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  1. Is there a multi ribbon connector between the charging circuit and the battery? I assume the battery pack is made from multiple cells and if so it's really important to have a battery management system that can trickle charge individual groups of cells at the end of the charging process, which it does via the ribbon. Edit: Actually, what kind of battery is it? Your battery management system might be within the battery itself though, in which case ignore me. If your batteries are lithium then I think you need a constant current/ constant voltage charger- it does the bulk of the charging at high current, then switches to CV at the end to trickle.
  2. Popping this up for sale for various raisons.
  3. Are you named Spare Snare after the Dundee band Spare snare?
  4. A bit obvious but the 1.9 205 Gti & Clio 172/182
  5. 2010 I was living in Glasgow and I bought a 1988 MK2 Jetta GTi unseen for £740. I flew down, picked it up from central London and drive it back to Glasgow in the same day. On the motorway it pulled to the left and regularly shat it's coolant which made me feel pretty silly. .. It was solved by doing the tracking and fitting a new coolant cap, and behaved very well thereafter!
  6. Loving the updates on this. I’m commuting on a DIY electric bike at the moment, the tech on mine is very basic but I’m planning to upgrade it to use a nice torque sensing bottom bracket and fancy control system from these guys: https://www.ebikes.ca I mention it because lots of people are using their modular control system (cycle analyst V3) as the brains and dashboard of all sorts of weird and wonderful electric vehicles. They have some great info about all sorts of stuff on their website... maybe might come in handy if you need to start thinking about replacing bits.
  7. Just saw the spitting image of this in NE London. Guessing it wasn’t this one @320touring
  8. OMG I would love that! Waaay outta my price range unfortunately.. reckon you could get glass for it and whatnot?
  9. Bloody lovely! I take it a 1.8vvc swap would render the gearbox dead in seconds? I dream of a VVC metro, and an auto would really be the icing on the cake
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