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  1. Reminds me of a kids tv car - Brum
  2. Good to know it's HPI clear.
  3. Some Comforts were driving school vehicles, but by far and away most of them were taxis in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. I am not aware of any being sold to private customers. The Crown sedans like the black one shown above were available to private and fleet customers. I found a driving school model and a mild hybrid sedan currently for sale in the UK. Here is the link https://www.thecarwarehouse.co.uk/showroom/toyota
  4. Most of these Crown sedans had 2.0 litre petrol 1G-FE straight 6 engines that are well known for being very long lived and almost indestructible. Some of the later models had a mild hybrid system, but my eyesight can't make out if this is one of these. Many were used as official cars, which maybe explains the curtains and many also had lace seat covers. These Toyota Crowns are very good cars.
  5. I think they forgot "portable urinal" in the description, but it already looks like someone's taken a piss inside it.
  6. This reminds me of the days prior to internet when cars were often sold via small ads in the local newspaper. after a couple of weeks, someone would phone and pop the question - ‘is this still for sale?’ The person asking would be some irritating time wasting wanker trying to sell advertising space in another local paper, or Exchange & Mart, or Autotrader.
  7. I owned a 2 litre one of these for a few years. It went like shit off a shovel with loads of power and torque, but unfortunately it rusted just as quickly. A rebuilt rust free example would be a real winner.
  8. Looks like it could be a Hustler kit car conversion. If so, it's a winner. Towns Hustler - the kit car designed by Aston Martin's William Towns (aronline.co.uk)
  9. I had a MG Maestro 2.0 EFI about 23 years ago and I remember that it went really well. It had loads of torque, so it would pull away smartly in top gear from 30mph and it's in gear acceleration was pretty impressive. I reckon it would hold its own pretty well nowadays. Unfortunately, it had the ability to rust like no other car I have owned, so I moved it on after luckily managing to pass its MOT. Shame, because I used to love driving it.
  10. This is me age 4 posing in front of my dad's Ford Anglia Deluxe 100E in 1960. The photo was taken whilst on holiday at Carnoustie.
  11. Love the car, But I couldn't have a plate that spells FUD.
  12. Interior upholstered from a sofa found in a skip.
  13. Passengers please enter by the red door.
  14. VW corrado rat wide arch project 1.9 turbo diesel retro custom modified one off turd on wheels.
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