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  1. Tragedy, hope, love, despair: All of human and canine condition captured in these examples of image perfection.
  2. I like the sound of the 1987 “Nissan computer link”
  3. " I could buy this Rolls Royce"
  4. Talk to me about this 145 project…
  5. I’ve done a few around Essex on my Vespa and a few around Kent on my old BMW. Definitely the most fun on a scooter!
  6. I’d love to bomb about in this R A N O V E R for a while
  7. Motorcyclists: how important is it to you that your jacket and trousers zip together? I have an old Alpinestars V1 jacket and I’m pondering getting some trousers that attach. Did they change zips much through the years?
  8. Wonderful work as always. If you’re ever serious about not completing the project (which obviously I reckon you should) lemme be the first to put my hand up- especially now all the hard bits are done
  9. Nice! Let's see it then... ??? Wrong photo m8 Weird, lets try again m9 Ummmm okay, top hedge m10 I ... ummm... what.. Oh look! There it is... FFS. Crazy idea, maybe list it for sale next week? LOL
  10. Absolutely adore these- any minor misery it could potentially cause you would be far outweighed by the glory of owning the best car ever. DO IT.
  11. Imagine playing Cluedo with you at Christmas: “I understand that people get crazy/angry/jealous and end other peoples lives, therefore I care not who committed murder. GAME OVER”
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