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  1. The foam might be more to stop it rattling than to form a meaningful seal. Any water that gets in past that rubber round the glass 'should' run into the tray and drain faster than it accumulates. Can you not make one decent cassette out of the two? The tray in the car looks in much better nick. I took one very similar out of a Rover 200 many years back and successfully bodged it with P40 and hammerite. Looking forward to seeing this done. From the pics I'd say grumpy Kev did a decent job for the money.
  2. No XG30 for me. I got all that out of my system some years back in Seoul when I blew my expenses on an airport transfer in a Ssangyong Chairman 😁
  3. Back in 1998 I knew someone who's first car was one of these. Must have been a proper UK car because it was right hand drive. I honestly can't remember seeing one since.
  4. From the low cost big liability thread yesterday, how has it taken me over 20 years to spot that these have mk3 fiesta rear lights???
  5. That's a Bond - never actually seen one apart from in my 'crap cars' book. Think they are 1 wheel drive via a motorcycle engine at the front
  6. Watched 'the gold' last night. First episode, so supposed to be late 1983. They've got the main detective driving round in a mk3 Granada! I mean, I'm prepared to accept inappropriately placed stuff - like the flying squad with an Audi 80, and overlook the fact that EVERY police car was an SD1 (probably the same two) but putting one of your major characters in a car that wasn't available until 1985 is just poor. They probably think people don't notice but it kind of spoils it for me. Rant over 😀
  7. Only selling 'cos my wife doesn't like/can't drive it. (I've had it for 5minutes, realised it's fucked and can't think of a better excuse)
  8. This is local to me, an imaginative solution to a Range Rover with a rusty body and an Rx8 with a fucked engine. Sometimes see it on the way to school with my son - he loves it. Think it's a diesel though and not a v8 unfortunately.
  9. Let's not forget that some of these new fangled motors were only just catching up with the Maxi technologically by the mid 70s. A big car with hatchback, transverse fwd layout, 5 speed gearbox and all independent suspension really was forward thinking in 1969. Totally agree they scored a massive own goal with the styling though.
  10. 'One man' brake bleed gizmos. Must have about 3 of these, none worked for more than 5 minutes and all made a mess. Redundant now as I have a 9 year old who can just about follow instructions. Gasless MIG. Bought from machine mart for the princely sum of £90 20+ years ago so my dad could weld up a mini I had at the time. No other car I've had since needed more than a tickle so it was too much agg. I think it has moved house more times than it's been powered up and is probably rusted solid.
  11. Back in 2004, I just missed out on one of these - a Zxi with the 2.0v6 in this colour. It was a rare thing even then. I got impatient trying to find another and bought a Civic Vtec instead 🙄
  12. Nice project mate, look forward to following your progress. Could there be a more appropriate MG than a car that is basically octagonal? I know it's not a turbo, but they always remind me of that famous ad. As a kid I just could not compute a Maestro with a sub 7 sec 0-60...
  13. I suppose you're right there. At least the values are pretty solid and you could in theory buy all the parts to make a new one. I'm just tainted by rose tinted memories of buying MOT'd runners for £500 out of the Hampshire Freeadds. My last bit of welding was a mini - supposed to be a couple of patches, but ended with fabricating a whole inner sill and half the floor before I'd found anything clean enough to weld to.
  14. I'm a mini fan, and I'd love another - but that looks like a world of pain. It will be a hot mess of epic rot and bodged repairs. How good is your welding?
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