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  1. Cor, for 895 I'd put up with the steering being on the wrong side and no Diravi 😊
  2. Latest evilbay haul has arrived. Yes, more Buicks Franklin Mint Skylark. ERTL 1912 Buick White Box 1936 Buick Special. Not a Buick but a Chapron Limousine. Somewhere under that naff body work is a Traction Avant
  3. As the C6 has been behaving I treated it to a posh wash and wax car wash on Saturday. Since then there's been a nice warm wind from the south that's dumped half the Sahara in France. 10 euros wasted 😣
  4. Here's another Buick This time a Franklin Mint Riviera. They've packed a lot of detail into this 1/43 car. It's just a shame they couldn't make the doors fit I'll just display it with the doors open...
  5. 8cm of snow and my van is stuffed. Previous van, same as this, except for dw8 power* and narrower tyres was like a mountain goat, would have got up here no bother.
  6. Nice. Postage price not so nice...
  7. I've made a couple myself 😁 They're posted on here somewhere...
  8. Thanks but.... I've had one on order for yonks. Goldvargs site says they're" in development ".
  9. It's been a bit chilly here too.
  10. The C6 is defying popular wisdom and still continuing to work. 350km round trip today with no problem. Very boring. Highligh of the day was parking next to this beauty...
  11. I'll add the reliant Regal to Eddie's list And Mercury breezeways
  12. More Buicks to bore you with. First is a '36 Buick model 90: Next is a Riviera : Which looks awfully like my Electra with two doors missing... I lied about the model 90. It's a Zis 101a, a Ruskie copy of a Buick.
  13. Just bought myself a birthday present. I've blown way to much dosh on a Brooklin Models 1967 Buick Wildcat. So what do you get for too much money ? Some fancy packaging : Containing a very posh box: Off course, as soon as this arrived another popped up on ebay for 2/3 of what I just paid ....
  14. Mine arrived today 😁 Customs declaration thingy coectly done so no duty paid 😁 Thank you brownnova.
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