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  1. Glad it made it back ok, light could be something to do with the thermostat?
  2. You should probably get that fixed as its cold.
  3. I just love there is literally no description, is it even car based 😂
  4. Yes https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/799599914562471/
  5. Light bar was held on with suckers, remote central locking works on all doors/boot/fuel flap.
  6. Finally back home now, car has been faultless the whole trip. Top cars for the money, and wish we could justify keeping it! Will be up for sale later on in the month (without the stickers, unless you're quick!) for £1000 if anyones interested. I can safely say id trust it to travel to the south of France and back in comfort.
  7. Sorry for the lack of updates, Instagram is a better place to keep up. On the last day now, here are a few pics from the trip. 1125819550_VID-20220501-WA00122.mp4
  8. Hi, Thought id start a thread for a rally myself and a work colleague are doing, its called the TBR700 and its the NC500 up in Scotland + an extra 200 miles + the journey we have to make from the south all with a car budget of £567. We settled on a convertible and it looked like we could get an SLK in budget, after many messages across facebook marketplace, ebay and bumtree looking like absolute knobs trying to low ball people, an offer I had put on an ebay car that I had forgotten about was accepted at the pricely sum of £567 (bang on budget!). The car was in Wales and we are over in the South East, I was looking forward to a full shakedown but unfortunatly my colleague caught covid so we got it transported to his house and then I relayed it back to my garage for storage. The drive home was brillant dispite the leaky exhaust and it even has heated seats and cruise control! Key fob was hanging so got a nice new case for it! Surprisingly easy to swap over, and much better then the taped together wreck it came with. A couple of weeks ago I gave it a "full" service; I changed the oil but the filter cover would not come off with my oil wrench and my socket one doesnt fit so have left that for the moment, changed all the belts, rad cap, a split breather pipe and a collapsed water hose. Looking under the car at the exhaust it has a brand new CAT/Centre section but someone hadnt used enough bolts and what was fitted was worse then finger tight, I nipped up what was there and fitted another bolt, still sounds leaky but much better then it was. Today I went to collect it from the garage, fit the new central locking pump and get it MOT'd Unfortunatly on the way home the indicator lense decided to part company: The central locking didnt work at all and there was no way to get into the boot as handily the previous owner had replaced the ignition barrel but not the door or boot lock and the only key we had was for the ignition. The central locking board was at fault. Ebay purchase 1 was even worse! Ebay purchase 2 was a lot better, I cleaned it up with contact cleaner and fitted it today and now all central locking works and I could get into the boot properly for the first time (unfortunatly no treasure) Lastly as MOT was tomorrow I managed to source a spare indicator from a breaker 30 mins down the road, I also repaired the bumper (see if you can spot the repair!) Next plans are: MOT (tomorrow!) Get it cleaned up Apply stickers Do the rally! My colleague has set up an instagram page if you'd like to follow progress: https://www.instagram.com/team.goober/, i'll try and update here but im not the best! We are also doing a small amount of fund raising for the brain tumour charity if you have anything you could donate: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/teamgoober
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