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  1. The Buick was put to work this week on firewood collection duties. I'll be using it from now on for trailer duties, it's so much easier to reverse a trailer when you can see it. Trailer's usually hitched to my van which is a PITA because by the time you see the trailer reacting in the mirrors it's usually too late to react. Kimmi the Shepard is much excited because obviously all those big sticks are for her to chew...
  2. Fucking hell , you are me and you've got my wife. Sorry no help I know, but you're not alone, I'm there too and it's a bastered
  3. My folks and my sister have had Picassos for ever. Never have any of them let them down, except when my sister drove hers into deep flood water and killed the engine. Not the cars fault. Somehow she got the local council to pay for a new engine because the flood wasn't signposted. I still say she was a numpty for driving through flood water. Anyway, I've driven a few and I think they're ok, comfortable, practical, drive ok and economical. Everything an Autoshite car should be. Styling* is personal taste but in a world of Cashcows and Jukes , they're not that bad
  4. How did I miss this thread, great stuff in here. If this wasn't in Cambridge this 70's tastic woman is my mother...
  5. I'm a certified Vauxhall hater. But blimey , that Cavalier looks good. Soft squishy seats or Vauxhall granite in these ?
  6. Oh good ☺ Can I have the Simca please. Posted to Frogshire please.
  7. A couple of new additions have arrived An Atlas Citroen TUB And a wobbly Norev Citroen GS Camargue
  8. I reckon I can brave another trip to the uk. Put me down as 90% certain
  9. Small tent and sleeping bag will do. Pastis and red wine/beer will offset the slight discomfort.
  10. 1. Saabnut 2. Inspecteur Morose 3. Northern Monkey 4. Monsieur Le Hairnet 5. Bangernomics 6. Chodweaver 7. davidfowler2000 8. chaseracer 9. Heidel Kakao 10. HMC 11. mat_le_chat 12. cms206 13. MrSchwifty 14. Skizzer 15. MrDuke 16. Frogchod
  11. I was asking for reverse rake rear window ideas but I reckon I could have a go at this. Just need a a wolsley and an MG grill...
  12. Work got rained off, so instead of being sensible and working on the house, I've been in the shed doing more reverse rake window stuff. The subjects today are the FSO 223 concept car: And the Mercury Marauder Breezeway: I started with some cheapo Chinese models, a regular FSO 223 and a Marauder coupe. Then stripped them and fashioned an approximate shape using plastic card. Then used regular car filler to get the right* shape. Slapped a bit of paint on and wound up with these: Close enough for me Running out of ideas now...
  13. Add me to the list I'm not a hairnety wimp so I'll be camping.
  14. How much? He and his wife are, er ,on the large size, they may need two. I must get him on here, his daily driver is a C15 pickup ,he'll fit right in.
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