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  1. I've PM'd you a few photos of work to the white 1300 rather than clutter your thread up further.
  2. That's the car I owned for three years until April. Anthony (the seller) is a good friend and bought it to re-visit ado16 ownership after 15 years without one. He's gone soft (although the fan belt breaking on his way home from Norfolk probably didn't endear it to him)! The engine wasn't smoky when I had it other than on choke when it is definitely running too rich, so I suspect the same is true now. The carburettor settings are a compromise as it's got a GT engine, 3 into 1 manifold (as per the lower spec twin carb variants, not GT) with a single HS4 carb. It would benefit from a rolling road set-up, either as is or after fitting a free-er flowing exhaust, but even as is it's a fair bit quicker than standard. We took this, the limeflower one I recently sold and a friends mk2 to collect Anthony when he came to pick it up... I'm sure he'd come down a bit on price; at £2500 it would be a better bet than the limeflower one. Feel free to PM if you want to know any more about it.
  3. Yes, estates went right to the end of production.
  4. Proof that cheap cars are still out there: Felicia with full MOT for £595... https://www.gumtree.com/p/skoda/skoda-felicia-fabia-/1458752433
  5. This looks like it might be a reasonable buy (ignoring bizarre mirrors which aren't there in all photos); current owner for a number of years but does need a bit of attention to outer sills. https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1586882
  6. With the 1300 sold, this morning I had a lovely 80 mile pootle around Norfolk in the LDV and along the way wisely* invested some of the proceeds in this... ...will probably be up for sale/roffle in a month or so!
  7. Tax on that is actually £675, which is even better* (and goes over £700 if you pay by DD)!
  8. Very odd damage! It's even got MOT to September. I have a set of doors, and connaught green goes well with flame red doesn't it?! Watchlisted...
  9. The Austin Allegro is 50 on 18th May. To celebrate the club had a weekend of events, the main one being at the Gaydon motor museum yesterday. Initially we'd thought it would be great to get 50 cars together, but as interest grew our hopes expanded to maybe 75. In the end exactly 80 turned up!
  10. Was that the car parked next to you Chris? If so he said he'd owned it seven years prior to which it had been stored in a container for a long time. So presuambly he's been driving on those tyres all that time.
  11. Assuming he's sending the new keeper slip with the car have a go at the transfer yourself (ignore first of the 12 digits - but I'm sure you know that!) in case he's doing something daft, before resorting to a V62.
  12. We went round 3 up (with camping gear) in an Allegro in the pi**ing rain in 2008 (honest!). I believe our time started with a 2.
  13. Yep, although you'd all worked that out already!
  14. No, and not just to save your life! His reason for selling is that with six other cars it will never get used. Which I've interpreted as having driven it 200 miles he's realised he enjoys the others (which are all considerably newer) more. I don't think going even older would work.
  15. He's done you a favour by moving it from Norfolk to Somerset! I think his glasses had too much of a rose tint, but I am a bit surprised by just how quickly it's up for sale again. Also it didn't smoke noticably whilst I had it so I'm not sure what's happened there.
  16. The last time I tried, Brighton Autopaints would do cellulose in an aerosol (and post it).
  17. Mostly they're useless! The only car I've had where they acted as anything more than decorations was the beige Mk1 1100 I sold in 2019. That said, if new ones were fitted which still adjusted properly they might work better.
  18. So with the white 1300 departed for its new life in Portishead (almost back to its Bristol origins) a bit of a reshuffle occurred this morning, so that the limeflower 1100 owned since 2005 can be worked on as a background project without blocking the workshop. As it was out I couldn't help taking a photo of it alongside the identically coloured shed 1300.
  19. We did our bit for drive it day by having these three out in convoy... Friends of mine came down on Saturday in the aquamarine car, and we took all three to March station yesterday to collect another friend who has taken the white one off my hands (he bought the aquamarine car 30 years ago to the day, before selling it on in 2008 - it's taken us until now to persuade him back into ado16 ownership!). We passed a Sunbeam Alpine and an 80's Toyota so a few old cars were getting some use.
  20. When Allegro 3 was launched in autumn 1979 the 1100 continued (the only engine change was the 1500 got twin carbs). The 1100 was replaced with the 998 A+ when the series 3 was facelifted in March 1981.
  21. "Rusty" https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1913461152348524
  22. It may sound unlikely, but it's totally true! I have known the seller for 25 years and can vouch for him, not that anyone on here is likely to want to buy it. I was also at the Gaydon auction he mentions where one of the other prototypes sold; another friend wanted to buy it but it went above their budget.
  23. Both of these have been tootling around West Norfolk today. The white one is off to a new home in a fortnight with a good friend who I met through the 1100 club 27 years ago (where does time go etc...)
  24. Glad I'm not the only one; other people seem to rate them.
  25. Took the trailer for a Sunday morning jaunt to Lincolnshire and somewhere along the way this leapt on. Anyone want a mechanically sorted (other than wheel bearing which is included) 1.6 Puma which needs sills & cosmetics?
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