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  1. I’m borrowing that idea for my wiper arms, they look shit on all my cars and that is a simple and elegant way of avoiding taking them off
  2. 2MB

    Cheap EBay oil

    Well worth doing if you plan on keeping the same car for a while, or all the fleet use the same stuff. Mannol by any chance?
  3. My grandad always had newish, small basic cars when I was growing up, and the white felicia he had was one of my favo(u)rit(e)s. It was very pleasant to be a passenger in, although he called it a 'little get' for some reason. Yours looks great in blue, they're wonderfully proportioned and styled I think
  4. The R107 SL and SLC had normal handbrakes, unless they're not thought of as passenger cars?
  5. Could there be air getting in? Does it turn over and not fire?
  6. They sound nice and need plenty of revs to make progress. Great cars
  7. At least Merc springs are impossible to compress with the horrible claw-type compressors (if they're still the same as the old ones)
  8. Loving the popemobile. If you really want economy smugness get it on the chip juice
  9. Always thought they were shit until I got taken round Anglesey circuit in a 180 by a decent driver, it was very impressive. It’s just a shame that they come from the time in between the current and historical periods of good looking Peugeots
  10. I was thinking to do the few jobs and put it up for about £750 in the usual places, but prices seem to be all over the place. I can’t think of a cheaper way of getting about apart from cycling, which incidentally is how I commute now. Even so, there’s not much in it, tax is £30 a year and it does 60+mpg on veg
  11. Sorry about the gumtree style pics
  12. Would anyone be in need of this before I put it up for sale properly? It has been faultless apart from the voltage regulator on the alternator packing up. £14 fix. I need to fit the new front pads I’ve bought for it and repair the blowing exhaust, and it has a bit broken off the front panel under the headlights and a snapped window winder. It has been the most dependable car I’ve ever owned but I can’t justify keeping it with our third child on the way. Will take a pic when I go outside but it looks like this with a bit less filth
  13. I found the opposite to be true, fitting partner van 14s made the steering lighter and more direct on my old GT without PAS. Had a K plate DTurbo 11 years ago as well, this has got me needing another. I daresay you got a bargain there, and it looks spot on with the yellow lighting
  14. It was uncomfortable at the time but in normal use I just had a bit of dampness. The tailgate got oily driving in the rain as well, but apart from being less than fluid-tight it was a lovely car that took a lot of abuse. Always have an eye out for another
  15. That does sound like it's coming from the heater. My old one suffered from it very slightly in normal use. After 5 runs up Shelsley Walsh with the boost turned up it turned into a fine jet of boiling coolant aimed at my left foot
  16. If you do change your mind about keeping it I would be interested. These have suddenly become hard to find
  17. I bet she was delighted
  18. It looks a bit sad that you're stood on its face. Sublime cars though, they represent to me the last of the line of the kind of 'proper' Alfas (164, 155, 156, 33, 75) I grew up with
  19. Had to get my copy of Dream Cars our when I saw the Isdera. This is my personal favourite, the inside of the b+b 928. The rest of the interior doesn’t need to be shouty with those amazing Recaros sat in the middle of it
  20. That is a fine collection. I’m especially partial to the 300td in Marrakesh taxi beige and the 440, because they seem to go under the radar even on here
  21. Nothing like a ferry to catch to cause cars to find a bit more lung capacity!
  22. A 67 impala is an inspired learner car. Can’t imagine it’d be too bothered by sudden movements on the pedals and wheel, and would certainly prevent the phobia of large cars a lot of drivers seem to have
  23. 2MB


    I do love the multicoloured Wera Allen keys
  24. My first car I drove on the road, a Rover 213 bought for about £200. One elderly owner from new, had never been above 40mph. I was sceptical about this until the first time I took it on the motorway when it shivered and eventually died on saddleworth moor. Was a great car after I’d got it running right, the 12 valve Honda engine was one of the sweetest I’ve encountered
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