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  1. It's a shame that all the independants in Leicester (and there are quite a few) seem to sell 'reconditioned' parts as new ones. This consists of chucking the old master cylinder gleaned from the roving pikeys into a bath of paraffin, print off a new box and sell for £5 cheaper than Euro Car Prats. That said RMC in Leicester have provided me with properly obscure parts in the past, and they have 5 floors of parts dating back (seemingly) to the days of horse and cart.
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FIAT-X19-1500cc-X-YAMAHA-XJ600-TRIKE-UNFINISHED-PROJECT-NO-RESERVE-PX-SWAP-/331521781677?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4d303cefad How bad did the Fiat have to be for that to be less work than waving a welding torch?
  3. I have a 1/64 one (Matchbox 67b) I would consider selling it, although it's (original) metallic pink!
  4. If you change the whole roof and frame( available from scrappies c.£100) it's half a days work. Doing a rear window is a pain in the fanny, as was mentioned. There's a guy on t'internet called Mike Fishwick who appears to know everything about these, maybe worth a look? (a random article by him:https://zroadster.org/articles/basic-bmw-z3-suspension-modifications-by-mike-fishwick.41/) Oh, and Nikasil bores were never an issue with these before that comes up...
  5. Nice to see that the Escort Chairman didn't get bridged in the end, any plans? Burger van run by midgets? Transport for an extremely large dog?
  6. Crikey, that's lovely inside! The headlight is likely to be the automatic adjuster having a missing tooth on the little pinion gear. Looks like a great buy nonetheless.
  7. This is goppingly awful http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2005-VOLKSWAGEN-POLO-E-/131394103207?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item1e97b2e7a7
  8. I swear every other person on this forum is a journalist! No problem with that, it just makes for quality write ups of SVM endeavours and square sausages.
  9. It's been tits cold this past week, and its only going to get worse as winter draws in. So, where big chod is too outdoors and chilly, little chod prevails! Those up for restoration are: Golf MK1 Vw T2 pop top Renault 17 TS Sunbeam Alpine Fraud Crapi And... For Mr Lobster himself... a blue Renault 4 van All are going to be restored, but colour suggestions are appreciated, so that preferably they are all scale replicas of real cars on Autoshite.
  10. Can I just get this straight... I am not that much of a tit that I could manage to hook up a battery the wrong way round without even taking it out of its cradle! I only assume that in the starter motor rebuild shop they discovered that the pinion didn't engage when bench testing the unit, so they reversed the connections. P.S It is now fully functioning as a vehicle and has been helping the local police today in the SNO KAHOS
  11. hazzalandy


    If you're after speedy shite with a touch of tank shite, then the Donnington museum is for you. http://www.donington-park.co.uk/about-donington/the-donington-grand-prix-collection/ This has the most incredible collection of old F1 cars possibly maybe in the country. I know that modern F1 is just like watching Scalextric, but these are from those 'good old days'
  12. I concede to you superior knowledge of Land Rover construction. HOWEVER, I do still stand by the fact that the engine was turning over in reverse.
  13. You all have the right to be cynical of anything written on the internet, especially by someone with so few posts as me, but, I can assure you that the exchange unit did turn the engine over backwards. What I believe happened is that the starter motor repair shop took in a starter motor with the 'big spring' on the shaft borked. The circlip at the front was removed, so was the spring and then the pinion gear and possibly the thread that it rides on. (the thread is a separate assembly as it is heat treated to toughen the metal) This was then reassembled in the wrong order.
  14. According to this:List of vehicles scrapped under the Scrappage Scheme 301 Cuores were scrapped. That's more than half of the ones on the road today! (howmanyleft.com)
  15. Yes the ' thread' that throws out the pinion was also backwards on the starter motor. They essentially sent Guptha the YTS off to find an identical starter motor from their storeroom.
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