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  1. I think the only car I’ve been lent was my housemate at the time’s Corsa B Merit when my E30 was in for MOT. I entered a roundabout at a speed roughly equal to what was comfortable for the lowered bm and it just sailed straight on. He called it Howard if I remember right.
  2. 2MB


    I see an M3 this colour round Huddersfield sometimes and it looks brilliant
  3. Vans block out a fair bit more light
  4. 2MB

    Ape in the fog

    I thought it was a crack pipe
  5. 2MB

    Inter shitty collection

    I have a stock of SVO to use up, not found any waste oil at a reasonable rate near me
  6. 2MB

    Inter shitty collection

    I used to have a 300td auto, it’d be a pretty close race
  7. 2MB

    Inter shitty collection

    A little update on this, it hasn't seen a drop of diesel since the day I picked it up, and continues to start and drive exactly the same on roughly 95% veg 5% petrol (because winter). Will post a more recent pic when I've bothered to wash it, I'm ashamed to say it has been ever so slightly pineappled. Averaging 63mpg brim to brim mostly kicking its head in. If you wanted to it could easily top 70mpg, but I'd rather keep up with traffic
  8. It’s quite surprising how slow to 60 that bike is, considering the cars that were available at the time
  9. Not sure why but I love these vans. Might have to get an xud turbo one before they all disappear, the twin exhausts look so sporty
  10. Aye it’s a shame the stuff is so sticky and orrible. Sunflower/rapeseed is the way to go if you want to be a tight cunt through winter though, all the soya I’ve got in the shed has been put to one side as it’s turning to yogurt
  11. Heard tales of people getting 45mpg from these slugs. Mine had a rock solid 30mpg average day to day on 100% veg. Was the same colour as yours but a year older. Lovely stately old thing to drive, highlights included taking 3/5ths of a band and most of their gear inc full drum kit to a gig at harewood house, and getting a single divan bed and mattress in the back with the tailgate almost closed. Loved the soft close tailgate and rear interior lights in the pillars. The fuel gauge was fine but the one in the 190D seems to be as tempremental as yours: try sitting in the back seats with the engine running when it shows empty to see if it comes to life. If so it’s a dodgy connection to the top of the tank rather than a failing sender. They are great cars, a rotten rear ARB mount made for the departure of mine, but I think you got a bargain if yours is solid where it counts.
  12. Never noticed that these have the same lights/wipers switchgear arrangement as my Skyline R32 GTR. Every day is a scool day
  13. If I lived in Scotland (which I intend to one day) I would be definitely one of your best customers
  14. 2MB

    Recommend a motor

    I had no idea these were pug engined. Want one even more now but have no clue why
  15. All the bargain red 205s on here, it’s like my past coming back to haunt me
  16. One of the 10l bottles I got from Farmfoods has gone horribly gloopy and the others are slightly cloudy. Proof if it were needed that the rapeseed stuff from Tesco is a better fuel than KTC soya oil; it seems very resistant to cold weather. Lupo SDI is still firing up almost instantaneously on 97/3 veg/petrol, 7k miles since it last saw diesel (didn’t fancy taking a cubie on the train to Scotland to collect it)
  17. Riding this home would be an adventure. A bloke on something similar once stopped and asked me how to get to London (from Dewsbury) without using the motorways. Always wondered if he made it
  18. My old red 205 1.4 (gt) had just about the most instant power at its disposal of any car I’ve ever driven, literally a flex of the right foot would pull you right up a hill in a way that nothing has been able to match. I really want this
  19. 2MB

    Ford timelord

    They sound like absolute arseholes. Artists in the truest sense of the word
  20. Quite why any other manufacturers apart from Mercedes haven’t put all the functions on one stalk (on the right for RHD of course) is beyond me
  21. The 4x4 Nissan Elgrand on snow tyres and diff lock is parked on the drive uninsured to protect it from the salt. It is brilliant in the snow, mud and oomska, but this winter the mrs’ Astra G 1.7 dti on winters will have to do the business, of it can stop fuckin breaking down
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