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  1. After a couple of months of unremarkable part-time usage, the dieselbrick has been much busier over the past couple of days, covering Many miles across the East Midlands shifting furniture. But this afternoon, about five miles short of home, the Volvo suddenly lost all power. After coasting to a halt at a lay-by, I discovered the following things: oil level good; coolant level good (and no contamination); engine seized; no surprise holes in crankcase / other ominous signs. Would not turn over, would not be bump-started, would not be 'pushed' into motion in any gear. A nice RAC man arrived, agreed with the diagnosis of seized engine, and (because it has a manual transmission) towed me to my friendly garage. This was the first time I'd been towed by means of a solid bar, and although it was ok, I was pleased that it wasn't dark, and that we were on roads I know well. At one point we hit a dizzying* 36mph. On arrival at the garage at just-before-closing-time, their initial thought was that it's curtains for the engine, but I will know more next week. It doesn't look good: seized engine in a very tired bodyshell, in a car that's worth £1000 if perfect in every way = almost certain scrappage. And only 252 miles short of the quarter-million. Bugger
  2. It's shit, but they make money from It's shit, but they try it on in the knowledge that some won't shop around. Instead, they pay up and grumble about how living costs are rising so fast.
  3. But..but how did you do that? I'd uploaded it directly from the computer using the 'select file' and 'attach file' options on the full reply page. Aargh.
  4. Aargh! Why this happen? Picture is right way up on the computer. Any advice as to fixing this?
  5. Despite the pictures being the right way up on my computer, half the time they appear upside down when posted on the website. How do I fixicate this?
  6. Omnomnomnom all the furniture I've been at the Newark antiques fair today, and have bought something enormous - but it STILL goes into a Volvobrick The dealers who didn't have a van had a Volvo, and 740s / 940s were as numerous as V70s. I'm surprised the SVM didn't mount a south-of-the-border raid
  7. It's the same as a Daewoo Matiz - although GM is phasing out the Daewoo name (in favour of Chevrolet), even in Korea. The rear suspension structure on them looks only a little bit stronger than that of a bicycle.
  8. The Mitsubishi Mini Active Urban Sandal.
  9. DS20

    ebay 'BARGAINS'

    £995 for THAT? £500 would be more like it. And even then...
  10. DS20

    eBay tat volume 3.

    I looked at buying an S-Type once. Couldn't shake the Jaguar badge (which I like) from my mind when sitting in it - for the interior truly is a plastic-fantastic palace, nothing like a Jaguar should be IMO. There were (probably are) huge numbers for sale in my home town, which is full of prosperous retirees who went and spent some of their lump-sum pension payout on a new S-Type, usually in sky-blue, which they then proceeded to drive very slooooowly between their homes, the golf club, and Waitrose (or Sainsburys if they found the parking spaces at Waitrose too small).
  11. I went to the Post Office earlier today to tax the Citroen which, as it was first registered in April 1974, involved a change of taxation class to Historic, and a payment of £0.00 for twelve months' tax It's a wonderful feeling Edit: The receipt from the P.O. even shows VED Paid as £0.00
  12. DS20

    Beast Of Turin

    It doesn't need to be started with a shotgun cartridge - I IZ DISAPOINT Cool vehicle, and sounds like God's lawnmower.
  13. How 'bout a 1938 Lincoln Zephyr?
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