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  1. When I win the lottery I’ll do a Honda K20 swap into my X1/9 with adjustable bilsteins and Willwood brakes. It’s been done quite a bit in the states and you can buy everything as a kit to do it from here: https://www.midwest-bayless.com/p-1029-k20-kit-stage1-acura-honda-k20-k24-engine-swap-kit-for-fiat-bertone-x19.aspx Either that or I’ll just put some Crossclimates on my Focus.
  2. At the lofty peak of my dad’s salesman career, he ordered a BRAND NEW 940 “Wentworth” which I think meant half leather and air con. 1992 maybe? I can confirm that it was 4 + OD- I spent many a journey wondering how that little button on the gearstick worked. I can still remember the exact smell of sitting in the back when he delightedly picked it up from the showroom.
  3. Brilliant! Delighted that it’s made its way closer to me- DIBS!
  4. You what now? How fucked is it please?
  5. Loving this thread, it’s always great to see you get on top of all the bits and bobs You really can’t beat the sound and smell of a 2 stroke and if you fancied turning the volume up a bit higher, there’s always these…
  6. Incredible. This is exactly the future we were promised but never got.
  7. At this rate you'll be divorcing us for Pistonheads.
  8. I used these guys loads when I lived in london and I’d thoroughly recommend. Immaculate premises too. Their “no pass, no fee” policy also extends to motorbike ULEZ testing which is fucking great in my book. Here’s a pic of the Saab of many shiters in their bay
  9. This is looking wonderful and has got me wanting a BX again. White is by far and away the best colour on them imho
  10. Sounds lovely and runs like a champ! Is it a Polini exhaust?
  11. God sorry I can offer no help other than than to say that the voltage does sound lower than I’d expect and the resistance maybe a bit high? I think I’ve got an old untested stator somewhere but it’s from a largeframe, I presume they’re different? Also, was there ever 6v versions of these?
  12. Incredible! I've loved every bit of seeing this come together. Can I buy it yet?
  13. At least I don’t have to worry so much about missing out on bargains anymore
  14. The perfect car. I had a simultaneous BX and X1/9 for a while (still got the X1/9). Angular Bertone FTW!
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