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  1. Thats ace, thanks. So the side door doesn't have the height restriction that the boot has? That 205 from seats to boot is pretty crucial (annoying not shown in the official dims) and sounds like it would be a go-er if I could get around the tailgate restriction.
  2. Nicely done! These are definitely VALU at the moment. Question... Does the manual come with any load dimensions? I'm always on the look out for a ULEZ MPV that I could fit my Vespa into.
  3. Lovely! Much more pics needed
  4. One of those cars I thought only existed in Gran turismo
  5. Those Suzuki’s are definitely in the right ballpark.. I’ve heard nothing but good things about CBR600’s and there seems to be loads about on high mileages but 310,000! Jeez @andyberg nailed it, the one I’d been imagining in my minds eye is these Benetton ones.. this is perfection!
  6. Let's have some fresh pics anyway to rejoice in that colour, those wheels and those seats.
  7. Oh my god I LOVE this thing but sadly can't handle a project at the mo. GLWS.
  8. I reckon it'll be a telltale- just link it to your low-amp fused 12v feed. I'd imagine you could get that little switch to work with some big fuck-off battery isolation relay too.
  9. It’s a fair point but I’m commuting by cycle at the moment, this is for heading out into the countryside 👍
  10. Question for the bikers: I’m shortly getting my big bike license and what I’d like more than anything is a 90’s Honda with as lurid colour scheme as possible. I’m thinking CBR600 with lots of pink and green. Any others I should be thinking of? less lurid, but there’s a nice looking NTV600 reverie on eBay at the moment. Thoughts?
  11. Perfect. Your feed for the switch wouldn't necessarily have to be ignition switched either as I doubt you'd accidentally leave it on, and also make sure it's something that's fused with a nice small fuse like the cigarette lighter feed.
  12. Regarding the rad fan- are you using a relay? If not then you should! That way the switch handles a tiny amount of current and you can use a nice small switch and thin wiring.
  13. Best stay inside, there's cannibal cars on the loose out there.
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