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  1. One from the Beeb's retrospective on the 1984 miner strikes: DFR945W Miners' strike: ‘We had to bury our baby in a stranger’s coffin’ - BBC News Coded as 'Austin Morris' on the DVLA's online records, but seemingly a Princess 2000 registered in September 1980. The final tax disc ran out in November 1991, so presumably not a survivor. Side stripes look nice, though.
  2. I really like them too - I know a fella who has a real one, and I'm kinda jealous even though I'd have no use for one (he uses his to drain flooded land). Not sure about any larger scale model examples, but both Oxford Diecast and Corgi Trackside produced 1/76 scale models of the Green Goddess. They were available in quite a vast array of different paint finishes, to reflect demobbed examples sold on to private airfields and the like: They're mostly obsolete now, but aren't too hard to find second-hand: I have the Oxford version in original AFS livery ^ And also the 1980s Northern Ireland spec version, a small number of which were operated by the Department for the Environment and painted yellow to differentiate them from army vehicles (but also fitted with riot shields, just in case). The casting on the Corgi version is a little less detailed than the Oxford release, but still quite nice: I did have one of these going spare, but I'm not sure now if I sold it on already. I know of a new Oxford version currently on one of the market stalls, but can't now remember how much he wants for it. Maybe £12 or so. They do crop up second-hand quite often though - generally for a fiver or less. Worth having!
  3. Yep, that's a Dinky Supertoys #956 Turntable Fire Ladder - which I think is based on the Bedford S-Type ('Green Goddesses' were military-spec Bedford RLHZ trucks bodied for the civilian Auxiliary Fire Service as self-propelled pumps, but the front end looked similar). The one on the stall had lost its ladder and wasn't in great overall nick, but it's a handsome big thing, and not too hard to find better examples online.
  4. I knew I should have picked that up... Ah, regrets!
  5. They had quite a few of the LM002 still on the pegs over at the Poundland in Abbeycentre, and I might well be over again tomorrow... so order books are open!
  6. Sure was! I was pleased to spy it down at the bottom of the box of Days Gone - I thought there was a fiver asked on it the first time round, and maybe there was, but it didn't sell then and so a mere £2 took it today... Victory!
  7. So - I think that's it for the day? Yup, it is. Not quite a vintage morning, and with abundant technical difficulties at both ends, but sometimes you gotta make the most of what y'got... Happy Friday, kids.
  8. A scoot through Poundland closed off the day's diecast thrills - this is the only store I'm aware of in the Greater Belfast area which has this mix of late-2023 Matchbox. It's where I found the Volvo 240 in January, and today it yielded up a blue release version of the 1970 Ford Ranchero, a green version of the '36 Ford Coupe, and this silver Lamborghini LM002 which I didn't even know had made it through as a mainline. I was very fond of the LM002 when I first learned about it as a kid, as it seemed so improbable but also looked quite purposeful. Taking a Countach V12 and shoving it into an off-roader seemed wonderfully deviant; it was only much later I realised that Lamborghini's main business was tractors, plant equipment and marine engines, so really it was the supercars which were the weird aberration in the company, not the rugged stuff. I also didn't know that it was a failed attempt to gain military orders, after which dismal efforts were made to bling them up in leather and flog them to insanely wealthy scions of the Saudi royal family as just another overpowered toy to break in the dunes. Still - nice that there's a small affordable effort available that I can slip into my pocket! The others are lovely too, but it's the 'Rambo Lambo' that gets my vote.
  9. A lunchtime recce out to Abbeycentre to collect an order from Argos brought me dangerously close to a branch of Smyths... So I went in. It was full of children, mostly crying. So I went out again. In between though, I managed to find another Forza Mk2 Escort, just chilling there on a peg, which was handy as I know @bunglebus has been on the lookout for one. I also nabbed another two Hot Wheels for myself - the totally batshit Mazda kei van monster truck, and the nicely stock RX7 FC which I've had my eye on for a while. Hard to photograph the rotary Mazda in the box; still, that's a state of affairs that probably won't last long.
  10. Same here. No access to Miniature thread; eBay thread the same and no uploads. 'Bad Gateway 502' seems the most common error code for me too.
