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  1. Here's another Buick Electra It's around 1/50 scale made by Gama
  2. Most newsagents in big towns will have them. About 25 euro an issue now.
  3. It's made by Neo. 1:43 It's way better quality than the 77 Electra Neo did. More pics to come...
  4. The final* addition to my Electra collection has arrived
  5. The brakes on mine require a fair bit of effort. Steering is light enough though.
  6. 1/64th but not hotwheels or matchbox, it's an AutoWorld. Quality is rubbish. But it's another Buick for my collection. I know it's not really an Electra, Buick chose to call it the Estate Wagon. I don't care what they called it, the front end is an Electra. I think the real thing had a funky tail gate arrangement where the top and bottom doors slid into the bodywork.
  7. Another parcel has arrived 😁 Inside was another big box. Inside this box was another Buick Electra for my collection. It's fecking huge, a good foot long. A major display unit reshuffle is needed to fit the beast in. One more Electra to go to complete the collection. This came from www.modelcarworld.de cheaper* than evilbay plus 5% off for new customers. *fecking expensive. Several bottles of Whychwood Goliath made me do it.
  8. The second indulgent purchase has arrived Another Buick Electra, this one is made by Neo. This brings Electra count up to four. I'd really like a 1/43 version of the red Husky and the missing three generations of Electra. Anyone got any for sale ?
  9. The beauty of this event for Brits is that it's right next to the ferry port so no need to get shafted by Brittany ferries to bring your car. The problem this covid year, there's no foot passenger service. Also at the event there was no stalls selling tat By "tat" I mean shonky old car parts and the like. Hopefully next year covid will have fucked off.
  10. Beach race was today, my Buick was the conveyance of choice. 50 euros filled the tank, so something wrong there: Usual busy Sunday traffic: This might be the right place...
  11. Bollox to being sensible. I've splashed some wonga on this... My first Goldvarg. This brings my Buick Electra collection to three. Four more to go I think. It's a bloody impressive model, despite being composit it feels as heavy as a diecast. Another daft purchase is incoming from Germany. Hopefully get better pics of both at the weekend.
  12. Husky Buick Electra arrived. This brings my Buick Electra collection up to two.
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