, there's always opportunities. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1975-bmw-1602-lux
  6. Immaculate Chevy Minecraft Nomad. £5k. Facebook South Africa.
  7. I blame the grandparents.
  8. 53K, MOT'd. Slough. One owner. £1K. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255361810245?hash=item3b74bfff45:g:xSUAAOSwjrlh95l4
  9. A bloke I used to know told me his phone number when he was a boy was "Saint Helena 8".
  10. I followed that link. www.wartburgkulture.de They do a nice calendar and the site has lots of cool pics of Wartburgs and pretty dames, like this one. It's a pic of a girl standing by her Wartburg wearing a bag onto which is printed a pic of the same girl standing by her Wartburg. Gonna copy that idea somehow.
  11. Saw a bright red Skoda Rapide today while out and about. Looked like this one. Looked good enough to turn my head. Is that engine OK? 1.0 TSi petrol.
  12. Not only was my first car a Renault 5, but it was USB361T! Same series as Di's R5. Argyll registrations. Made it to London somehow.
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