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  1. Like buses etc. I'm not in Facebook, how much does he want? Not £1500 like the rotten one I'll bet.
  2. That's weird because it looks like someone's driveway, not a car lot. Can I see your VAT returns please?
  3. I'd be quite happy just sitting it it making 'brm brm' noises.
  4. @Schaefft that has to be worth £2800 doesn't it? Good spec and some things actually work.
  5. Would you mind sharing his number with me please and maybe screen shots of the pics - I'm not on Faceplace It's possibly my dream spec 305. Edit: Can you still get bits for them?
  6. grogee


    Forget I asked. As you were.
  7. @trigger I can see the effort you've put into this thread, it's really great to read and you've obviously got some top notch shite repair and resto skills in your noggin. I think it helps that you have a shite-curious wife who is happy to drive the rammel you pass in her direction. It's a great historical record of a heroic shiter, those BL cars look absolutely lovely after your efforts and I bet they're all still working so well done. Keep up the good work!
  8. grogee


    This ticks a lot of AS boxes, well bought. What's, erm, it for?
  9. Puma went this morning. Had one last wistful look at it and sent the guy on his way. I don't get too emotional about cars really. I'd be pissed off if I pranged one that I'd spent ages fixing. But I'm fine about selling it for the right price. That's one more parking space and one less tax and insurance payment. Money in the bank and more time on the 'Stro. Took the old girl for a whirl to Coventry for a kid's birthday party. Gave some 10 year olds a ride home in it, they thought it was cool especially as it's so noisy. And isn't that what life is all about? Receiving the seal of approval from four pre-pubescent boys.
  10. TADTS Mine did two or three, it's a horrible feeling driving 300 miles to start work in your new job only to have the gasket pop. I trundled up the hill to my uncle's house in a cloud of coolant steam and fixed it on his drive, Uncle Ced ran around borrowing torque wrenches and buying gaskets for me. When I came to fire it up, I heard a 'glug glug glug' sound and wondered why the oil pressure light wouldn't go out. Turns out the old oil filter rubber seal hadn't come away with the filter, so there were two seals bumping into each other and a massive oil slick over my Uncle's pristine driveway... It was the first of many oil spills actually.
  11. PHWOAR Does the AC work? (I don't know why this is important to me)
  12. Two of the three people who came to view the Puma have broken BMWs. Chap #1: (who is buying it this morning): 320si, spent thousands, now won't start, no fault codes Chap #2: 2010 M5 Touring, shat its SMG box, replacement pump £7,000 There is something to be said for ignoring the 'new car Autocar review hype' and basing your decision on reliability/running costs/trade knowledge.
  13. Meyle to the rescue! I've used lots of their stuff, haven't had a problem yet. Well done getting it mobile again!
  14. A thousand shite points to YOU, @artdjones. Just as I was contemplating a holiday in Lisbon (I've been before, it's ace) along you come with the bargain of the century. Outstanding work. Obviously I've already bought it.
  15. They do seem a bit unloved. Here is a £5,495 dealer 'let's have a go, summer is coming' which has the better* 3.2 V6. As I see it they are from the 'rust proofing is too expensive, and hey check out this water based paint' era of Mercedes. And for some reason an E-class convertible is much more desirable, but in shape and space I bet there's next to no difference. I would go into this eyes open and expect £1000 to go on tyres, brakes and fluids before anything else has happened. But, with luck and some spit and sawdust it could be a great cruiser. I think pre-2005 is not £bend over tax, yes? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/276048811170
  16. I don't know enough about the epas but I'd think it's basically relay feed from ignition on, big fat power wires and a couple of signal/control wires. Presumably a module of some sort reading speed and stuff. I guess some of your wiring is already 'custom' to accommodate the non standard motor?
  17. I think only bASe/City (and maybe L?) got metal bumpers (but also the later Ledbury/Apple/Bulgarian ones). I used to think only MG/VP got them but someone on here schooled me.
  18. According to Parkers the only option on Final Edition was air conditioning (bleddy tight bastards). Unfortunately I was too busy trying to get the damn thing to run to notice if it had A/C. And I also didn't check front wings for crustiness. It's pretty grubby though so hard to say how well it'll scrub up. Any tips for getting the green stuff off the roof? To clarify - this isn't definitely for sale. The scrap man offered her £250 as a 'try on' and that may well have been when metal prices were low. I think this car has more value to them but without an MoT it's a spares/repairs so who knows? I think the next problem will be that the parking brake is stuck on. I am hoping the lady just stuck it in Park without applying the parking brake but I don't know for certain. Chances of the parking brake releasing after having sat for four years are pretty slim, I'd say.
  19. Yep that's whack. Those springs look completely wrong to me, perhaps off a cooking 9-3 but nowhere near right for the nose-heavy 9-5. I feel your pain after having fitted them, the Neo Brothers can get to fuck.
  20. https://autoshite.com/topic/58554-charidee-car-rally-aslackby-lincs-sun-16th-june/#comment-3006400
  21. I'm a fan of PAS and with your wider wheels I would think it would make manouvering easier. How much of a PITA is it to fit? Presumably a bit easier with the interior removed?
  22. 'Some trim and a few other parts are missing' You don't say.
  23. (Yeah, I know, 16th June is Fatha's dee, but surely that's a pass-out to drive shite around?) This is in aid of my step mum's charity, Dementia Support South Lincs. So what is it? It's a car rally (NOT competitive!!!) based around the pretty lanes of South Lincs. Kicks off about 2pm, drive is about 2 hours then reconvene on the lawn of the manor house (owner has a nice selection of old motors too). The village elders hand out tea and cakes, and there are lots of garden chairs to facilitate chatting and cake scoffing. All in all very laid back, attracts some interesting old rammel (and not too many of the 2023 BMW 418i MSport brigade). Quelle Damage? £30 entry fee plus £7.50 per additional passenger in your car. All monies go to Dementia Support South Lincs. Absolutely no noses turned up at your choice of motor, come along in anything. You'll see the Maestro and the pretty village of Aslackby. And you'll be doing your bit for charidee. Please PM me for an entry form and I'll send you one. Pics from the last one in 2022...
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