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  1. You can apply for a v5, but all that will do is make you the registered ''keeper''. you wont own the car, and if the real owner shows up, your in the shit as you have technically 'stolen' it.
  2. just bought 8 for just over a tenner. bargain. thanks!
  3. I have a 03 plate tf on a classic policy with lancaster. but im not young if that makes a difference
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alfa-Romeo-33-16v-Sportwagon-Zender/223616756481?hash=item341098eb01:g:oWYAAOSwLzxdTGjU
  5. That mgf has a cat C marker, which means it has already been written off at least once before no?
  6. There are 11 FIAT SPYDER left in the UK with an MOT. 0.0000% of all UK vehicles are FIAT SPYDER so my cars pretty rare then lol
  7. Any idea what the sunvisors are from in yours? mine are the standard ones and they are past useless.
  8. Take her out for a lovely meal near the sellers house, and take an extended toilet break to nip over and get them?
  9. When it costs more in money than time. If you can get everything you need cheap/second hand and its just time needed to do things i would keep it going. if its going to cost x times more than the cars worth to just get the bits i would move on.
  10. oh great, you havent done anything stupid like lower it or change the wheels oh
  11. Nice Sunbeam Alpine in the background of the last pic on ebay of the rangerover.
  12. Ive got one of these, the steering wheel isnt quite centered either, its a very strange driving position. Nice to sit back and look at though.
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