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  1. Does one little bottle do a whole car or is this more of a sample size?
  2. I have been hoping for a RADwood event in the UK for a while after watching and reading about their events in the US. After emailing the organisers to express an interest in such an event a little while ago they confirmed to me before officially announcing it that a UK event was in the works! For those that haven't heard of RADWood yet Mercedes Market article "RADWood and Why It Matters" explains it well, here's a truncated overview: The cars at the US events have ranged from anything from and between Ferrari's, period modified Mercedes, Volvos, weird Japanese imports to mint condition examples of yesteryears mundane cars. Period clothing and celebrations of pop culture aside these events look like they would be right up Autoshite's alley. I haven't been to the Festival of The Unexceptional but I expect that it will be similar but with a wider range of cars on display. I strongly suggest you have a look at photos and videos of previous US events to get an idea of what it's about. It will be held at Goodwood House on August 11th. Have you heard of the US events? Would you like to go to the UK event?
  3. Granpas Escort Diesel. Must have been one the first diesel car in the family. My Grandfathers Escort by Matt S, on Flickr Here is it again with a company Vauxhall that my Gran hated Ford Escort & 1985/6 Vauxhall Cavalier - C.1986 by Matt S, on Flickr Sadly the only photo I have of my Grans Alfasud is this. She didn't care about cars at all, but she always spoke highly of this one. I suppose that's how it goes with Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo Alfasud - C.1986 by Matt S, on Flickr Latterly she had a Megane RN. I haven't seen one of these things in donky's. P68 JSM. [/url My Grandmothers 1996 Renault Megane RN... by Matt S, on Flickr My Mums first car was this '79 Viva. Outside her old pet shop in Glasgow 1979 Vauxhall Viva (1/2) by Matt S, on Flickr Later her and my dad saved up and bought this Allegro which went swimmingly. My Mothers 1980 Austin Allegro - September 1989 by Matt S, on Flickr On my Dads side, this is the only old photo I've got. Post trip into a field 1997 Ford Escort Encore TD by Matt S, on Flickr As a bonus I'll chuck in this photo of my Grandpa next to what we think was a friends 1955 Vauxhall Wyvern in about 1958. He wasn't a tall man clearly. My Grandfather & a 1955 Vauxhall Wyvern - C. 1958 by Matt S, on Flickr
  4. A few more of interest form Michael Douglas Auto Salvage in Carlisle 1968 Daimler V8 250 & 1965 Daimler by Matt S, on Flickr FSO Polonez Atu... FSO Polonez Atu by Matt S, on Flickr A... Golliwog? Golliwog? by Matt S, on Flickr 9000 Turbo 1986 Saab 9000 Turbo 16 5D M by Matt S, on Flickr
  5. 320 mile round trip to look at a MK2F Polo Genesis Coupe. Bought one exactly the same in better condition in a round trip half the distance of the first...
  6. Just got off the phone with Mike who owns the yard and he says it'll likely end up in a museum. They got it from an engineering firm not far away from their yard. It seems they've had it for many years and may have been the same company that built it back in the day. I've got a number and contact name for them and they'll be able to tell me more. He's planning on contacting the likes of the British Motor Museum, Beaulieu and possibly the Lakeland Motor Museum to see if any of them would like to take it on.
  7. It's way louder without carpets and underlay right?
  8. Good point, taken the link out.
  9. This thing from the other thread! Harrison Mawsdley Fox Resort Sport ECV "Silver Fox" by Matt S, on Flickr
  10. The link LS posted on page 1 is literally the only thing I've seen about it and contains the only photo I've seen other than my own from today so I think it's very likely that this is the only one.
  11. I've dropped the yard another email asking where they found it, what the plan is, given them some information from the article Lord Sterling found and said that I would really like to see it preserved. I'm going to wait and see what they say. Sounds like there is some community interest so perhaps it could be partly commissioned via crowd funding a-la Dollywooblers 2CV year before last? Who knows, Nissan UK may even sponsor it considering their generous involvement when it was built. The batteries are probably old tat anyway and more efficient ones could be sourced. I can't imagine they are anything custom in any case. Probably couldn't be road registered as it's a custom frame. The guy I bought my Robin from has a van, trailer, space and reguiled me with tails about fixing a Reliant that he rolled (he was also a Reliant dealer) so I'm guessing he has fiberglassing skills. I also live by the coast so I'm sure some boat builder / repairer could be brought on board to patch the bodywork up.
  12. Fox Composites Limited High Grains Bewcastle Carlisle Cumbria CA6 6PT Incorporated: 21/03/2000 Dissolved: 16/03/2004 (voluntary strike-off) Last accounts made up to: 31/03/2002 Nature of business: Hairdressing & other beauty treatment (?) People: Allison Jane Roberts - Secretary (17.11.2001 to 16.03.2004) & Director (17.11.2001 to 16.03.2004) Jeffery Frank Harrison - Director (17.11.2001 to 16.03.2004) Richard Owen Roberts - Director (17.11.2001 to 16.03.2004) Susan Quincy Roberts - Secretary (21.03.2000 to 10.12.2001) Peter Armstrong Mawdsley - Director (21.03.2000 to 10.12.2001) https://www.companieslist.co.uk/03952615-fox-composites-limited
  13. You flippin legend but more questions. Did they build any others? Did it make it to Knockhill on March 17th 2000?
  14. Very similar but not the same. Edit: These are from a H-reg K10.
  15. Anyone? Found outside a scrappy, clearly electric powered and I'm guessing the stalks & gauges are from someones parts bin. Says Resort Sport on the back. Google isn't helping. Yes I've asked if they will sell it. Fox Resort Sport EV 1 by Matt S, on Flickr Fox Resort Sport EV 2 by Matt S, on Flickr Fox Resort Sport EV 3 by Matt S, on Flickr Fox Resort Sport EV 4 by Matt S, on Flickr Fox Resort Sport EV 5 by Matt S, on Flickr
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