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  1. 2MB

    Stance hilarity

    I’ve got nowt against ride height adjustment, my daily is wound down pretty low. However, I’ve fitted wheels and tyres that never contact the body, even with 200l of veg oil in the back. I’ve always thought that air ride was a way to have wide wheels, good fitment, stance and all that shit, while retaining drivability on the road. So why the fuck has the 2 tone W124 been driven with the tyres and wheels rubbing on the body, when they had the option to avoid it when in motion? I know there’s a catalogue of errors here but I can’t get my head around that
  2. 2MB


    Best window winders ever. There’s something delightfully classy about a non-sporty, worn-in 900
  3. I’m so glad you’re making a good car out of this where I failed to have a working car for most of the time I had it. Broken spring and dead battery maybe a sign the curse is still going, Hope that’s the last of it. Re the handling, I think magazine journos call it safe understeer, not sure I agree
  4. 2MB

    BMW 320 coupe

    This is all rather exciting
  5. No thanks, they match the shirt too well anyway
  6. Glad the old crate got you home. The driving gloves must've escaped the clearout, where I managed to fill 3 large shopping bags with my gf's assorted crap
  7. 2MB

    What works?

    How many people with cars that have been faultlessly reliable darent tempt fate and say so on this thread?
  8. I think the only car I’ve been lent was my housemate at the time’s Corsa B Merit when my E30 was in for MOT. I entered a roundabout at a speed roughly equal to what was comfortable for the lowered bm and it just sailed straight on. He called it Howard if I remember right.
  9. A bus yard I walked past in Tokyo
  10. 2MB


    I see an M3 this colour round Huddersfield sometimes and it looks brilliant
  11. Vans block out a fair bit more light
  12. 2MB

    Ape in the fog

    I thought it was a crack pipe
  13. 2MB

    Inter shitty collection

    I have a stock of SVO to use up, not found any waste oil at a reasonable rate near me
  14. 2MB

    Inter shitty collection

    I used to have a 300td auto, it’d be a pretty close race
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