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  1. More Buicks 😁 A matchbox buick super... And Kojaks Buick Regal, this one needed a bit of paint...
  2. My mate's just bought a C15 Mixte. Greedy git won't sell me his C15 pick up.
  3. More Buick goodness has arrived. A Best of Show Sport Wagon.
  4. Can't remember exactly but less than 20 euro delivered.
  5. The results of a drunken session on aliexpress have arrived. All silly cheap, and very well packaged. A Citroen Bijou and Baby Barous... Citroën are a big part of my collection, so are Buicks. This Enclave was less than 4 dollars. Last is this Tucker Torpedo, I got this just because it looks fabulous. I'll display it next to my Tatra
  6. It's still working! I've done 280km today sat on very welcome heated seats. Only big issue was getting in. When you pull on the door handle the widow is supposed to drop a bit to clear the frame. Except when it's frozen in place, then you can hear the window motor going nuts trying to do its thing. A bucket of cold water sorted that. The lack of sevicable glow plugs was evident on starting. It took several revolutions to fire and then sounded like a bag of spanners for 30 seconds. It was minus 6, so I don't blame it, I went back indoors for another bre
  7. You're right. I should have said "when it was working". To be fair it was a joy to use when it was working. Ony had to replace the box once in my ownership. Second time I fucked it off and bought a nice reliable xm v6 😁 Which turned out to be nice and reliable 🤔
  8. Twenty years ago this very weekend I was at Tan Hill. Twenty fucking years. Some how I'm still here. Not sure where the GSA is now. It was a lovely thing, Cmatic gearbox was ace, but fuel consumption not so good. Here she is at Le Mans. Jacky is still living with me.... just. Megan the GSD died of very old age about 5 years ago I guess there was no Tan Hill this year ? Christ I'm old....
  9. I'll have one. Obvs I'll cover extra post cost to France.
  10. Choice? Astra or Vectra? Red white or blue? Hatch or estate? That's all the choice I had. Big international company driven from the US. Had to use AmEx credit card which was just as shit as those astras and vectras... Yeah, it was a free* car, but they were grim times.
  11. Not owned any cars that I've hated except for a mk1 fiesta. Bought that purely to flip. Hateful thing, nothing wrong with it apart from being terminally dull. Bought for peanuts gave it a polish and sold it for many beer tokens. Still don't understand why the phone didn't stop ringing. Hatefull company cars were Sierras, astras and vectras. Lord knows how they sold any of them. Sierras were at least comfortable, but driving wise it was a cortina in a shit frock. The vauxhalls were all just hideously uncomfortable and washing machine dull.
  12. Blimy ,I didn't realise these were so expensive to tax in the UK. The once only Rego fee here was a bit steep but nowhere near what you guys are paying annually . Does the presumably cheaper to tax 2.2 exist in the UK ? A four pot C6 would be so wrong, a bit like a manual XM. My manual XM is for sale btw...
  13. Welcome to the cheap C6 club. Membership on here is now two. Citroen made 25000 of them, maybe more will join the club? I hate to jinx mine but it's only still working...
  14. Never heard the r4 hatch called a baguette hatch 😂 Locals here in frogland call then giraffe doors. (sort of, there's no direct translation)
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