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  1. I'm no automotive engineer, but I'm guessing these brake lines should not get hot when operating the starter motor. Bad earth methinks.
  2. Citroen C35 . Only 2.99 from your local French newsagent, now appearing on ebay for slightly* more. Coming soon for you Transit fans, a Transit:
  3. Didn't know about Citroen being dicks with parts . Thankfully Oscaro and Misterauto both stock common wear parts.
  4. My tame mechanic didn't seem too bothered, he's used to landrovers with the same engine. I'm sure he'll start crying at some point. It'll be going up on his ramp this week at some point for a proper check over and diagnostic of charging issue. I'll take him some wadworths 6x as a sweetner (real beer's rare in Frogshire ) Have another pic of awesome car/paperweight.
  5. I can't see much of the sills... I can see where the inner sill meets the floor and that's ok. I must start a thread on this... Starting with why it's not charging 😠 Internet suggests alternator pulley clutch. Still, it looks fucking awesome sat on my drive ☺
  6. The C6 has been collected. Many tales of woe may appear on these pages. It made it home without smoke or flames so I reckon that's a good start.
  7. Ooo , a C-Matic . Can you still get the fluid for those ?
  8. I think I may have an antidote for not getting that DS. Just agreed to buy a slightly broken C6 How bad can a 1300 euro C6 be ?
  9. Juvaquatre van located in Normandie Cheap at 2000euro Rear end needs much welding , front end ok due to being drowned in oil from leaky engine. Paperwork is shonky so export only, otherwise it'd be mine....
  10. There are a few Simcas, including this one for 800 A lot of stuff in the background not listed on the site, including that U23 I feel a road trip brewing.
  11. How did I miss this roffle ? LhD too, perfect for Frogshire. Good luck with mot. I'll pay more attention to raffles now...
  12. LNA commercial It's on www.vintagemotors86.fr for 790. Loads of other interesting chod at fair prices too. Only 350km from me...
  13. Export/import was an option early on, even had an offer from saabnut with transport help. Too late now, the vin number is in the ANTS system as registered to a dead bloke... Still, I can start looking for something else now
  14. Sadly (or luckily) this DS won't be mine. Paperwork has reached a dead end. Only option is to go to tribunal. Present keeper can't be arsed with the time and expense. It's now being exported to Holland 😢
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