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  1. 2MB


    @RetroShitehow do you manage with insurance? Traders policy?
  2. I used it for a few months while I did some work on my Porsche, it gave me no problems and was great fun. I ended up with too many cars so advertised it for sale and got a message from a guy a couple of miles away who was supposedly desperate for a car. Delivered it to him and got a text the next morning asking if I still had the Nissan...? Turns out he'd sold it on straight away, presumably to a scrap man seeing as though @Spurious to me is the last keeper change and a certificate of destruction was issued. Presumably the cat was worth something but it was a 90s nissan with an SR20 and no rust, could have been reliable transport for years to come. Pissed me off to be honest
  3. Piece of piss. 20 or 21mm socket & extension. Undo the nut a few turns and loosen the wheel off the splines by pulling it towards yourself. If it's been on a while it'll take some persuasion and leaving the nut on will stop any interaction between the wheel and your face when it lets go
  4. Was either a BMW E30 or a mk2 Golf, had them both at the same time
  5. The Vestatec Magnum had pop-up headlights and a forward opening bonnet, as well as a heckblende and a longitudinal engine. I think it would have a retractable aerial as well to give a score of 5 https://carakoom.com/blog/poverite-li-vy-chto-eto-kupe-vestatec-magnum-sozdano-na-baze-bmw-e30
  6. It started with the E23 7 series in 1980. 745i was a 3.2 turbo straight six
  7. That’s me told then! Can’t remember where I read about the spec of the torslander
  8. Believe they were a cold weather special. heated seats alloys instead of steels for rust prevention windy windows in case of frozen seals think the wentworth 940 had a standard lsd but the torslanda would’ve benefitted if it wasn’t standard fit
  9. Can’t say I’ve owned any kind of limited edition. Did hire a fiat panda 150th anniversary in Turin almost a decade ago for my girlfriend’s 25th birthday. It was nice enough, it can just be made out behind some old heap we parked behind
  10. This was a long time ago but the 95 aero had my bmw truly beat in power output and number of washer jets
  11. My dad is a serial Saab licker but I’ve always had Volvos when in the mood for a bit of swede. It’d feel like cheating but I really must try owning one while they’re accessible
  12. Owned: merc S124, 198,000 Been in: merc w123, 2,600,000. Taxi we hired for a day in marrakech to go to the mountains. Still felt fine
  13. Seems I have fitted 2 o rings and only needed one. Oh well. No sign of a copper washer though, and the drawing appears to back this up
  14. The copper washers are the only thing that come up on a search but I couldn’t see any sign of one when the injector was out. I thought the 2.2 engines were all the same before about 2009 but maybe not
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