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  1. Had to get my copy of Dream Cars our when I saw the Isdera. This is my personal favourite, the inside of the b+b 928. The rest of the interior doesn’t need to be shouty with those amazing Recaros sat in the middle of it
  2. 2MB

    Harrison's Garage

    That is a fine collection. I’m especially partial to the 300td in Marrakesh taxi beige and the 440, because they seem to go under the radar even on here
  3. Nothing like a ferry to catch to cause cars to find a bit more lung capacity!
  4. A 67 impala is an inspired learner car. Can’t imagine it’d be too bothered by sudden movements on the pedals and wheel, and would certainly prevent the phobia of large cars a lot of drivers seem to have
  5. 2MB


    I do love the multicoloured Wera Allen keys
  6. My first car I drove on the road, a Rover 213 bought for about £200. One elderly owner from new, had never been above 40mph. I was sceptical about this until the first time I took it on the motorway when it shivered and eventually died on saddleworth moor. Was a great car after I’d got it running right, the 12 valve Honda engine was one of the sweetest I’ve encountered
  7. If yours is a saloon there’s 2 switches for the rear wiper and wash on T models that will be blanks
  8. I remember looking at some old heap with my dad at a used car dealer in Holbeck, Leeds (E34 525i IIRC) when an artic transporter turned up fully loaded. "What the fuck's that" shouts the owner, pointing at a pretty nice looking Lada Riva, to be told by the transpoter driver it was a freebie. He wasn't impressed and would've sent it back if it wasn't right on the back of the lorry. It was a similar age and in better condition than most of the stuff on the forecourt. Struggling to think of anything as comparably worthless now
  9. 2MB

    Kolourfu11 Shite

    Not heard of technolube but would assume it conforms to pretty modern standards which will make it better than what the engine was designed for, and clean oil is better than dirty regardless of what brand it is
  10. 2MB

    Kolourfu11 Shite

    I for one would love to see more of both these machines
  11. 1989 240GL, attempting to replicate a series of roundabout drifts that had gone so well with just me in the car resulted, somehow, in the offside front wheel twatting a curb at considerable speed. None of the rear seat passengers spilled their drinks, but the wheel was folded nearly in half. Fearing catastrophic suspension and steering damage I stuck the spare on and it was absolutely fine
  12. ^ cars I mean, not stalks. Mercedes had it right with one stalk for everything
  13. Indicators should be on the right stalk for rhd though. Keeps your gear changing hand free. Does take a bit of thinking about when you have 2 of each though
  14. My memory is skewed by childhood and nostalgia but the Dedra turbo my dad has in the mid 90s was sublime: comfy, fast and the best seats ever. Nobody was using alcantara apart from Lancia then and it’s everywhere now. And they look like an Italian Primera which has to be a good thing. Now they’re remembered as the last car Lancia sold in the UK, and so the model that killed the brand to the point where their current models have to be rebranded as a fuckin Chrysler to have any hope of selling any.
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