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  1. Even I've driven mine more than that!
  2. Hi,


    Can you please Paypal invoice me at mft66@btinternet.com for the 5.





  3. Great to see another Lancia on the road, there's not too many still around.
  4. I call BS on this. There's no way a beetle has ever done 40!😄
  5. No, it was just an old car then. I remember doing the same to Simcas, Cortinas, Jags & a Jensen Interceptor when we were kids.
  6. Don't scrap it, I'd be interested in taking it off your hands.
  7. No, that's the symbol of the device you're bum raped with when you have to buy spares! My 430 4v always felt like a £45k car (in 1994) with a £44.5k drivetrain, the rest was a monumental PoS!☹️
  8. I know it was late 70's but how did they only manage to get 135bhp/117mph from 2300cc & 16valves?????🤔
  9. Alpe d'Huez is bad enough in a shitty VW Golf diesel let alone trying it in one of those.
  10. I just sold my 75 LE in the summer after owning it for 14+ years. Loved it but needed the space. Number 3408 of 3500. Here it is on the day it was collected having the battery charged.
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