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  1. There are three options - the default one is the forums default theme which is blue and white, there is Autoshite theme which is broken and there is Beige which is the default brown one.
  2. yea, 100hp PD - I'm bimbling about in it so surprised its not better but maybe the MAF is broken (i understand these can fail / misread without the EML coming on, or the EML doesn't work) or the intake is so full of crud its suffocating. Something to investigate anyway. The intercooler pipework is absolutely disgusting so maybe thats also maxed out with crap. The EGR wasn't too bad though, not great but not awful. Something in the DMF arrangement is shot though, invoices say it was done 70k ago inc clutch but it does leave a smol mark on the road so suspect the rear crank seal has gone and is
  3. Replaced the rear door module of the passat. Not a bad job but a lot of old, fragile clips to break on the way. Door now opens from the inside AND outside. Imagine that. Not sure what actually failed, the turning the child lock on make the action much lighter so i don't think was that. Might investigate the state of the intake manifold tomorrow, I suspect its full of crap. For a 1.9 derv i'm not seeing much more than 41mpg combined which seems a little low. Maybe not, its a heavy car.
  4. I think this is due to FireFox and/or ad blockers. A lot of pictures posted on Facebook will doubtless be loaded with the usual facebook trackers and malware and FF is likely shutting that down (but does give me a guess at what the picture contains?) likewise I'd assume eBay ones are loaded with invasive behaviour so get treated the same.
  5. I think thats an artifact of an upgrade some time ago, not sure anything can be done.
  6. Have a look for Snip-and-sketch in the start bar! Grab the bit of the screen you want and ctrl-v it into your post!
  7. Potentially, would be difficult to prevent drive-by abusers - potentially could be linked off from this site to a utils page or something?
  8. Replaced the disks on my SV earlier. # run of the mill EBC disks, new bolts and GG pads. Bit shinier. Celebrated by tightening the axle down on the speedo drive gear like all the pro's do. I was even happier when i saw the cost of a new one. old disk seems to have lost various chunks of the washers that stop the thing rattling. Might be replaceable? Probably not worth the risk of it all coming to bits. Brake pad was worn a little unevenly where the lazy piston wasn't quite working, hopefully its exercise the other day will have resolved that but i'll take a
  9. I'd imagine thats got something to do with the spelling correction deciding to continue to red text span - I don't get the option for spellig correction on Edge, FF or chrome on win 10 but i'll have a go with Linux later and see what it think.
  10. How much slop/slack/clatter should there be on discs? My SV has developed a bit of a clunk under braking and under light braking some fairly chatty chatter. I've just taken the calipers off and move all the pistons around (they are non-opposing twin pots) and one piston was slightly less excited to appear than its partner. Cleaned all that up so they are now ok, greased pins, backs of pads the usual stuff. But If i move the disc against its carrier there is a fair amount of movement both laterally and back-and-forth. A lot more than the other side. It makes the same clanky noise as t
  11. I bought new Baxi (on the strength of the 10 year warranty) 4 years ago and mine gave up about 9 months in (october time) and whilst Baxi did send someone out (who fixed it in 10 seconds - "oh, these sensors go wrong all the time") it did take them a while - 5 days i think. It wasn't mega cold at the time but the service was a bit lousy. The installers, who were a decent bunch, weren't able to help as all warranty work had to go to Baxi direct. It hasn't blown up since though. Only frozen the condensate pipe and the error code and resolution is part of the support numbers gumph.
  12. I know of a (Sceptre) turbo one of these local to me with a broken engine (snapped cambelt) thats been sat for a while (3 years?). I think you'd have to have the entire thing taken away but might be yours for a few hundred quid as a parts car? Believe its a 5 door. and has a sunroof. I think its done >200k but various things probably still work. Its almost certainly been heavily smoked in so the interior might be a bit ming. You'd have to have it recovered but not that far to Northampton from near Bury St Eds? Can possibly get pictures. I seem to recall the back axl
  13. Cheers but i think it's all OK, Gmail likes our setup, MXToolbox likes us, mail tester likes us its just Microsoft that don't. We are on the naughty step ish with them at the moment. Could you PM me your mail domain and i'll check the logs to see if they don't like us and I need to send them a BL cigar lighter bribe to get us whitelisted?
  14. Was your email a Microsoft one (outlook, hotmail, hosted office365)? We've had problems with them of late. Also problems with everyone else but i think most of them are ok with us again. We are only so-so with MS at the moment. I'm looking to sort out the contact-us page too.
  15. i can see what the problem is there, leave it with me. We have had some recent issues with email deliverability which I'm hoping are now resolved but might take a while to percolate through.
  16. 11pm for a few minutes to update the forum software and some server stuff.
  17. @Ben_O Just paste the URLs directly (need to be https ones) and the forum automatically does the rest.
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