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  1. Breaking a ford mondeo 2.0 engine is in good nick pics of the car on the link , and of course special shiters prices http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171695823725?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Remains of the jag I broke missing a lot of parts but the engine and gearbox are still in it and the body is very straight . £200 is what I've been offered for scrap but I thought I would offer it on here , no wheels
  3. If the scrap metal prices keep going down , then the free car may be a possibility again
  4. I think car prices do seem to be going down a little , it just seems stupid that a rotten ford fiesta can get £200 on ebay
  5. I only started buying cars recently and it seems that nowadays you can't actually buy cheap cars like you used to. My cheapest was a rover 420 bought for £110 including delivery then scrapped 2 days later for £117 and a 1993 mazda 121 £110 Maybe those days of cheap cars will come back ? Post your cheapest bangers
  6. Looking for an old banger no mot needed looking to pay upto £200 but it has to be in Kent Thanks
  7. Cars made after 2000 that are becoming rare ? Early mk3 mondeos etc.
  8. As for the scrapyard in sandwich , what's it called ?
  9. I sold the 924 Le Mans but I do have some pics which ill ad
  10. We can have a deal if you send it to Mongolia and I will send the cash by post
  11. Throw in a paper plate and we have a deal
  12. Looking for a cheap scrap car that runs , doesn't need to have not or tax in Kent for a max of £150
  13. Don't know if this has been done already , but thought it would be interesting to see your scrapyard finds , eg the car tucked away in the corner
  14. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C314152#
  15. I'll get w pic of them all together , I will warn you that I have an incredibly shite 4 ltr which I bought for 180 quid in february
  16. Jag is sorted , but I'm always buying more , now looking for a banger instead
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