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  1. Seems quite late for such a boxy van...
  2. Pinched from FB, I don't think I have ever seen an MG one past H plate before...
  3. That one is apparently a 2001 , perhaps came over from the Channel Islands
  4. Pushing my luck with this submission somewhat .....
  5. Fairly sure there's a couple of 59 platers, never seen a 10 plate so I assume dealers still had them sat about.
  6. I'm in Plymouth, if it was the K reg ZX, it looked like it was an absolute bargain...
  7. Facebook comes up with another Irish oddity, left the factory in 2002, didn't get registered until 2006 apparently...
  8. Found this one when on my daily hour exercise, were these really made this late?!
  9. Those are lovely, I would have either of those, sadly looks like the saloon has departed but that station wagon is well maintained if the MOT history is anything to go by.
  10. I've seen a few 52 plates all in white. Think it's mentioned on here somewhere that it's to do with police force? Managed to find another one with a random look on Facebook Marketplace, certainly taken a year to find one after pretty regular searches for old Peugeot tat... I be interested to know what the story behind the police having these is, they aren't even the more spritely 2.0 HDI
  11. And second up on the French late plates, considering the phase 2 106 was introduced on an N plate, this little series one was apparently sat around until Jan 1998!
  12. This has cropped up a couple of times on eBay, I'm sure mainstream CJ 205's were phased out around K plate with the occasional L reg, this one on the other hand....
  13. MOT history backs your statement up
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