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  1. Thanks for that. Now I've got to buy one...
  2. Another little project, this time red paint removal. Then a white respray to make a replica of my work van. Later I'll add mud weathering to make it really look like my van.
  3. Remember this? It's now been tarted up. It's a cross between a Corgi 23 and I think a Corgi 25v. I was surprised to find no filler. Instead there was what looked like solder. I think this may have been modified before plastic filler was a thing. While I had the red paint out the Galaxie that I got from Eggs Industries had a makeover.
  4. Architect plans I'm working from. He has good taste in cars
  5. Lockdown is being enforced and yes you'll need a permit (and ID) every time you travel. I've just done mine for tomorrow, three off them Professionals have a more complicated form to fill in, it has to state where,when, why and the route. On the plus side the roads are very very quiet , just drove through St Lo at rush hour with none of the usual ques . Brittany Ferries are stopping tomorrow.
  6. This is still slogging on Municipal Police are now involved with paperwork discrepancies . There's probably a few more months to go ... Might as well drag it out to August and make it a nice round year
  7. If you go Lifan ,keep the origional motor, there's loads of sad old duffers out there who'd pay good money for this. 5 speed was the same except gearbox, bars and Speedo. So many memories of a beast like this... some of them pain full
  8. My first proper bike This looks like a four speed ? Definitely worth getting a five speed conversion done. Then post it to me.
  9. Not in the paper edition of la vie de auto. Check out www.lva-auto.fr I'll keep an eye on the paper edition, I'll be going to anything local ish. No Oltcits in this week's rag
  10. This has the 35A chassis and cab. I cant place the tipper yet, it's not the 25M I'll strip it for repaint one day, when large chunks of filler fall out it'll answer my question..
  11. I went to a local autojumble today. Bloody awful weather but that didn't stop people turning up. Caution: High French shite content 2cv powered tractor. This clean AX was the days top tombola prize. Off course I bought a ticket. The St James event is a big one, I'll be going to that too.
  12. Picked up this Jyane today Although it says Gyane on the boot lid. Like the real thing I think this was made in Iran too. Also got myself an Acadiane 😊
  13. Dinky U23 tipper. Where these a thing? Or has someone made this?
  14. A new arrival. Beige plastic Visa 😊
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