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  1. Can’t make it today due to excessive hangover, but how does that turbo Astra look in the flesh?
  2. My mate had one, i liked it! It was pretty rapid as I recall.
  3. Nice work on the auto. I’ve been eyeing up the 205 autos for a while. Proper lockup in 4th and in the 205 at least they made a proper job of it and changed the cam to give a lazier torquier motor
  4. Quite tempted. I’d really like to do my big bike test and this would be an ideal starter.
  5. Surely that won’t go for anywhere near £1000
  6. If anyone wants the buy the MX5 from me at ACA then I’d simply have to buy something to get home in
  7. Anyone going to the next one ? I like the look of that Astra Turbo
  8. Great video- reminds me of what a tricky undulating track Knockhill is- especially in something short wheel base and mid-engined. I've nearly lost the X1/9 on about 50% of those corners 😬
  9. I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind
  10. The new one had a crazy heavy clutch, replaced the cable and now it's got a crazy light clutch. It must have a later Vespa Cosa style clutch which is a bonus. I'll be keeping that if I move it on. Removed the rack, should get £40 or so for that, Removed the horrible seat cover. It's looking better already and runs like a champ. Just need to get round to the electrics..
  11. Sounds very sensible, and by that I mean dibs on the Cagiva!
  12. I'm sure I took some pics of the two of these together, but they don't seem to be on my phone. Weird. Anyway, here's the new scoot. Kind of the same isn't it? So far I've done precisely zero to it.
  13. My usual local hand car wash covered this in TIRE SHINE today? WTF? It's kind of shiny but is also really oily. Will it fuck the paint? They're usually totally ace and only did this out of love. It's kind of ironic cos I asked them not to use it on the tires.
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