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  1. Ooof ,I'll keep an eye out for you. Should be able to see that from my home in southern Normandy 😊 I'll second La Vie en auto. It's online too, www.lva-auto.fr
  2. In other news my new French plates arrived. So off with the wanky fake yank plates and on with the new
  3. This was going in a skip this morning. My clients were more than happy to load in my van. It's now in my workshop 70's tastic
  4. Yes it does. A bit of jiggling to clear some wires but dead easy, I was about to remove the rear panel .... Thanks again for the tip New plates haven't arrived yet...
  5. Long story short... I've offered to go halves on the rego cost into present owners* name. Paper work could be sorted soon In other news I've got some reading to do. I'm still waiting on the DS buyers guide. No doubt when it arrives it tell me not to buy it.
  6. Orange was for departmental (regional council) cars and vans. What was orange is now white with TIEM branding. EDF, GDF, telecom etc have all gone the same way. Presumably because they're all leased now. La Poste continues with traditional yellow
  7. There was an auction at this event, the results have just been published. There was a nice xm that cought my eye, estimate was 4 to 7 grand. It went for over 13K 😲 I can post up the other results if anyone's interested..
  8. Plate pics will happen. I've had to order them as they're a daft size. There'll be a post in the grump thread when it comes to fitting the rear plate. Looks like the rear light panel has to come off.....
  9. It's not viable to physically move it to the UK. It'll be cheaper to pay the rego tax twice. Sellers (French ) wife is on the case. It'll be slow for updates as France is pretty much closed at the mo. Tomorrow will be even more closed as its a bank holiday. In other news, my Buick is now French registered. Only took five months 😕
  10. Look in that and you'll find the mahoosive autojumble at Mezidon Canon, willyou be here for that ?
  11. Well this is a bit of a pisser , it turns out that the origional owner is now deceased .... what that means paperwork wise I've no experience of. I'm still thinking present owner* will have to cough up the rego cost. Maybe I can export* it ? Then re-inport* it ? Do nova and dvla have to physicaly see the car ? Seller is Dutch, no idea of Dutch rego process. Beer. More beer...
  12. Much nervousness. Owner has found out computer says no. He's off to the prefecture tomorrow. I reckon he'll have to pay for new rego in his name 😧
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