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  1. The downside to this is having to change tyres that aren't worn out, just perished due to age (t-shirt anyone?) As a side.note, the latest awful Japanese thing came with a set of Michelin Lassitude all seasons and also an original never-been-on-the-road 8 year old Yokohama G91A spare. One of the Michelins got a puncture, so the Yoko went on. I was expecting to slide about on it but it's fine. I certainly wouldn't trust the Michelins at that age (helping out in my mate's tyre place really showed me how badly they age). It's still on there too. I'd definitely go for the Yoko's when I need to replace the Michelins, sadly nobody imports them to Croatia.
  2. There ya go. Sadly not much from me either but my income is zero (or very much negative, considering the current exchange rate )
  3. Lordy It doesn't sound like it's misfiring, just like you're stamping on, and then releasing, the throttle like a loon. Two carbs, both doing the same I guess. Fuel supply? Already eliminated. New fangled throttle linkage? Probably not. Could you fit the conventional dizzy just for porpoises of alimentation?
  4. ^^ Wor he said. It's probably not the shite way but it's a real pain. Grinding the old system of sounds like a good plan to me but I'll bet you'll still get some nice jagged rust in your eyes (got any eye shields?).
  5. That's what I was going to add (but took too long about it) - batteries don't like freezing. Perversely, I had a quick Google (I really should stop using that) to see if I could find some figures and was told hot temperatures are far worse. Really? So why do so many more batteries get sold in the winter? Maybe if you live in Death Valley...
  6. Is your alternator suspect or summink? You shouldn't need to charge it at all if the alternator is working correctly, although during the winter months, with more use of lights, wipers etc. it helps to give it a boost now and then, but this time of year? Nah.
  7. That looks like the Bings on my JLO-powered Flymos. Do not be tempted to overtighten the float bowl/main jet nut to compensate for a shagged gasket (Bing! ) If it's anything like mine it's totally frigged and there aint no spares anywhere ever
  8. They'll complain about all the harmful methane they produce and campaign to have them fitted with catalytic converters. Or would that be cattleyitic? Sorry
  9. When do you reckon we should send out search & rescue?
  10. I talk to the trees, but they don't listen to me

  11. Maybe it's something to do with a rough surface being harder to effectively paint, plus welding producing a small amount of oxidation that needs removing. I often think of the medieval sculptor who didn't bother finishing the back of statues because nobody could see them. "Ah, but God can see everything" they said, before cutting his balls off.
  12. Not up on Fords but are you sure it has a DMF? Thought they were diesel only...
  13. As opposed to cubic inches, which are in base, erm... Or were you thinking about converting cubic inches to cubic feet? That would be (briefly) confusing, however I don't think there are many engines that big
  14. That looks like it's just been used to ram-raid Homebase.
  15. It's 7 degrees, according to a duck.. sorry, ADAC ect. This is a bit of a piece of string question - if you live out in the wilds and you need to get to work early in the morning then yes, as soon as. If you only do journeys that can be differed 'til later then meh, as and when. Here in Croatia we have to have winter tyres from November 15th 'til April 15th, no matter how stupidly warm it gets in March.
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