  11. Yup, I was pleased to be able to snaffle this still-sealed Majorette Range Rover fire appliance and water trailer twin-pack from the £2 box of (largely) Lledo and Corgi Motoring Memories... One which @Spottedlaurel had requested back when it first appeared last month. So I'll set that one in with the others in your box! And, ultimately, that wasn't quite all for the day...
  12. Suitably refreshed, but also conscious that some men were due to imminently call at the house to fix the garage door and I was 12 miles away poking at kiddies' toys, there was only time for a quick dash round the stalls again before heading on. Market Blokey had garnished his ashtrays with a few of the more presentable toys from the case, but it was still a bit of a busted flush today. Although, looking back at the pics, I should have made him an offer on the Dinky Mighty Antar. There was also a cheap Hong Kong tin tray which brought back memories, as it was exactly the same as one we kept exclusively for leaving out on Christmas Eve, for Santa's glass of sherry and a mince pie: (My folks were always oddly insistent that Santa would definitely prefer sherry over a glass of milk; though admittedly, skimmed milk at room temperature isn't great - so maybe they had a point.) And this lovely piece of etched folk-art, commemorating the sleepy townland of Drumcree in 1998. I guess they ran out of room to add the riot police, soldiers, razor wire and petrol bombs. Fun times. Ah well. And with that, it was time to go... With just the one small purchase.
  13. A quick scuttle round the rest of the stalls brought not much - Colin on the Irish Tat stall had the recent Rover P5B by Oxford Diecast: Which I have to say, did tempt me. I also quite liked this HiAce, though it's pricey enough - and what would I do with it? 'Give Children Like Toys' Well, okay. I took a turn round to the Charity Stall, who did have a 50p rummage box - but the only wheeled items were a broken Majorette breakdown truck and a Disney Pixar 'Cars' character in the shape of an F1 car. My pics didn't turn out, but you can imagine. Alan was just starting to think about maybe taking the tarps off his stall... So I went to grab a coffee, in the splendour of the just-refurbished Drop Hopper coffee shop. Again, no pics, but you can imagine. They've also upped their bun game considerably...
  14. By the time I got my snout out of the trough, a few more things had appeared up the top of the stall. Crumbs! Surely this cornucopia of Lesney MoY goodness is enough to encourage anyone to take up smoking. Three ashtrays and three beautiful cigar boxes, in a choice of gold and silver finish. I tell you, emphysema never looked so stylish. Also, those Solido Age d'Or fire vehicles, those Havana Club promo '50s cars, and assorted partworks and confectionery related freebies. It's fine, but... This New Ray Civic in an odd scale was interesting, mind: As were yet more tin toys, presumed mostly modern repros: Although rumour has it that Homer and Moe playing pool could be a 1920s original. And some trainshite also appeared - a few loose HSTs, and boxed locos too. Meanwhile, the Days Gone box of £2 dross showed up... With slightly better Shell promotion freebie Ferraris, but still... nah. So, feeling slightly underwhelmed, off I sloped...
  15. This selection was last offered up to our expectant eyes in October and November last year, so in a way it's kind of stale, sadly... Many of these are quite heavily playworn, while others have had been subjects of enthusiastic, if not exactly competent, repaints. Ford was ok; Land Rover suffering some structural unease. MG and Vanguard a bit the worse for their adventures in Humbrol-land. The squeezed-in-a-vice Corgi MkX Jag was still here... As was a DS with similarly inflicted wounds. But it wasn't all horror. This pair of Corgi Chevies - Impala and Corsair - were actually alright; however, I already own examples of both of these in slightly better shape. Daktari Land Rover was also reasonable, though the Dinky Rambler beneath has the baseplate coming away. Corgi Buick Riviera and Dinky Merc were both just tired, rather than wrecked. Probably decent project material. Corgi Ghia suffering from bumper and glazing damage, though otherwise complete (unlike many). Hongwell Minis kinda suffering from their months spent locked in the case, with paint and bumper damage, but possible parts donors or projects in their own right. I suppose it all comes down to the price... ...and I'm not sure what he wanted on these! They were £10 last year, but there's a chance he may have softened a bit here. £5 would still be kinda pricey for most (especially the stuff that's been attacked with tools), but if they were less... well. I'm sure we've not seen the last of them, so if there's anything you're mad keen on, do sing up...
