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  1. Sadly chaps I'm now out of this. I feel a bit of a twunt. I have offered to send Alan some pennies via PayPal to pay for some Beers as an apology as I do feel rather bad!
  2. So who wants a go in this then? It needs to get from it's current home to Lincoln....
  3. That makes only 3 tickets left now by my reckoning?
  4. I assume despite talk of clutch clips etc this old girl would still be a drive away job? If so...14 please!
  5. Collected, on its way to a new home within 24 hours and painless transaction. This place is what is was etc....
  6. Hopefully now going to a new home. Thank you for all interest. Joystick models were the early D & E reg. They also had colour coded dashboards!
  7. Thank you for the interest ladies and gent's, let's see if we can get this old girl rehomed... We'll spotted on the MXV2'S. We were quite anal with it. (Genuine ford oil filters etc)
  8. Sadly the time has come to reduce the fleet and admit that I just don't have the time anymore.This was purchased from the original owner around 10 years ago and has been in the possession of myself and my father since(3 owners on the Logbook)It has been off the road for around 3 years now while life has taken over(house/children, other cars..) and it's time for someone else to carry out the little work it requires to make it it's absolute best.3 owners Dealer plates and tax disc holder top spec of the time so sunroof, electric mirrors, electric front windows etc "loved" condition. Interior is in great condition with little wear to steering wheel etc under bonnet is very tidy and wouldn't look out of place at shows with the bonnet up Original keys including torch key Very tidy Pepperpot optional Alloys Full set of genuine Ford mudflaps(in boot) Very tight mechanically-the best MK4 Escort gear linkage I've ever driven! Toad Ai606 Alarm Genuine Ford Rubber matsJust before the car was laid up it received..New discs and pads new rear drums and shoes new alternator new carb Full service Full exhaust(correct estate item)The car now requires recommissioning and some slight tidying.Repairs to front wing lower arch lips where front mudflaps had been small repair to drivers rear arch rear of battery tray area PDR on a few parking dents Radiator Perished tyresThe cars starts and moves but will need to be trailed due to the tyres and radiator.We could advertise this for silly Ford tax money but we simply want it to go to a loving home and gain some garage space back.Mileage is in the 70k's and I'm sure we have all the original books etc which I'll route out.£650Car is Located in Lincoln, Lincs20180807_194001 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_194006 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_194010 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_200204 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195332 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_200248 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195332 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_200248 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195309 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195320 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195259 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195230 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195224 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195218 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195123 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195114 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195057 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr20180807_195110 by Daniel Whitworth, on Flickr
  9. Best get some ordered then hadn't I Many thanks for taking the time to respond Rich.
  10. Rich, Alot of my resto project is DA'd good metal. I'm worried it'll all just peel off?
  11. Triple rich, I see this POR 15 mentioned quite a bit but there seems to be more than one POR15 is this right? If you may help out with some Intel it would be greatly appreciated. I normally etch, then seam sealer then stonechip,then top coat. It seems POR15 takes the place of etch?
  12. I can't un-see what I've just seen above. Jeez!
  13. This thread makes me happy. 1)Good work going on 2) cars kept minty over winter 3)retro 1990's hot hatches 4)more than one owned 5)it reminds me of Errr me (I own 3 early mk1 Saxo VTS') Keep up the good efforts
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