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  1. I was in Majorca last week and spotted this parked at the side of the road
  2. Just a heads up that this show is taking place on Friday 5th July. It starts in the afternoon and ends when it starts to get dark, there is an entry form on the website http://fleurdelyscvs.org/ or just send me a pm and I can e-mail you a pdf copy
  3. Snap - This one is mine, bought it to replace the Mondeo 3 years ago, I was going to use it as an everyday car but decided it was too nice for that so I carried on using the Mondeo and the BMW sparingly, I think I have done about 2K miles in it in 3 years
  4. I seem to remember it was in about 1985 the company car tax rules / bands altered, up to that point the bands were up to 1.3 litre, next 1.6 litre then 2.0 litre. Possibly in the new tax year from April the bands changed to 1.4 litre, 1.6 litre, not sure if the 2.0 litre stayed the same. The company I worked for had a fleet of Fords, Escorts & Sierras, entry level car was a 1.3L Escort, further up a 1.6L Sierra next 1.6GL Sierra or 1.6 Ghia Escort and the top management a 2.0 Ghia Sierra. As a daft young lad / gofer at the time I got to drive them all. I remember the 1.8 Sierras coming on fleet, the first was my favourite which I always tried to borrow if I could a 1.8 Ghia Estate, it wasn't quick but it looked good in a metallic blue / grey, pepperpot wheels and roof bars. I believe the first 1.8s were the Pinto engine and was changed to a CVH engine when the Sierra was facelifted for the 87 model year, I preferred the Pinto ones. The Escorts got the 1.4 CVH engine in about 86 I think - its a long time ago
  5. Austin 7 BMW Dixi and possibly a Datsun 10 connection, but not proved
  6. I just subscribe to Practical Classics now and do still enjoy it, I think it was at its best in terms of quality in the late 90s early 00s. Back in the eighties and nineties there were all sorts of short lived magazines which I bought Your Classic Real Classics Restoring Classic Cars Buying Cars which changed its title to Buying Cars which merged with another publication but I can't remember which, might have been What Car I also bought a few copies of Fast Lane - what happened to this?
  7. Are you breaking it? I could do with the power steering pipework / cooler that is under the radiator, mine are a bit crusty and damp, also due to brute force and ignorance I managed to break one of the front sub frame mounting bolts, I was seeing how tough they would be to remove before the impending clutch change, I managed to undo 3 of them but No4 wasn't playing ball
  8. Don't forget to check the spare wheel well, the tail light seals go hard and let in water which can sit unnoticed in the wheel well and before you know it your spare wheel will be bouncing out along the road
  9. Well it went as well as I had feared / hoped, the gearbox is in the correct place and bolted up, but I had to give in tonight as I just couldn't get the drivers side bottom ball joint to locate in the hub, I was on my own trying to lever the bottom arm down with one hand and trying to manoeuvre the hub with the other and it wasn't having it, the pass side went in no problem, I will engage the services of an assistant and have another go later in the week, anyway a resume of today. Time taken - Far too long - longer than it should Swear words used = 1367 Concerned neighbours "is everything OK?" - 4 No of attempts to lift box into position with selection of jacks and wood - 3 Grazed and skinned knuckles - 6 Wife saying "Come in now - enough is enough it will be dark soon" - 1 Anyway that's the weekend over, back to the day job tomorrow
  10. Eldest sons brought his Peugeot 206 around the other night, a bit of judder from the clutch an take up, I assured him it was nothing to worry about - clutch may be on its way out (85K miles) but should be OK for quite a while yet, next day there was a nasty noise clutch pedal went to the floor, unable to engage any gears with engine running - bugger. Towed the car home and have spent the day getting to this stage Yes the release bearing has exploded into lots of pieces, I have a new clutch kit (£47.00 for a Borg & Beck) and am really looking forward to tomorrow when I will try and put it all back together
  11. Our tame photographer has put up all the photos he took onto the website - link here https://fleurdelyscvs.org/media/gallery/2018-2/ see if you can spot yourself
  12. Just got home and put the cars away and poured myself a cold one from the fridge, thanks all that came along, I did save a space for you but it was pretty chaotic for me and I only managed to catch up with Alabama shrimp
  13. I will be there from about 6.30 in the morning as that is when the toilets arrive and they need paying for! section D is for cars 1972 to 1993. I will be spending the morning measuring out and white lining so if you want me to set a space aside for you all I can, just let me know for approx. how many
  14. Just a heads up that this show is taking place on Friday 6th July. It starts in the afternoon and ends when it starts to get dark, there is an entry form on the website http://fleurdelyscvs.org/ or just send me a pm and I can e-mail you a pdf copy
  15. Just a reminder its the Thornes Park event on the 6th July - 3 weeks on Friday
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