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  1. Looks like something from Viz. Imagine driving a fair distance in the winter? The dog would be dead as a Dodo and stiff as a board by the end of the journey.
  2. This is me in my pedal car circa 1959. My older cousin Stewart is looking on.
  3. If you can buy the piece of land and it has direct access from your house, you probably only need to run an armoured cable from your house to a charger. I expect the cable would have to be heavy duty stuff. You may even be able to just run an extension cable from the back of your house when the EV needs a charge, but I expect that would be pretty cumbersome. I have no idea what value that would add to your house, but it would certainly make it more desirable as a purchase.
  4. I have a driveway and garage, but it is situated opposite my house and doesn't have electricity. To get an electricity supply connected plus a charger unit would cost about £5,000. The cost of electric cars are still expensive, so the whole exercise would be very costly and not really worth it for me..
  5. I spotted this Oldsmobile Regency at the central car park in Faversham today. Never saw it before, but it looked in pretty good condition. From what I can tell, it looks like a 97 or 98 model sedan.
  6. Very lazy spot from my own street in Beltinge, Herne Bay. A magnificently shite 3 door Nissan Almera. On the opposite side of the road in a neighbour's driveway is a completely hat stand camping trailer that I suspect has been modified from a fairground ride trailer, or something similar. Note the number plates match, but it looks like the trailer is a fair bit wider than the Almera. The end of the trailer with the number plate flips up to form an open air kitchen area. It's totally bonkers. I love it.
  7. Yes that one is compliant. I looked it up on the TFL ULEZ checker. It looks magnificent and is very similar to the Daihatsu Move I had many years ago. Great car as a general utility vehicle, but a bit rubbish on the motorway. You wouldn't want to be in an accident in any car, but particularly not in that one.
  8. Many years ago I had a 1978 Audi 100E 5 cylinder model, but it was getting a bit rusty and was starting to cost me money on other repairs. I tried selling it privately via the local newspaper, but the only phone calls I got was from other publications trying to sell me advertising space. I eventually got fed up and put it into the local auction. From memory, I got about 400 quid. A few days later I had Mr Plod turn up at my door asking questions about the car and it turns out the car was used in a security van robbery in Glasgow the weekend after I sold it. It made perfect sense as a criminal's getaway car. It was cheap to buy, had lots of grunt plus loads of room for passengers and the boot was huge for the storage of stolen cash. Good job I had kept the auction receipt.
  9. Still cursing the fact that I threw away my collection of Lapjoy when I separated with my now ex wife. There were at least 8 copies, but they were later editions in 1993, so not as valuable as those above listed on ebay. I remember comments such as "corners like a bent shopping trolley" and I may be tempted to start a collection if I can find any. Great mag.
  10. Yes it was a series 1. It was a 2 litre saloon on a C plate. I loved it and I also hated it.
  11. Every time I see a Citroen SM I get a boner. Unfortunately, it soon subsides when I remember my previous ownership of a CX back in the 1990s. Apart from routine maintenance and new gas spheres, my adventures included the exhaust pipe dropping off, the steering lock seizing and the weird handbrake set up failing at least once a month. It was like a limo to drive and I loved the mad instruments and the non cancelling indicators. I eventually parted company with it, as it was such a money pit that I was permanently skint for the whole time I owned it. Given that was only a CX, god only knows what a money pit an SM would be.
  12. It may well depend upon how old the car is and where it is being sold. The new ULEZ zone in London is being introduced in October this year extending the zone out to the north and south circular roads and a number of other UK cities also have plans to introduce ULEZ zones. This means that many petrol cars registered before 2006 and diesel cars registered before 2016 will have to pay a daily charge of £12.50 or £15 every time they drive within the ULEZ zone. Who want? to pay £15 a day just to set off in a car?
  13. Reminds me of a kids tv car - Brum
  14. Good to know it's HPI clear.
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