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  1. Good shout, I haven't tested that, though I'm not sure it would explain the glow plugs coming on with the solenoid shorted?
  2. I only ever get an hour here or there to look at this, and always in the dark after work. So the immobiliser chip doesn't have a box or anything, it's just spliced into various things in the fusebox, and when you put the key in, it completes the circuits again. BASIC! I've tested it's function with a multimeter and made the corresponding corrective splices in the wiring harness. Something ain't right though: The solenoid loses 12v after a second or two. Shorting the solenoid to positive allows the engine to run, but also activates the glow plug relay. Somehow, these 2 circuits are linked in a way they shouldn't be. so... Can anyone show me how the solenoid should be wired in the engine bay? Mine has definitely been fiddled with as it has a shonky connector to a non-OE wire. Can anyone provide some clarity on fusebox/relay layout? Basically I'd just like to trace the wiring to make sure all is order. This is the solenoid wire in near the battery tray. Note the abundance of that green cable which doesn't look kosher. Are these OE? Coming from the + terminal. I'm guessing glow plug 12v feed? I reckon this must be the glow plug relay and maybe solenoid relay. Abundance of green wires arouses suspicion. There's another relay behind the headlight in a little plastic waterproof sleeve.. anyone else got this?
  3. Ah amazing, I’m interested but sadly away this week. I’d love it if you don’t.
  4. Pretty easy to turn up the wick as well. Tempting...
  5. Yeah I realised that after I’d done it, I just read the £10 a ticket bit... The £2 can go to the forum or the collection fund as long as we get to see a picture of what the £2 bought
  6. Here was me secretly hoping to win this thing TONIGHT
  7. Yes, a rambling and confusing tale.
  8. Did I catch wind of a 760? Let's see that!
  9. Very kind of you! Is it a CSC one? I worry that it would be a bit droney if it is.
  10. Looks nice... Was this the one from Edinburgh?
  11. Orange doblo looking mighty fine. I once saw what was under those covers about 15 years ago and they were well tasty, but I can’t remember what they are now. It was a little 60’s Alfa or 60’s lotus elite or something but I haven’t seen them moved since. Anyway, clearly a winner.
  12. This looks pretty cheap, but is it a saloon with the roof cut off, and hence worthless? https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1172293
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