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  1. Next was this 1.2 punto Mia . I actually bought this simply by leaving a note on it as it stood out to me being a really early one of these on a y reg . Anyway thie lady who owned this was really nice and stuck 12 months mot on it for me and it came with loads of paperwork they had owned it from new and it had had a fortune spent on it including head gasket and all sorts it was really well cared for anyway £200 saw me driving  it away a real bargain . However due to it being a base spec it had no abs and I almost crashed on a wet day when the wheels locked , addimiteldy coming round a corner going far too fast 





  2. I’m going to start to document some of my past car history 


    I’ve only been driving legally for a year or so so am only gonna do the cars I have driven in the road  the other 100 or so will have their own thread soon


    first car I got shortly after my test was this utter bargain of a 307 se , don’t theft the looks deceive you although picked up cheap for 500 with a years ticket I spent almost that again having new tires and the tracking done the tracking was so bad that the lad at quick fit said they had never seen anything so bad and he would try his best to correct it  got to the stage that all the technicians where standing around it in amazement . Also it’s french electrics meant the lights would randomly turn on and the radio had a min of its own . Sometimes the horn wouldn’t work and to override this you had to turn the lights on and off oh and also the ac broke and so did the drivers window mechanism in the scorching summer of 2018




  3. Update


    car has actually surprised me very well equipped electric mirrrors lumbar support ac now I have actually put some oil in the thing it runs alright and sounds sweet it even has sport mode  the previous owner was a chain smoker by the looks of it aswell 






  4. so I have recently acquired a dismal Hyundai Lantra that has to last me the next 2 months then I’m scrapping it , I am thinking of getting some paint and spray paint and painting some stuff on it any suggestions for some funny stuff to write preferably short and mildly offensive 


  5. Hi all


    Recently been really tempted in buying a clk to use for a bit then just bin , runners with mots seem to be around for about 400 upwards , apart from rust what else is there too look out for and what are ownership costs like . Also if anyone has one for sale let me know

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