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  1. They can be very sensitive to width and tension though, correct one might just cure it. Lovely looking bus by the way, and I am in complete agreement that everyone needs a five pot at some point in their life
  2. The more I see the more I love it
  3. I was perving over this on eBay. Glad it’s in the fold, I really like the look of it
  4. E30 318is coming back from the ring in the worst rain I’ve ever seen, drivers side wiper decided it would rather flap around on the side window than clear the screen. Took the arm off to find stripped splines, so a cheese & onion pasty wrapper was wrapped around the spindle and the arm pushed over it and tightened. Lasted at least the remainder of my ownership
  5. Came here to say the very same. It’s great that the best looking cars out at the moment are made by Peugeot and Volvo, just like they were in the 90s
  6. My dad had one just like that, but it was a CS with every option. First owner must’ve been adamant they didn’t want a fancy turbocharger
  7. 2MB

    Fuel gauge arrow

    Girlfriend is at work in it but I’m pretty sure our smart forfour has no arrow, the hose on the right and the flap on the left
  8. They made the sdi for the full production run I think. If yours is piss yellow mine is puke green. 13 thousand miles on 100% veg oil so far. that’s a bargain for £200 and a result to fly straight through the test
  9. Was going to say the very same.
  10. 2MB

    Car features

    I enjoy some of the features in my 1997 Elgrand, like the remote control that operates most interior features inc the sunroof, auto lights and switchable four wheel drive. However these can all be switched off or ignored at will. Modern features that try and take over the driving for you I find are generally somewhere between off putting and dangerous. Being able to park and remain in the correct lane are things that should be within the capability and control of the driver, but maybe I’m a Luddite
  11. One of the few standout examples where the facelift was a marked improvement over the original IMO. That facelift was a long time ago in this case though, but I have faith
  12. Had a ride on TWY8 and LHL164F and it was surprising how little advancement there has been in the ride comfort of passangers there has been in the last 60-odd years
  13. Today I attended Dewsbury Bus Museum's day at Batley Mill Village. I don't know very much about buses so won't be able to give much detail to the pics, but the fact that these enthusiasts are able and willing to drive people around in their preserved, restored or well worn vehicles for free is something I find heartwarming and fasciniting in equal measures.
  14. I struggle to be to be remotely interested in anything with a Diesel engine you have to fuel with pump diesel
  15. I’m in Wakefield, what’s the crack?
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