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  1. OK, what do we think about this then? BMW i3 being recovered after hitting a deer. BMW driver not allowed in the recovery truck cab (due to C19) so has to sit in the crashed car while it's strapped to the truck's load deck and they happily zip along the motorway like that. https://www.facebook.com/StevenDundee/videos/10158063683810751/
  2. Quick meeting with a chum at Lenin Court (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bevin_Court), Finsbury and I seem to be the new owner of a yellow Kangoo, erm, convertible.
  3. Right. Finchley achieved. Saab handed over to new custodian. Now waiting for Uber driver Shafiq to turn up and take me to WC1X. Still not entirely sure if I'm on a collection or not.
  4. Think I might be on a collection mission. We'll see. Stage 1 - setting off in this, but I don't plan on coming home in it. Finchley here I come.
  5. Be like me (yet again): https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/mazda-626-2000-(cb2ms)-coupe-1106901124/?fbclid=IwAR25dicTF7s91ZJTRmqBLbUyLUVzUr5PM_vblpQCTK2_OH-fdPMir-4srwc
  6. I've already got one. Anyway that red Saab 900 above with the long MOT an' that. He sold for £596!
  7. Only 2 hours to go. Still £500. Still badly listed. Still Oldham. Still 10 months MOT. Still would.
  8. From my cars for sale in Gaborone Facebook page:
  9. MOT pass today for this roffle win Saab 900i Auto. I've spent a pretty penny on this lucky machine recently and it's pretty much spot on now, but I'm too busy and too short of space to enjoy it at the moment so I'm giving it to a pal up Finchley way to look after and maybe keep. Give it a wave if you see it cruising North London.
  10. Badly listed. 10 months MOT. £500. No bids yet. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/classic-cars-restoration-project/184176290358?hash=item2ae1c32a36:g:VMwAAOSwooFeTCvX
  11. Those green "40s" on the back wall mean 40 years since Gaddafi came to power. There were 8 foot high numbers on walls all over Tripoli. Thousands of them. And they were updated each year. ...35...36...37...38...39...40...you get the idea.
  12. In the 1980's I'd walk past and admire a jet black '76 VW Beetle 1303s with silver wheels. It was there in the exact same spot every day, year after year. Might just Streetview that location to see what's there now, 30 to 40 years later:
  13. Collision 1 is her fault, but he's totally exaggerated the whole thing to make for a better video. If he'd only have lightly tapped the i3 brakes at 20 mph he'd have never ploughed in to the white car (collision 2).
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