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  1. What is going on is that they have designed a car so fucking ugly that literally everybody knows what it looks like. See also Tesla cybertruck accidental window breakage and subsequent share price increase. No publicity is bad publicity but it’s certainly no E21 or E30
  2. An impeccable stable with the correct approach to improvement imo. That Falcon is ace
  3. It’s in reverse, the speedo counted back from zero!
  4. My old 205 GT at the top of the clock. If you look closely you might be able to see how I did it
  5. I’ll be heading from West Yorkshire to clacton on sea and back on the 28th. Will be in a small van, empty on the way down and loaded but with some room to spare on the way back. Happy to move stuff if required but wouldn’t be able to deviate too far due to time constraints
  6. That is one of the most realistic fake turds I’ve seen. Got a link?
  7. I had a green sdi but sold it a couple of month ago. There’s pushbikes that cost more to run
  8. Among other things they’re great at , these things are brilliant for moving stuff about with. Once delivered a sofa to dewsbury in my old one. Great cars that somehow manage to be much better than the 6n polo they’re based on
  9. Had a 240 with the same engine and it had enough power to do third gear drifts at 70 mph. It’s all about commitment, and even 2.3 turbos aren’t anything close to being fast by today’s standards. They are, however, reliable, comfortable and spacious as well as being enjoyable to drive sedately. Offering to put it through a test does seem to make sense. Thoroughly enjoyed my old 940 but some of that may have been down to it being a turbo estate
  10. 2MB

    Ghostly Goings On

    I always thought so, but the one in my bus doesn’t have a removable face plate
  11. 2MB

    Ghostly Goings On

    This made me chuckle. Unsure of the purpose of it apart from reminding you that you have a Sony head unit
  12. I’ve always harboured a strange desire to invest in a really short, expensive private reg and put it on a shit scooter. No idea why
  13. I have nothing to add apart from the memory of seeing one of these parked neatly in the grass where the M62 splits around the farm, having somehow leapt over the barrier. Can imagine they are a perfect storm of shit handling/susceptible to sidewinds/driven by giffers
  14. 2MB

    Mercedes C180K

    Original owner might’ve just wanted not to have a sweaty arse?
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