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  1. Pull up a seat, kick back and watch as the ULEZ purges North London of W124s.
  2. No need to apologise or delete- more "great minds" etc. Indeed @HMC or @marm should move on it with haste
  3. Someone needs to check the thread 2 posts ago ASAP pls 😇
  4. 280,000 miles [autoshite mode] so all the little faults should have been ironed out by now [/autoshite mode] £475 or offers.
  5. With a little bit of imagination you could upcycle that roof rack into a lovely pallet
  6. Do we have a thread for "Most on its side car for sale"?
  7. Have we seen this before some time ago? Seller says it was on Bangers and Cash though I think he might mean Flipping bangers, dunno though.
  8. My god that is hugely tempting as a ULEZ exempt London wagon. Spotted by @Pieman here And sold for £2160 + Premium in 2016 https://swva.co.uk/classic-car/vauxhall-victor-101-1967/
  9. Driving home from the shops last night, the Saab started to hesitate under load. Upon arriving home, there was steam coming from under the bonnet.. hmm. I cut the engine and discovered that coolant had been spraying everywhere- I’m 90% sure it’s coming from the heater pipe. It took about a litre to get it back up to max. I hope that the reason it was hesitating (and now won’t start) is that it doesn’t like the wet, and it was soaking everywhere! I thought that the new rotor and arm had sorted that, but we shall see. Battery currently on charge. Fingers crossed for
  10. That’s ace! Holler me when it comes to pass it on..
  11. Soz if this is a repost. Bears repeating nevertheless
  12. Did precisely nothing to the Vanvan other than rag it around a bit, and yet the ministry man says:
  13. It's cold enough here for the roads to be a little bit "twinkly", but I was surprised that traction was low enough to have a couple of snaky moments upon leaving junctions. Drift yo!
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