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  1. https://www.lloydsauctions.com.au/madmax/
  2. Request. Anyone heading South on the M1? 2 x car wings from S36 (north of Sheffield) to anywhere further South. I'm by Fleet Services, (GU51) but drive all over London and much of the south. Petrol money will be paid.
  3. Wonder if I know that Beetle. A Belfast lad on my course in the late 80's had a baby blue Beetle with tombstone lights. Reg number was UIB1605 or AIO1605. Something like that. Edit - Holy shit! It's the same one! Just looked at your profile pic. AIB1605. His name was Tim and he was a student in Dundee. He dropped out and went to live in Edinburgh and sold the car around then (1989). The car looks better now than then.
  4. "Joe" on the driver side sun strip and "vacant" above the passenger side.
  5. I want a "sorry, not for sale" sticker to display ironically on my chod.
  6. "Jock Stene" is a troll. Jock Stein was a Scotland and Celtic manager. Lisbon Lions and all that.
  7. I recall a 1970's staff canteen conversation where young Charlie announced "I'm gonna respray my Capri black". Upon hearing this the other forklift drivers gasped, dropped their shortbread, and begged him not to. "Whoa Charlie. Don't do it. Black will show up every scratch and dent". So maybe in the 70's there was a perception black brought out imperfections .
  8. £6,350 ono. V8. Facebook South Africa:
  9. That's a quite perceptive comment. The LV insurance ads were filmed in South Africa using non-UK South African cars bearing UK registration numbers. So the ads had a parallel-universy feel. That Mazda Etude was common in South Africa and appeared in one of the ads. Here's the one I owned back in the day. Followed by a LV South Africa ad featuring an Austin Apache.
  10. The whispering tunnel. Stand with your back against one archway wall and project your voice at the other arch for a weird sound effect. #Dennistoun-nostalgia.
  11. Spooky. That boy was me! (Well, not quite but nearly). My uncle Bobby would give me lifts in his Invacar in the eighties. Not Paisley but Toryglen, Glasgow. He still had it well into the late 1980's because he learned from his mates down the bowling club that if he took it to the depot in Shettleston (?) for repair they'd never give it back again. So he refused to take it there. At least that's what he said.
  12. What does this mean then? Seen in Loughton, Essex.
  13. Except how would the disabled guy climb up the steep bank to take the photo, what with his gammy leg full of WW2 shrapnel?
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