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  1. Those are lovely, I would have either of those, sadly looks like the saloon has departed but that station wagon is well maintained if the MOT history is anything to go by.
  2. I've seen a few 52 plates all in white. Think it's mentioned on here somewhere that it's to do with police force? Managed to find another one with a random look on Facebook Marketplace, certainly taken a year to find one after pretty regular searches for old Peugeot tat... I be interested to know what the story behind the police having these is, they aren't even the more spritely 2.0 HDI
  3. And second up on the French late plates, considering the phase 2 106 was introduced on an N plate, this little series one was apparently sat around until Jan 1998!
  4. This has cropped up a couple of times on eBay, I'm sure mainstream CJ 205's were phased out around K plate with the occasional L reg, this one on the other hand....
  5. MOT history backs your statement up
  6. I was sure S reg was the last of these with the compact and cabby version carrying on slightly after but alas, on Facebook Marketplace is this late chappy.
  7. Trying to work out what seats are in that... They look like the GTI bucket style ones, but blue like the late cars
  8. Another 207 outstaying it’s welcome....
  9. Someone wants the doors off it, I'm reluctant to break it up but may be the way in the end. Anyone with 200 quid want to take it?
  10. I think that's probably because it's in my car now ha! Have you got the central locking and Electric window wiring from the doors for a 205?
  11. Peugeot 205 in Cherry Red, this is a 1995 model on an N plate, I saved this car from being scrapped after having what looked like the worst rear axle I've ever seen, I replaced this along with the rear brake cylinders. It had been sat since 2015/16 and as such has been widely neglected, I've found from looking around the car that the wipers will need freeing up as they won't activate from the stalk (they try at least) The gearbox is fine in 1st, 3rd, 5th and reverse, 2nd and 4th gear bounce out though - unsure on this one, if you've got a gearbox laying about, I'd recommend either fitting that or tinkering with the selector and linkages perhaps, ideally wants the balljoints and/or track rod ends renewing too as it shudders through the steering (I'm sure there was advisories about this last time it was MOT'd) , a shame since the engine runs nicely with only 46,000 odd miles on the clock, of course would need a bloody good service before going back on the road, cobwebs and all. The bodyshell is really tidy - under the back seats and bootfloor are fantastic, one of the best I've seen, the front inner wings have a little surface rust as most 205's do now, above the windscreen is great too. The car has central locking and electric front windows and the paint isn't that bad really, . It'll tidy up into a nice runabout for someone, I'd get a load more for it by breaking the thing up, but I can't really face it since it is that clean.
  12. I think I beat you a few pages back, I found a 14 plate 207 CC lurking around my area, to put into perspective, my 208 is a year older than it haha!
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