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  1. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202001296726716 Terrible advert, but low mileage Ph1 V6 for £500. NB - bravery may be required for a car that failed its last MOT on 'offside rear coil spring missing'
  2. Anyone for a Shanghai SH7181? It never made it into production but in 1989 Shanghai Auto and the Shanghai Institute of Tractor Research decided to try and build China's first ever MPV to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the PRC. Obviously it was VW Santana based. From the always intriguing carnewschina.com...
  3. I've gone down a Chinese car wormhole again. G. Patton Super SUV. It's a rebodied Ford F450 Super Duty with a V10, teak flooring and a coffee machine. I'm honestly not making this up. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a20085937/theres-a-china-market-suv-named-for-general-george-patton/ The same company also makes a 6 wheel drive supercharged Jeep Wrangler.
  4. Glad it's not just me then... I normally use GSF in Ashton but I needed to do the food shop and the Sainsburys in St Philips is open later. Obviously they'd sold out of half of what I needed though.
  5. Jesus Christ. I know ECP are a running joke on here but a visit there to buy some oil at the end of a shitty week has nearly made me go full Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Its 15 minutes before closing and they've locked the front door. Actually no, they haven't, they've left it open but pulled the security shutter down a foot so you can open it two inches before it smacks into the shutter and everyone in the shop turns and looks at you. A guy is jetwashing his BMW outside. 'They've closed it mate, there's a big queue and they want to be away at 4'. Not my problem. 'OK, I'll let you in the side'. And he does. And the lady behind the till asks who's let me in. I tell her. 'Well Aaron can fucking well serve you then, can't he?'. Turns out 1-Series jetwash bloke is meant to be picking the orders but he's buggered off to clean his car leaving her to do everything. Whatever, let's take stock of the clientele. Three guys are there to perpetuate the joke, returning parts they've been given that are wrong (rear pads for front, shocks the wrong size etc). Another three are here to pick up click and collect orders as the girl points out their email says it won't be in stock until Tuesday. One man is here to pick up Eicher brake pads because the Brembo ones aren't in stock, except it turns out the Brembo ones are and the Eicher ones aren't. There's a lady buying Steel Seal because her car overheated and died yesterday and she's read on the internet this'll get it running again. The man in front of me is buying discs and pads. This is massively fucking confidence inspiring, as he's also buying screenwash and asking the lady behind the till how to use it. Anyway, as she goes to get his bits I ask her if I should just grab my oil of the shelf to save time, as its now five past four (it was a click and collect order). 'No, you'll only get the wrong one, I'll get it out the back'. She gets it out the back. Its the wrong one. I get it off the shelf. As I leave, she shouts after me 'next time, try and get here a few minutes before four!' I pick up a baseball bat, smash the store up, attack a gang member, survive a drive-by shooting, kill a nazi, blow up a building site and get shot by the police. And obviously I've just copied this across from where I posted it in THE WRONG FUCKING THREAD.
  6. The only two company cars my dad had were both Montegos - all I remember about the first one was that it was a white, E-reg 1.6L saloon that got sideswiped by a lorry carrying hay bales in France on the first day of our holiday. It was replaced by a green H-reg diesel estate, that he picked up on my sixth birthday, and I remember my favourite feature was that if anyone tailgated us he'd drop it into second, boot it and engulf them in a massive cloud of grey clag. It got sent back at four years old, then turned up on the forecourt of the local Hyundai dealer - turned out it had been sent to auction in Birmingham and then made its way back. I used to see it around, covered in Kurust and leaving a smokescreen even after I passed my test - looks like it died around 2003 though.
  7. Jesus that's grim. If anything those cars are too new, that's proper 1992 that is.
  8. I've had a variety of small hatchbacks as hire cars and I reckon the Twingo has the most usable boot - going by volume its about the same size, but wide, long and shallow is much more sensible for most things than a narrow, deep letterbox. Here's a Twingo and an Aygo: No way you're getting a week's shopping in the Aygo without stacking it all on top of each other.
  9. angle

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Possible HGF but damn it looks clean. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/603550633722777/
  10. Here's a convertible one what I saw earlier (OK, in a museum which is probably cheating)
  11. Ideally, the AMG version...
  12. Goo.net is a good place to fantasise about the obscure nonsense you'd import if you won the lottery. https://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/ For example, a Mitsubishi Dingo: A Toyota Deliboy: Or maybe a Nissan Gazelle:
  13. The last van I rented had 'Dean is a homo' done in finger on the back. Can you tell my area is gentrifying?
  14. About half a mile away there's a house with a Daf 33 and a Fiat 900 camper parked outside. Went past yesterday and these two were parked in the drives of the next two houses along - not sure if they're stealing the neighbours drives or the virus is spreading... In other spots:
  15. The year is 2004. In Renault design HQ, surrounded by boxes of unused voice synthesisers, a junior designer working on the Laguna facelift approaches his boss. 'Monsieur, I 'av almost finished with ze interior design, but I 'av a question' 'Mais oui, Pierre' 'Ze gap between ze drivers seat and ze centre console, 'ow big should it be?' 'Zut alors Pierre, ze same answer every time! Big enough to drop your phone down' 'But also big enough to put your hand in, so you can get it back?' 'Ahahahahahahahahaha. Non.'
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