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  1. OLLI etc. All mockery aside, this does look rather jolly for shooting trips on the estate and whatnot
  2. You forgot "best wheels of all time".
  3. The fact that there's no photo of the brake fluid reservoir makes me think the seller is hiding something
  4. Outside world: This plan makes no sense for too many reasons to list Autoshite world: This is a perfect plan
  5. The first week of using this regularly is coming to a close - a couple of commutes (about 10 miles and 40 minutes each way through fairly busy traffic) and various other journeys here and there as dictated by a busy life. It feels lovely, requiring just the right amount of effort to drive: pleasing physical without being too tiring. Here it is parked up next the Saab which is temporarily resting in my work car park. As can be expected, there's a list of things to be investigated, some more pressing than others: A blowy manifold/downpipe connection. This has a single bo
  6. They look almost edible to me- that would solve the problem.
  7. Practical! We need to gather a snowballing convoy of the ado16's of London, knocking on doors as we go.
  8. My dream would be an estate I think- that extra usability would suit it so well. Yeah it seems serene at 50, comfortable at 60, and busy at 70. This has the longer 1300 diff- does yours? I plan to use it quite a bit for beach trips etc, so hopefully it doesn't prove too manic. I've been eyeing up soundproofing/deadening options actually- I noticed in particular how resonant the roof panel is.
  9. Legend! Indeed that’s the photo spot. I was half on the look out for some nice architecture for a photo opp but ended up having too much of a good time driving instead.
  10. Lovely colour innit. Apparently "smoke grey" in BMC land.
  11. A couple of weeks back I sold the Vanvan. It was ultimately too soulless, slow and modern. I was messaged on facebook by a woman who had a slightly scammy vibe- glamour profile pic, weird "i will commit to buy now if you agree with my price" sort of messages. I agreed in a price and she then said she'd like to view it. No probs I said and we arranged a time. About an hour from the appointment, I got a call from some dude from a motorcycle dealers saying "hi, I'm coming to view your bike". I said that I thought it was weird that they use personal facebook profiles to do their buying to wh
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