  16. Fear not, Tat Friday is still attempting to get off the ground... I'll start with what pics I've managed to recover, and the rest... Well you may have to use your imagination! Less dark, but still brave and nippy this morning. The Nemesismobile was already in place as I puttered past, so I had early warning that bargains were unlikely to be mine today. There was quite the throng around the main tat stall by the time I stumped up... Seemed that there was a load of old footballsing programmes newly arrived, and this was apparently worth fighting tooth and nail over. Honestly, some people, eh? Still, it meant that I could get a crack at the Tat Box unhindered... Mmm. Déjà vu, once more.
  17. Oh, well that's handy - MrsDC's away out with her knitting group/ yarn harpies this evening, so sounds like that's my evening's entertainment sorted...
  18. Okay, so a few technical difficulties with my phone this morning - not quite sure what's going on, but after freezing up, refusing to restart, then refusing to switch back on again, it's now claiming a corrupt SD card so I'm still trying to work out how to access the photos from today's stall. Most vexing. However, to avoid the howls of anguish and continuous mashing of F5 refresh keys, I should probably advise that you're not missing out on too much - the only real tat to be seen today was the return of that aluminium flight case that we first saw all the way back in September last year, and then again in October. To be honest anything worth having from there has already been had! I'll get some pics up once I've figured out what the problem is!
  19. Surprised at how bright it was this morning - light filtering round the blinds even at 6.30. I'm sure it was pitchy-black last week at the same time. Spring's a-springing, it seems.
  20. Finally popped the packaging on the Matchbox Moving Parts '56 Morry Thou' Tourer last night. Sometimes, I like to keep 'em in the box for a while, and then open them when I'm in the mood. It's a nice little thing. I could probably do without all the 70th Anniversary guff on the bootlid, but the shape and detailing are well executed. The orange banding to the wheels actually looks pretty sharp, giving it a pop of colour to lift the monochrome finish. Interior is functional - in their quest for variation, I believe this model was made in both left-hand and right-hand drive versions. I've come away with a left-hooker. It's not very visible in the pic, but the interior's been cut away in the driver's footwell to expose the floor/base moulding, showing some moulded-in pedals, which is unusual. I'm not sure why it wasn't just included in the interior moulding - and the driver's seat has also been cut away strangely. Were there plans to fit a driver, or something? But the star of the show is the opening bonnet: And beneath it, that's a nicely detailed rendering of the A-series engine, with a decent stab at the correct shade of BMC green on the rocker cover. Underside detailing is also a good effort. I think I'd have preferred the standard cream version of this casting from 2022 to this Anniversary edition, but hey... finding any from this range without resorting to internet scalper prices is something of an achievement! I still fancy a Mitsubishi Celeste and Range Rover Mk1 from the Moving Parts line, but I'd be very lucky to turn either of those up in a wee provincial newsagent...
  21. That was definitely a thing in the mid-80s - parallel imports. While going through some old paperwork recently I found a load of stuff my dad had requested back in 1986/87 from a broker in Belgium, quoting for UK spec vehicles. Even with the price difference between Europe and the UK, we still couldn't afford it!
  22. Excellent going, big congrats to you both! Always useful to have another junior mechanic around the place, small enough to retrieve dropped bolts from otherwise inaccessible areas...
  23. Those funny little StreetKas by Shuang Da were back in TK Maxx again tonight, along with a sort-of Shelby Cobra and some form of generic sedan (?) in police clothes. Still, they're cheap-ish, for the store. Seems to be an insinuation that these involve some sort of motorised action... but I don't think that's the case. 'Glide forward' is just another way of saying 'has wheels', surely? Not very much Majorette to be seen today... Beige Mégane gets the AS seal of approval, though. Took a spin through Home Bargains too, but their Hot Wheels selection was still firmly stuck in 2023. No Matchbox. Ah well. Gotta check these things...
  24. You sure can! The contents of the boot are only barely visible with the help of a strong light, so it'll be the luck of the draw which one goes into your box.
  25. Bburago put similar but slightly simplified decals on their 1/24 scale Mk1 Golf: I had one of these when I was a kid and, amazingly, didn't trash it.
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