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  1. Owned: merc S124, 198,000 Been in: merc w123, 2,600,000. Taxi we hired for a day in marrakech to go to the mountains. Still felt fine
  2. Seems I have fitted 2 o rings and only needed one. Oh well. No sign of a copper washer though, and the drawing appears to back this up
  3. The copper washers are the only thing that come up on a search but I couldn’t see any sign of one when the injector was out. I thought the 2.2 engines were all the same before about 2009 but maybe not
  4. Progress report on the FR-V: After grinding the backplate down the drum handbrake decided to stick. Easy enough fix, adjusted it back and was rewarded with the disc beginning to grab. The previous owner had said something about swapping the slider pins around to sort a similar issue on the other side before the MOT, but this achieved the sum total of fuck all, along with cleaning and regreasing said pins and the calliper itself. Bemused at an apparently cursed rear brake system I bought a new caliper and fitted it without incident. Quick test drive produced no heat or noise so I treated i
  5. Can’t think of a better car to drive round and round a roundabout than a yellow lupo
  6. 10 year ago to the day. Drove fine over snow on shit summer tyres. Don’t remember the heater being all that good though, but the evening post tower was reading -13 for a few morning on my way to work that year
  7. But where does the horse galloping towards the train come in to it?
  8. Leeds, exactly 10 years ago. That 306 was excellent in the snow and ice.
  9. Last job was to investigate the sticky back brake that was causing the wheel to get pretty hot. Thinking it’d be a badly adjusted handbrake shoe or seized caliper I stopped out down and found that the inner edge of the (new) disc had been carving itself a nice groove in the backplate. Whether this was due to the metal swelling with rust or badly made/wrong discs I don’t know, but a bit of prescision* grinding resulted in a much more agreeable fit
  10. Oil was black bright as me Mam would say. Slightly different filter design, hopefully won’t cause any issues
  11. Air filter was cleaner than expected
  12. Seeing as it was unclear when it’d last been serviced, I thought I’d treat the FR-V to some love. It blew a headlight bulb on Sunday so first quick job was to swap a working one from my drawer of salvaged bits. Got a phone call from the hospital while fitting the new one and managed to drop the bleeding thing into the headlight. I’d highly recommend this if you want to spend 3 hours fucking about while contorted into various crippling positions. Managed it eventually and made use of my fancy ramps to drop the oil
  13. Ever found out that fuel gauges over read when running veg oil, on the northbound M1 in a mk2 golf? Followed by some expert* conservation of momentum to get off the slip road and over 2 roundabouts, coasting to a gentle halt 200 yards from a petrol station
  14. It was an A road and about 3 weeks after it flew off but I found it
  15. Progress is going to be slow on the scooter as it’s a rather low priority at the moment. Had a play with it last night. It runs for about a minute then dies. Fuel seems to be getting to the carb ok but I noticed the air filter cover had come off at some point. Hopeful that refitting it will sort it but I’d already had a chewing for waking the baby up by riding it up and down the back yard.
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