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  1. He's ace at parallel parking, mind.
  2. 'Haha, someone's still driving a CityRover the poor s... oh.' Bonus tat:
  3. Oi, that was literally my university dissertation you bastard.
  4. In Estonia, they're trialling a new approach to speeding - rather than give you a fine, they make you wait by the side of the road for an hour... https://jalopnik.com/instead-of-a-ticket-some-speeders-in-estonia-are-getti-1838563926
  5. Terribly framed driveby shot, but do you think I'm just going to ignore a Renault 18? As pictured outside the garage that I think recently tried to rip chatsharris off...
  6. The same thing happened on my Laguna - luckily it went right at the bottom, so the spring cup more or less held everything in place and the tyre survived. Limped it over to the garage who got it on their ramp and pointed out that exactly the same thing had happened on the passenger side as well without me noticing - it had only gone through the MOT a month before so I think I'd be replacing them in pairs...
  7. Inner Temple car park is often a good place for judicial chod, but only the Saab to be seen last week. QCs probably all too busy laughing at Boris Johnson or something. Alfa was a nice spot though.
  8. Oh. Hello Tbilisi Honda CR-V! Yes, the rear suspension had collapsed. And the brake pads were down to the metal. And here's the battery: Here it is when I decided paying £40 for a new battery was better value than £5 to a taxi driver for a jump start twice a day: Still, the aircon worked and an awful lot of cars in Georgia look like this, so you know... (I rented a 50cc scooter on Hvar, it was terrifying)
  9. angle

    Classic Diesels

    Was the last one the Mk5 Golf SDi? 0-60 in a smidgen over 16 seconds...
  10. https://www.newsweek.com/fire-bull-semen-explosion-farm-australia-1459673 There's been an explosion in a jizz factory.
  11. Aye, there's some interesting stuff there, admittedly mostly with Moskvich engines.
  12. When I was there most taxis were Ladas or Hiaces, but I imagine anything new will be Chinese or a Japanese import.
  13. Cuba... I didn't bother taking photos after a while, there's still loads over there.
  14. From the local paper - when the shop you've just crashed into is laughing at you...
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