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  1. There’s no way it could be done for cheap but I’ve always loved the idea of fitting the engine and box from a wrecked clio 182 into an early Volvo 440, stripping it out and sitting it on OZ Super Ts like a touring car that never existed. The fact that the early fwd Volvos used Renault motors leads me to belive it would all just bolt together but this theory is most likely bollocks and in any case it wouldn’t drive as well as a clio but still...
  2. 2MB

    Lottery win autoshite

    Knew it would be a Bristol by the first 2 posts. They really do look hand built
  3. 2MB

    Car chases

    Would imagine you’ve got to give a 406 a fair booting to keep up with an M5
  4. The idea of running a proper track car on red diesel is both sensible and hilarious
  5. There was a fully track prepared Xsara VTS with a naff WRC paint job sold on eBay for about £800 earlier this year. They are few & far between though, and the pretty version of them is starting to be worth a bit now
  6. Such thoughts rattle around in me head all the time. The obvious choices are so for a reason but there aren’t any rules really. A couple of ideas I’ve seen/though of: Toyota MR2 mk3. Cheap, mid engined, not a backwards facing metro BMW 330d E46. There was one on slicks at the last track day I went to and it was brutal Pug 206 gti 180. Seen as the poor relation but will keep up with the clios Citroen Xsara VTS. Great if you can find one
  7. 2MB

    Travelling for shite

    Of the cars I currently own, 2 of 4 have come from Scotland and the one I’ve just sold is going there. I know we aren’t what’s generally seen as normal people on here but travelling decent distances to collect a car are some of the best days of my life, major events notwithstanding
  8. I love that green the mk1 Fabias came in. If I ever see an SDI one for sale I might have to buy it
  9. They can be very sensitive to width and tension though, correct one might just cure it. Lovely looking bus by the way, and I am in complete agreement that everyone needs a five pot at some point in their life
  10. The more I see the more I love it
  11. I was perving over this on eBay. Glad it’s in the fold, I really like the look of it
  12. E30 318is coming back from the ring in the worst rain I’ve ever seen, drivers side wiper decided it would rather flap around on the side window than clear the screen. Took the arm off to find stripped splines, so a cheese & onion pasty wrapper was wrapped around the spindle and the arm pushed over it and tightened. Lasted at least the remainder of my ownership
  13. Came here to say the very same. It’s great that the best looking cars out at the moment are made by Peugeot and Volvo, just like they were in the 90s
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