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  1. The dizzle Merc estate with an import history that @HMC sold recently showed up as compliant.. seems maybe there’s an import glitch.. will they close the loophole I wonder?
  2. Sorry if this has already been mentioned in the thread, it’s certainly been mentioned elsewhere but you can filter adverts on auto trader by ulez compliance which throws up some unexpected ones- there was a ‘97 vectra on there that was compliant
  3. Get those zips moving man! I REALLY want to see before and after shots
  4. Not so much ambitious, and nor do I have a picture, but I once saw a Mercedes G63 AMG towing a Biiiiggg twin axle caravan. What was impressive/stupid is that he overtook me up a big hill- he really booted it and fuck me did it shift whilst also making LOTS of noise
  5. Even if you don’t end up welding it, please please please fully document cleaning it
  6. Les bought my Agila off me yesterday, he rang me up to say that he had just dropped a car off in Southend and could he pick up the Agila on the way back. I've only just clicked that he would have been dropping this off with you..
  7. I said goodbye to the Agila. Although it was hilarious, it was becoming less hilarious on a regular 500 mile round trip. Incoming is this zenith of an car: The journey home was serene: I sometimes think that all these folks that mindlessly buy new middle sized cars are absolute geniuses. It just feels so much like a car it's striking. I feel like I could just get in it and it would do car stuff. Many thanks to @Crackers and his Dad who got up at 5am to fill it with fuel for my journey home! I didn't get to do any thrashing, but I look forward to reporting back on what all the fuss is about with these when I go up to rural Scotland in a couple of weeks and take it down my favourite road. Now I proudly own 2 exemplary examples of "an car" in blue, separated by a mere 40 years.
  8. I’m always impressed at the ride of my Morris 1100- it has some of the speed bump capability of a hydro Citroen without the detached floaty feeling imho. It’s also a pretty good over sharp edges etc, any citroen that I’ve had has been great over bigger bumps but a little harsh over smaller imperfections. Is that described as good primary/ poor secondary? I can never remember. Like some other suggestions, it ain’t gonna help you much though. The roffle win C2 VTS was the worst riding car I’ve ever had. Combined with hoon mode fully engaged it’s the only car that I’ve managed to make MYSELF carsick in.
  9. Nice one man! An Amazon is top of the list of cars that I can’t afford but would gleefully spiral into bank loan oblivion for. They’re one of those cars that just seem so useable, and look great no matter what state they’re in.
  10. @Jim Bellwhatever happened to the panda 4x4? I keep being tempted by them
  11. It's been a big day today: Bye bye Saab, I loved you to pieces 😭. Knowing it's going to a top shiter honestly makes all the difference though. Onwards with this little BranFind And this cute bum
  12. Amazing! Don’t forget to drive it like this everywhere
  13. Though I do love carbs, I’ve always been interested in experimenting with injection setups. Wouldn’t a Mini SPI setup be the natural choice or would you get better performance from a Peugeot throttle body?
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