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  1. Ain’t it a 2 stroke? If so then you’ve got about 4 moving parts..
  2. Ace to see the progress on the C1- was tempted by one as a commuter weapon in the pre ULEZ days. They have that ill fated concept appeal that makes for prime Autoshite- see also: Sinclair C1.
  3. Somebody on here once promised me an explanation of how you change a clutch on these in 30 mins without removing the gearbox.
  4. Ooooh liking the KE100. Lemme know if/when you pass it on
  5. How did I miss this??!! Looks bloody brilliant
  6. it sold for £7000 or so at silverstone auctions during lockdown.
  7. Hmm yeah I reckon that would be nicer taking smaller roads and a couple of days. I did about 150 home on my LML as it's first mission and it was sooooo fun. Take double the amount of waterproofs and thermals that you reckon you need and allow loads of time for stops. With it being so new it's presumably going to cruise at about 55 or so? Calimoto and Scenic are 2 good bike apps for plotting nice curvy routes.
  8. I just saw a half or three quarter scale Honda go past- looked like a mini race rep thing from maybe ‘90-‘95. Two stroke. Road registered. What the hell was it? Looked FUN!!
  9. The banjo bolt thread type is the most heated debate I’ve seen on Autoshite since one of the great politics debacles of yesteryear. Jolly good. Great work as ever! Am I allowed to say I preferred the horns in a more muted colour? Sorry ?
  10. Well here we are, the future/dystopian present of being a mechanic.. The results are in and they are.. Car Scanner ELM OBD2 DTC report Selected brand: Vauxhall VIN: W0LF7AJA67V659041 ============1============== P2A00 Raw code: 2A00 ECU: 7A Status: Pending OBDII: Heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) 1, bank 1 - circuit range/performance Vauxhall: HO2S Circuit Closed Loop Performance Bank 1 Sensor 1 Low Temperature; HO2S Circuit Closed Loop Performance Bank 1 Sensor 1 High Temperature ============2============== P0380 Raw code: 0380 ECU: 7A St
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