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  1. Its not just bikers, it seems to be everybody on the roads! I'm sick and tired of the people who feel that because (in their opinion) they have a better, faster or newer vehicle, they have right of way over all others. I am by no means a slow driver, but as people waiting at a junction see a Lada approaching, they assume it'll be going too slow to hit them! I cannot count the amount of times, in various shite cars, I have ended up sliding towards the side of a newish BMW or SAAB with my horn blaring because they thought they could make it!!!!!!!!Ok rant over for now.
  2. No, didnt hear, i'd have had it if i had any money left!
  3. Not yet no, 80 was once! I rarely exceed 55mph. I'm having to change a leaking fuel hose today.
  4. Me too, it wasn't looking good. Glad you rescued it.I hope the spots on your drive are from your previous daily... the Lada looks mint, btw. Loving Project Pandamonium - superb concept and only 23 notes so far!R U '02Gimp or Bladerunner?Anyway, welcome - this forum is a warm refuge from snobs, chavs etc, and I like to think it's populated by the most open-minded breed of petrolheads.Firstly, the spots of oil are from a Fiat Tipo I owned ( true autoshite) with 235,000 miles on the clock.Second I don't know of project pandamonium, must be someone else. Have I stolen a name????? lol.
  5. This would be my recomendation....http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1987-Peugeot-309- ... dZViewItem
  6. Or a Microwave as seen in the Rustlers ads???? O- tasty in ... WHATTHEF***
  7. I loved the Mazda 323 fastback produced from 89, I've owned two!
  8. Not as bad as you'd expect. 80mph is ok, if a little noisy ( turn up the radio) It appears to have been pampered its whole life, not a spot of rust -- and I'm being serious. 20,000 miles, full service history etc etc.
  9. As the proud new owner of this magnificent automobile, I'd have killed somebody if a B*nger racer had gotten his greasy mitts on it!!!!!
  10. Hehe I believe I may know Torsten. Thats who I bought it from!!!!!!
  11. I recently sold an Austin Maestro on ebay. It had 8 mths MOT and some tax. The winning bid was 245 quid. I received a message from the guy saying he had been to see the car and ' it had more rust than you ad seemed to suggest' . I had advertised it as ' very little rust for an 18 yr old car.' and i reckon surface rust only on the rear arches ----- On a Maestro ffs is amazin. and 245 quid for a car with MOT is good nowadays.
  12. Hi everyone, I've been pushed toward this site by snotty 'classic' car owners. Does my car qualify for the forum???? Its a 1990 Lada Riva 1300 Estate. I use it daily but it is in suprisingly good nick.
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