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  1. Say canz have arrived at my local bar Other pastis fuelled ebay purchases have arrived too... DS should clean up ok. Mehari is similar to a real one I had. Kegress just because. ... Fake antique citroen sign also came from ebay, seller can put any name and street address on it.
  2. Is this the Caddy near Portsmouth ? Buicks mostly working, I'll be keeping it 'till at least after SF France and SF Ipswich
  3. I'm having a day off. Phones been going nuts. Turned to silent now. More of the same tomorrow.
  4. Next release from Hachette is a C15 in 1/24 scale. It'll be 25.99 in frog shops or silly money on ebay. Of course I will be buying one. Then painting it red like my first C15
  5. It's true the frogs love them. When I park up somewhere ,I leg it to avoid the inevitable 100 questions. Been out in it today. Not fun in these high winds...
  6. Here's my latest Citroen A 1919 tractor. I saw a real one at the Citroen 100 show it is as small as it looks.
  7. Oh, and +1 for rockauto. Click on "pre pay import charges" to save a bucket load of dosh.
  8. Like others I've scrolled past thinking the thread was about a Galaxy. Fucking glad I clicked on this. Definitely a winner here I need* a V8 , my V6 Buick is not awfull enough....
  9. Last years promotional giveaways went down well. So I've been on ebay again and got another box of 5 Hvans . I didn't bother stripping the paint this time, just a rub down with fine wire wool. Mass production, Andre Citroen would have been proud...
  10. Simca is done. Before and after pics...
  11. In other news the Simca from Egg industries has been a sod to get a good paint finish. Attempt number three today using health and safety approved* paint baking technique.
  12. Some new arrivals, the LNA and Dagonet were chepies from ebay. The 1/24 XM came from my local bar tabac.
  13. Facebook add near me. I am resisting. I am also drinking. 1200 euro.
  14. A big old v8 muscle car appeals ,Dodge Charger sort of thing. Not sure if I'd want to own one though. Any v8 Tatra. A Jensen Interceptor. A mahoosive Australian road train One of those 8 wheel drive Eastern block rocket launcher things.
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