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  1. What dollywobbler said Might be a primer bulb somewhere or a spring loaded button under fuel filter. Perhaps crack open an injector, pump the primer see that diesel is reaching the injectors? If theres air in the lines this will also help get it out
  2. Wackeldackel


    If you do go down the K seal route ignore the instructions to put it in the header tank and instead take out the thermostat and tip it in there. If you're really sure it is hgf then don't put the thermostat back in and have the interior heater going top whack as well, fingers crossed its just a leak, but does sound ominous.
  3. Thought I'd treat myself and get some new embarrassing magazines to keep under my mattress, Sod the Playboy and Penthouse, I'll take the trabant grot mag please.
  4. Very good, brings to mind the old joke about the teacher. On monday morning, she went into the classroom, and on the corner of the blackboard someone had drawn a penis. Quickly she grabbed the blackboard duster and wiped the drawing away, and hoped none of the pupils saw. On Tuesday the same thing happened, but this time the drawing had grown a little bigger and more detailed. Quickly she wiped the board and blushed a little, she was sure one of the pupils had noticed. On Wednesday morning the little doodle had taken over almost half the blackboard. She wiped and wiped with the duster and was visibly embarrassed. The sight that greeted her on Thursday morning was enormous, taking up the whole blackboard, drawn in great detail. She tried as best she could not to get embarrassed as she wiped the board clean and vowed to arrive extra early the next day to catch the culprit. Friday morning, an hour before the bell rang for the first lesson, the teacher went to the classroom and opened the door, dreading what might be doodled on the blackboard. But instead of any more anatomical images she was greeted by the words "The more you rub it, the bigger it gets"
  5. DISLIKE (Puts on health and safety man hat) I had a carbon cutting disc go pop on me once, was stupidly cutting a piece of wood as all the saws in the shed were blunt. The blade overheated and shattered, scared the shit out of me, and was not much fun shaving for the next two weeks, drag razor over face BUMP, (now ex) girlfriend with magnifying glass and tweezers has to pull fragments of cutting disc out of my face. Not pleasant. Lucky it was winter and I was wearing thick coat, trousers and longjohns, not my usual summer attire of shorts and boots. Another good one was cutting steel reinforcement mesh with a disc cutter whilst wearing trackie bottoms. Sparks from the cutter onto polyester trackies...one second the hole was about the size of a 50p piece, a second or two later my whole bloody leg was on show! (Removes health and safety man hat)
  6. All 5, 000 odd of them are wasting their collective breath/keystrokes, the Law Society has already published guidelines relating to wills in compliance with Sharia law, stuff like women are excluded from being beneficiaries in the will, any non muslims and illegitimate children, even adopted children too are excluded. There was a study done by Civitas (a government agency, not some tuppeny ha'penny fly by night outfit either) not so long ago, found that there's more than 85 Sharia law courts operating in the UK, all outside the UK justice system, that is to say that all the laws passed by UK courts regarding sexual equality, gay rights et al go out the window. You're certainly right that Sharia law isn't going to be widespread in the UK, but it is happening, London Borough of Tower Hamlets in particular, under that nice* mayor Lutfur Rahman. My grin for today: bought a bottle of Jägermeister and 6 shot glasses in a nice gift pack off a work colleague for €5 "I can't drink that shit its far too sweet" he said....Christmas present for my brother sorted then!
  7. He was itching to say it, absolutely on the tip of his tongue I'm sure. As for being a "Pound shop Enoch Powell" that's no small accolade, if Farage was 1/1000 of the politician the late John Enoch Powell was I'm sure he'd be well pleased, to be mentioned in the same breath at least.
  8. I'm like that but with dates. 1st January - 24th December, dates consumed ZERO 25th December, dates consumed HALF TOTAL BODYWEIGHT
  9. Yes, well handy. I have a couple from BGS tools, not expensive and I found them very handy for taking my old exhaust back and middle sections to pieces, the copper nuts were rounded to buggery and the nut splitter worked a treat. Also used on bog standard steel nuts, and the cutting edge didn't seem to suffer too badly.
  10. Ratchet spanners please, new pair of slippers would be nice as well. Alongside the old faithful page 3 calendar, diary, toothbrush, socks, hankies and satsuma wrapped in Christmas paper.
  11. At work today, the smug smarmy S class merc driving property developer/doctor's husband mentioned in my spotted thread passed by to look at some work being done on their latest acquisition, a former pub/hotel in a little village. Me being nosey I chanced my arm and engaged him in conversion about his Mercedes and I wheedled my way inside the former function room of this former pub to be greeted with the following; The red one is a 1954 Volvo 444, there's a Porsche 924 and 928 in there too, the early W126 S class mercedes I previously photographed and just for good measure a special edition smart car. Special edition how I'm not sure. Was going to put this in the grumpy thread, grump being I wasn't allowed to lift the covers and see anything properly. edited due to general fat fingeredness and stupid photo bucket WANKER¥£&&TOSSRAG$@^bollocks, and also because TABLET.
  12. At the moment I'm driving on 4 continental winter contact tyres (inherited from previous owner) All are date stamped 2006 and all have 4-5mm left on them. They will see me through this winter in Germany and quite probably next winter in the UK. A couple of plug repairs and a dodgy valve replaced, but no complaints. Strictly speaking I should replace these tyres, but I'm loath to as they are all still in fine fettle, sidewalls crack free, and the little frilly bits on the tread that mark them out as winter tyres (there's a proper word for it but I've forgotten) all still looking good, no splits or uneven wear. On the other hand I was a bit disappointed in the summer when I bought a brand new set of Fulda EcoSport summer tyres 205/60/15 for my newly painted alloy wheels. First of all I'd have expected them to be made in Germany (Fulda is a town in Germany known for the tyre firm) but instead these were made in Thailand. Secondly I found them to be very very soft, they would pick up chippings like you wouldn't believe. Even on cooler days and in drizzle they still seemed to be "picking up". Only had them on for 8 weeks before changing to winter tyres and wheels but I don't expect them to last more than another summer.
  13. The prancing stallion (Invicta, latin for unconquered) is a hangover from when the company was called Aveling and Porter, based in Rochester in Kent (Invicta is the county shield for Kent). Aveling and Porter made machines such as steam engines and road rollers, Barford of Grantham was an agricultural engineer. Not sure when the two amalgamated (without looking it up) but afterwards they made construction machines, everything from cement mixers to the very successful master pavior road rollers, graders, dump trucks (including some Rd017 I think that were very similar to Leyland badger lorries). Still kicking about now I think, Barford site dumpers are still about, and theres also a nationwide network of plant hirers and dealers called Clive Barford limited. Thanks for the pic Scruff, nice to see.
  14. Thats curious. I know ecp will do you a bosch diz cap for the 6 cylinder engine for about £50 ish, or at least they did at easter this year when I bought a new one. Rotor arm about £17 and plugs about £2.30 each for an NGK non resistor. I'm pretty sure bosch made all the original ignition components for the vast majority of MB cars, the stuff by Beru isnt bad either in my experience. Hmmm. I think the 202 was first one without the recirculating ball steering. Normally its a shagged steering damper that makes steering feel a bit wooly on these and w124s
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