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  1. xkjagnz

    Coolant woes

    It was Takapuna car clinic (Auckland's North shore) mistakes happen just glad I didn't ruin the little cube as touch wood she isn't a bad car --- stop laughing!!
  2. xkjagnz

    Coolant woes

    yup, just went and checked it (nice green coolant) after about the 100k drive home
  3. xkjagnz

    Coolant woes

    I took my car in for a service and as part of it they topped up the coolant, unfortunately the halfwit that did the job put an incompatible coolant in (I had green, he used red) resulting in the mess below and an overheated engine. Fortunately I had water in the car so I didn't end up with omghgf or any damage (although I did get a bit messy when I removed the radiator cap) this also managed to blast quite a bit of the gunk out. The heater was also pretty pathetic post clogsville (was like an asthmatic ant blowing through a straw after eating a polo mint) Took back to the garage and got a full flush and replacement of coolant, although took a bit of internet persuasion to the desk idiot to prove that the coolants were incompatible. Mind you he also tried to say that the fan wasn't working and as we were stood in front of the car it cut in, then he tried the old "well that's at the high end of its temperature range" Twat!!!
  4. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/05/14/ferraris-rot-in-field/#slide-7577377
  5. xkjagnz

    my spots.....

    Crashing the thread, saw this on the way home
  6. Foolishly put up email notifications for this thread, have now had 13 billion emails!! Have found out how to turn it off Also am using windows XP with no issues (firefox)
  7. Looks good, my logon and password worked once I found the login page Is there still a liked dropdown Only used mobile site so far will, try desktop tomorrow
  8. Bit far from Wellington New Zealand though!!!
  9. Yes I can (ex nuclear welder)Do I want to ...eeeeerrrrrrmmm
  10. I'm on my third already, and I quite like the house! (And her obviously, sorry Mrs XK!!)
  11. Fortunately it is a) too far away (Wellington) the wife has said I'm not allowed too
  12. Bought a Subaru 2.5 legacy wagon, ran fine until I got into traffic on the motorway, then OMGHGF. Got another car the following day!
  13. That said, most of the time stuff in the boot is bulky as opposed to massively heavy, would imagine great for dogs etc
  14. useful too, I do like 3 door estate cars/shooting brakes/wagons* (*your term may vary) practical motors
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