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  1. Erm, even the base spec engine on the TT is the 1.8T which emits a minimum of 180hp... For something released over 20 years I think the TT is pretty good bit of design.
  2. I've got a Passat GTE, I actually bothered setting-up the charge point at home during lockdown. Was quite a novelty not using any petrol and moving silently for a few weeks. I could definitly see how even a low range car would work for most people, the passat only has a 30 mile range but I think that would be good enough for 80% of trips for most people espicially if you could charge it up at work. I have struggled to charge it out in the field, I think ive only been succesful once, the main advantage is being able to get a decent parking in an electric bay, its a bit like having a disabl
  3. Interesting intercooler placment, its almost as if they gave up.
  4. Its a barn find car, was covered in dust and was with a blue 220 turbo and a few other spares. Not sure how long it was tucked away before this new owner has bought it to sell on.
  5. Torsen diff so should be alright Yes, air filter in the boot Obviously for the cheapo insurances (that become invalid)
  6. Forged 86mm pistonsStock rodsT28 Chinese turboMagnecore red leadsBrembo 406 V6 BrakesBig fuck off oil leak & no Mot
  7. Went and did a buy, sorry no collection thread as it was pretty near by and I got it recovered anyway. Needs an oil leak sorting and MOT, but my god does it shift.
  8. Some great suggestions on this thread and a few options I hadnt considered, a lot of options ive already owned: MX5 - already owned, brillant to drive but was too reliable, noting really to tinker with and no room for the dog. Maybe a turbo one, one day. Mk3 Golf - Not feeling it, they seem a bit meh Corsa with engine swap - Just a car ive never wanted to own, not matter how tarted up 206 GTi - Not feeling it, and quite modern Primera - Too long 216 GTi - Too long ZX - Already owned (wouldnt exactly decribe it as a b-road blaster, more like boring commuter)
  9. Would love to do an MX5 swap into the Herald, although because of the fabrication needed for the engine mounts and suspension/drive train components that would need to be swapped over I think its a project thats beyond my skills.
  10. To clarify I have only dismissed modern cars as I can sample those with the missus, she currently has a R53 mini which will probably be replaced with a 182 or a Colt CZT. Wish I never sold my Citroen AX GTi now ?
  11. I currently have a Triumph Herald and although its a novelty to drive its not exactly something I can take for a thrash, mostly it trundles along to classic shows and the pub...which I like, id just also like a car that likes a B-road blast occasionally. As older hatches are on the price increase something that fits the bill is hard to come by, I have been looking at Toyota Glanza's but they seem quite expensive for what they are and standard ones carry a premium price, a metro with a VVC conversion would be nice but one for sale are few and far between and I cant be arsed doing the conve
  12. What's your opinion? Noticable? Although I guess with the state of your old ones anything would be lol
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