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  1. Apparently Vauxhall still honour a recall on the early Merivas due to a fault with the electric power steering.
  2. Ex's playing mind games. Fed up of it. Thread in open forum if anyone wants to know details
  3. What Billy said. Same as the Wagon R, but a bit more refined, which doesn't say much. Think K11 Micra with more potential rust issues.
  4. Sacrilege! Costa > Starbucks anyday.
  5. Yeah, I just took a photo of a Toyota Starlet door to go in my thread about my Toyota Corolla... As for your sister... What she gets up to in her car is none of our business...
  6. Less than 3 months after selling my Mazda 929, I heard it had been scrapped. That was heartbreaking.
  7. Only just noticed this bodge. Classy. Cable tie repairs are KOOL JDM M8 aren't they?
  8. Seems my point has already been covered in depth, so I'll just sum it up like this. 'FUCKING LONDON!'
  9. Love it. Does fuel economy outweigh the higher cost of diesel on these? Not that I'd consider another car so soon after purchasing one, that's not the way to do things on here is it?
  10. Checked the oil for the first time yesterday, and was pleased with what I found...
  11. I would definitely have one. I'm a fan of Ladas, early Hyundais, Daewoos... See a pattern? So definitely on my radar
  12. Dammit, been looking for something like that, cheap.
  13. I'm not sure how long this car will hang around, it's already annoying me. I'm not a fan of automatics at the best of times, and this has something that bothers me. Not a misfire as such, more of a murmur. Like a faint pulse when accelerating or decelerating gently. I'm very oversensitive with cars, so it's probably just me not being used to a carburettored engine, I've been spoiled for a few years. I think if it was a manual, I'd persevere and do all the service items and maybe even replace the carb for peace of mind. But the fact it is an auto is a minus point for me. Am I weird? Probably. Whatever the case, expect this up for sale/ Swap etc by the new year. Mind you, I've done nearly 650 miles in just over a week and it's been comfy and lovely to bomb around in.
  14. Stuff that, not going into London if I don't have to.
  15. I do know that. Only found it this morning. Just need to figure out where to hand it in.
  16. Found this down the back of the glove box
  17. Could do with these for the Corolla but fear the distance to travel would make them an uneconomical prospect, unless they were 40 quid.
  18. Maybe. Although the 850cc Daihatsu lump can be a bit weak if not serviced regularly.
  19. Aha, I can give you the lowdown on these. Gearboxes are wobbly and loose, but shouldn't be noisy. £600 should get you a near perfect one, mine cost less than half that and only needed a couple of bits done. Dealers tend to think they are worth loads as they are a mini MPV, but in reality they are clunky and agricultural, and not very economical. And boy are they scary in a cross wind?! Still, relatively simple machines with little to go wrong, and very practical, like a small van. Verdict : Great for round town, no good for lots of motorway driving.
  20. Bought a Vauxhall Nova in 2006 from the local paper - the Echo. It was a good little car. However the best car I found in the paper was the Mazda 929 estate I owned.
  21. I spent my money on the Corolla
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