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  1. OK then This..... That becomes this....
  2. Got these years ago in a Shell promotion probably about 1995, the 8 are from one set, the other one was a random given because I had all the others. Never been unboxed but have travelled halfway across the world
  3. Mine had a bit over 250000kms on it when it lunched itself and I'll admit that I ragged it a bit, they are surprisingly nice to drive but non cvt ones are as rare as hens teeth here. The micra is also quite good to drive if a bit tinny it also has the original Japanese radio system which I'm trying to figure out. My Japanese is a bit rusty!! Still managed to tune the radio and the satnav sort of works though I'm not sure if it's navigating NZ or japan
  4. Got $800 for it as a fixer upper, saves me a ton of hassle dereging and scrapping
  5. Is it going to break down in the next 12 months? Right I'll have it then! 

  6. Looks like I will recover the service/ brake costs at least, put it on a Facebook group last night and meeting someone at the garage at 4.30
  7. No the cube is going, tbh I really liked it but just haven't got the time, inclination or skillz to fix it so my new commuterobile is a March/Micra
  8. From ask a shiter, CVT has shit itself, garage reckons beyond economical repair, just spent $800 on service, brakes and wof last week. Bugger Anyhoo bought this so I can get to work To you a micra to us a nissan march 2009, 91000 km $3350 (about 1600 quid) Big dent in passenger side nose quarter but new wof and serviced
  9. I had a W8 passat, was a hoot to drive but was very thirsty and ate tyres
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2561344301 They want $9800 (about 4500 quid) but it is concours Very tempted if I could sneak it past 'er indoors -- would have had a chance as she WAS going to UK but the kybosh has done for that
  11. With the W8 it cost about $4k just to sort the front brakes (pads and rotors!) Guessing similar on its cousins from VAG
  12. Cars are not cheap in NZ typically a 2005 Corolla goes from$4500 to $9000 (about 2200 to 4300 quids to you M9) depending on mileage (at the lower end you are looking at a quarter of a million kms)
  13. I had the W8 Passat 4litre 4motion wagon, nice to drive but 16litres /100km (18mpg) and me doing 800km a week plus it wore out tyres like they were going out of fashion (basically a set every 2nd service) added to huge service and repair bills -- never again
  14. For those that can't be arsed to click on the link
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