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  1. Nice little article with some great pictures, surprised the cars are still using the original engines!
  2. Seems cheap at £5k despite the damage https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323907627865?ul_noapp=true
  3. Are these permanent 4 wheel drive or no centre diff?
  4. Still has the made in Japan sticker on the windscreen 🤩
  5. Whilst on my holibobs a few years ago
  6. Another vote for the Makita LXT range, I currently have a drill, impact driver and impact wrench. Impact wrench has been invaluable for crank bolts, gearbox flange bolts, track/tie rods and other hard to remove bolts. Their corded grinders have always seemed on the expensive side, I went with a Bosch blue instead and have been happy with it (used extensively for welding duty's)
  7. If your worried about them having keys surely that could happen to any car thats bought and sold? Seller makes a copy, doesnt tell the buyer, seller gets buyers address from V5? For a £500 car I wouldnt worry about it, as long as the car is half decent the battle is won? Are the keys really hard/expensive to replace or am I missing something else?
  8. Comes with free zombie
  9. number 36 please, I actually want to win this one!
  10. one of your finest tickets please sir
  11. Where are you based? Sorry if ive missed it
  12. You can download google maps so you can use them offline, as said above if your phone is unlocked just buy a cheap sim from three off Amazon for some data too.
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