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  1. Bumping for this, up for sale at Brightwells next month: https://www.brightwellslive.com/lot/details/514318
  2. If we're doing hilariously overpriced Rovers, there's a garage near me that would like a word. Although their stock of MGR products is starting to thin out, so they're moving into other brands too...
  3. Ha! Someone I work with has spent literally months making sure that everything that previously said 'Transport for Wales Rail Services' now says 'Transport for Wales Rail Limited' because nationalisation (never let it be said that transport planning is dull). I'm actually really looking forward to Monday now so I can tell him he's missed one.
  4. Last time I saw one in the wild, outside Borjomi station a couple of years ago: I was VERY disappointed that when I actually needed a taxi the next day, the only thing on the rank was an absolutely knackered Mk3 Golf.
  5. Maybe I'm just 17 seconds faster at running in a circle than you? Brilliant to see this going again.
  6. It's mostly Toyota hybrids around here, but there's someone with an Uber stickered Kia Sportage and another brave soul cabbing a Freelander 2...
  7. This is why they've stopped selling it, car sales in Europe last month: That's SUVs making up 44% of all car sales. Have to admit, I'm impressed by Peugeot having the two best selling cars though...
  8. Not so much a grump as a wince, but my boss was just proudly telling me about how he managed to change the washer pump on his wife's Qashaqai (he's not really a car person). He Googled it and found out you had to go in through the wheelarch. 'So, I jacked the car up, but because the only jack I have is the one from my car (a 350Z) it only lifted it an inch or so, so I had to let all the air out of the tyre to get it off. It was definitely wobbling around a bit and I had to give the pump a few hits to get it off, but I got there in the end'. Turned out the washer jets were blocked.
  9. Actually, no its not. Allegedly genuine ex BT. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/751989012120342/
  10. This is my favourite thing today. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/252447159621512/
  11. I like to Move it Move it, I like the way you Move, Move on up etc. All these puns for £500. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/400923861288501/
  12. Be @bub2006. But without the crashing, hopefully. New mot, £850. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/236877704655262/
  13. Or how about a 46k S80 for £700? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/127146925970034/
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