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  1. Failed abs sensors cause a bucket load of errors across multiple ecu's. Front sensors are a dodle to replace. Rears are a pain to do properly, fuel tank needs to be dropped. C6's are fabulous when they are working. Definitely invest in a fire extinguisher ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™„
  2. Another new arrival, a Citroรซn GS birotor. 1/24 scale. Also found a display cabinet in a junk shop. This now houses my reverse rake window collection. Not the bottom row obvs...
  3. The beach race happened again ๐Ÿ˜ I took my Buick and my mate followed in his Jensen. Here's some random pics from today...
  4. Matchbox and hotwheels too small for you? Try this 1/18 DS Tissier... 45cm long!
  5. Insurance report has arrived. No conclusion of cause. They've offered less than half market value ๐Ÿ˜ . I will be rejecting their generous offer...
  6. Old signs fetch big money here. Quite often see them at car boots in terrible barley legible condition that the sellers think are worth hundreds.
  7. No idea why. Check engine light came on, then power loss, limp mode I guess, then I noticed what I thought was steam in the rear view. Pulled over then noticed the flames. Then I legged it... Minutes later things started exploding so I legged it some more. I'm ok, car's obviously fucked, shop will need new doors and windows...
  8. Today has not gone well... Totally fucking fucked.
  9. This is my sphere tool I got it from French ebay. Accumulator sphere change on a 2.5td takes about 10 minutes with this.
  10. My C6 had been behaving perfectly fine until last week when the speedo display suddenly died. 600 euro ish for a second hand replacement or 175 to send it off for repair. I found a repair kit on French ebay for 17.90 which included the chips required (probably about 3 euros worth) and instructions. I bought a hot air desoldering gizzmo and a bench magnifier from amaznon for less than 50 euro and set to repairing it. Dash display can be removed in about two minuets, which was a surprise, I was expecting to take half the car apart... No pictures of my crap soldering, but it now works , no smoke on first turn on so that's a result
  11. Posty has delivered this : 122 pages of temptations.
  12. I lurv XM's. They're not as scarey to own as most people think. Just sold my 2.5, currently in negotiations to aquire a V6, same green as this.
  13. No batteries required...
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