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  1. If it were me I would bypass the Rad Cooler with a length of Copper tube clipped to the front panel, (B&Q and others supply all the kit). The Autobox Cooler is really only for extremes such as towing.
  2. The Bearings in them do not last a lifetime, when worn they set-up a noise like you have a Helicopter strapped to the roof that goes on long after you have stopped, resonating through the van. Love em !
  3. I have the first nine months of Custom Car Magazine, in a proper binder with the Title printed on the spine, The first one was 2 shillings & 6 pence in March '70 I did advertise them on eBay some time ago with no takers. So if someone on here is willing to pay the postage they can have them, for free.
  4. Have you seen the size of the new JLR Engine plant alongside junction 2 of the M54?
  5. Just renewed our MT policy with Onesure, (micky-mouse insurance company I had never heard of before, £699. We were with L.V. last year (well known Company) but they wanted to hike it to £722, so Onesure deffed them out. Should say that we have two of us on this policy, Trade Plates, and two SDP cars.
  6. Is that a filling nozzle I spy, on the rear valance, between Towbar and Exhaust.?
  7. Retro_Auto


    Cut the top off an empty can and look at the inside walls to judge how effective it is.
  8. You didn't think for a minute that you were going to get away with just buying ONE? Do keep a space for that bargain rotten Minibus that you will JUST have to buy too !
  9. Is the Gold SD1 estate still in Gaydon?
  10. I was fortunate to find not one but two Autosleeper Sherpa's ripe for donoring. My wife tells me I am wrong (typical !) with the reg no's they were R293 GOJ and this one was R271 GOJ (note the more professional-looking Conversion)
  11. Is there only one? I thought mine had another on a black bracket just behind the driver's head. Please trace the purple wires as they run from front to back along the Cantrail, to see if there is other connectors. Found my Photo of R293 COJ Sherpa hubcaps clipped on carefully-drilled self-tappers
  12. That is a coincidence, the Guy I bought it off via eBay, was into his Dollies too !
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