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    Inter shitty collection

    Like a school trip, lunch will be demolished by 8am
  2. Just realised I posted this in the open forum. Silly me... Waking with the familiar excitement. Getting on a train with a one way ticket and a bag of food. Rain soaked cityscape giving way to muddy vistas, the blue-grey morning light revealing huddles of new lambs, still bare trees and affordable housing. It can only mean one thing, a car collection! Currently heading due north, being moved for the first and last time today by a V12 engine.
  3. That is a good price, eventually demand will exceed supply and they’ll be worth big money
  4. Me neither. Bearing failure yes, but they let you know when that happens. Could it be a blocked fuel filter or air filter?
  5. I’m toying with the idea of a trade policy, as the likes of FJ won’t cover my cars on one policy. Being free to change cars as often as I change trousers appeals also
  6. 2MB

    Ask a Shiter

    I’m just wondering if anyone has experience of trade insurance to cover their fleet. I’m not a trader but the only thing stopping me swapping cars regularly is the cost and effort of taking out/changing insurance policies. Whenever I’ve tried to get multi car insurance from the classic providers they won’t play ball due to the mix of classic, high performance and grey import vehicles I’ve got at the minute. I’d love to be able to buy half of the shite for sale on here in a whim and a trade policy seems to be the answer. Or am I missing something?
  7. Carabinieri are the coolest police/military force in the world. Red striped trousers, red flash on the car, bellissimo
  8. It’s not unusual in itself, but I still enjoy using the column shift autobox in my Elgrand
  9. If you think it’ll pass, a full ticket holds a lot more sway than saying it’ll pass on the advert
  10. My dad had one just the same (I guess this is a 2.0 auto) in dark grey when I was about 10. Exceptional cars, I for one am jealous and pleased you’re treating it right in equal measures. Prices for good ones already seem to be firming up, there’s nothing foolish in a bit of preservation and restoration
  11. Seen some fuckin weird contraptions parked outside there
  12. Was that a classic multi car policy? If so, how did you get it? They never seem to want to give me one but I have the urge to buy lots of shite without committing to a years’ use.
  13. It’s a BMW X6 with a dormer extension
  14. I might be slightly biased having had 2 Diablo red d turbos but ph1 306s look so right. If one ever comes along with the Bosch pump/T2 Turbo I’ll be on it like a pigeon on a chip. 205s are also ace
  15. Is it just me that first read the sign in the background as SCOOBY CUNT? Great thread and car. Why anyone says all Japanese cars are bland is beyond me.
  16. It’s not just about how much you can fit in the car...
  17. A couple of pics from Morley today Took my son on the Black Prince as he’s never been on a bus (!). It’s owned by a lad who was a couple of years above me at primary school, he said even then he was gonna have his own bus. Bonus car park shite
  18. Surely the correct answer is a crusty W210 300 turbodiesel running on waste veg and used engine oil?
  19. Everything goes up, even Rover 200s. I had an SD3 213 for my first legal car. It was over 20 years old at the time and mint, classic little old couple car, paid £250. The very few left now fetch a lot more, in spite of them being in no way seen as a classic. We just have to make the most of the lengthy, but finite period of shite being worth fuck all.
  20. 2MB

    Secret Shitters

    A little crap van would be essential if the rest of the fleet was made up of priceless exotica
  21. Rust fixes on any disco 1 are temporary at best
  22. I liked the 4+OD box in my 940 turbo. It meant you could prop your left knee where 5th would be on long motorway gallops
  23. I would like to do this, but the only mate that would be up for it has zero mechanical knowledge or desire to learn, so I know that would be left entirely to me. What he does have is the space on the drive though. I suspect walking up and down the road with heavy tools would get old quite quickly
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