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  1. Just put 4 Bridgestone Ecopia fuel efficient low road noise etc etc on the mighty micra Got a deal price match on them from Tony's tyres as they only had premium brand so they matched the price with the mid range from mag n turbo $110 a corner so about 60 squids
  2. Driving my Ginetta G26 from Andover to Rosyth (pretty brave in itself) got to Lockerbie when there was a huge bang and the Prop shaft came through the floor to say hello Bit brown trousers
  3. Well engineered and 194 bhp I'd drive it (once)
  4. Get one of these Chuck this bit away Get one of these Polish the inside of it a bit Stick it in here Uprate these a bit Drill some holes in this Stick some of these on Take some pictures Put it on TradeMe Job done
  5. Not many of these left I guess, especially in such stunning* condition
  6. Thanks peeps, all sorted now Just surprised my shitty little micra has HID lights
  7. I'm assuming that it's a xenon bulb that has either been retro fitted or japan fit
  8. Maybe I should put this on ask a shiter but thought would get more visibility here Headlight blew on my nissan march (micra) I have H4 and h7 bulbs but when I took it out this appeared Any ideas wtf its called?
  9. Saw this in the car/bike park today, would quite fancy getting one, slapping some wider wheels on and a 500cc + bike engine in and batting that through the traffic 😂
  10. I had a 1750 all aggro in the mid 90s, bought it for my fiancee, later wife, even later ex wife as her bluebird was disintegrating. Overtook a ferrari in it on the M27 (I don't think that he was really trying though 😂) It was a really good condition giffermobile but was too small as the step kids got older and we got a hound. Wish I still had it
  11. xkjagnz

    Noice csl

    Seen in Henderson nz this morning
  12. OK then This..... That becomes this....
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