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  1. Ours were made for the UK market so that's not relevant.
  2. Me too. I just don't get the love for those Legacys/Forresters etc, they're all expensive to maintain rustbuckets.
  3. I had the one behind the car.
  4. Fixed that for you. I've a diesel one.
  5. Here's a picture of the one a mate had when were at LeMans in 2008.
  6. As far as I'm concerned, £600 doesn't even reflect its value to me. #allfordsarepish 😀
  7. I've got all the Thema workshop manuals if you're needing any info.
  8. God, they sound like fun, bet you can't wait to see them at family weddings!🙄
  9. We used to call them a clitoris of Porsches at LeMans 'cos every cunt had one.
  10. That flat for sale is probably valued at £eleventy million now.
  11. Received mine during the week. I know the one I sent has arrived as the unfortunate sod posted up they'd received it!☹️
  12. I'm 100% certain you'd live alone if you were driving that thing.
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