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  1. Bought one for the wife, she loves it 2.2l but 3.5 t towing capacity, humongous inside cheap to run, ours was the demonstrator so way cheaper than new but an older one would be in your budget (with the 2.7l lump)
  2. Ok today on the way home on the same stretch of road. I saw a lite blue mk2 escort estate, no pic unfortunately, thought i had one but camera had a brain fart It seems to be the gathering place of powder blue old Ford's
  3. Seen on the way home yesterday My dad had two of them (well technically one zephyr and one zodiac) This looked really small next to all the moderns
  4. Mine was cramped, horrible and kept snapping propshafts, most notably just outside Lockerbie when I was driving from Andover to Rosyth This was nicer
  5. Mine was xj6 based, the biggest issue i had was it had the little flyscreens instead of a proper windshield which made it really impractical
  6. I've had 3 kitcars (yes I'm a glutton for punishment), none of which appear to be mentioned in your book A Ginetta G26 an NCF Diamond (The factory demonstrator no less (was still shit)) and an Aristocat 120 will see if I can find photos later
  7. They bought one of those on American Pickers as a "company car" for Danielle https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g38077-d2272527-i84399155-Antique_Archeology-Le_Claire_Iowa.html
  8. Yes changing the heater is a huge pita so not going to happen, I just put a coat on. I have ordered one of those cigarette lighter plug in heaty things, it'll either work or be crap, will find out on Tuesday I guess
  9. The cube is OK, although the heater is blanked off as has a leak. Bit cold this week down to 5/6C overnight Its 50 k as the crow flies 80 k by road to work but all bar 15k is back roads really not a fan of cruise control had it on both mercs and the W8 Passat and never felt connected with it The cube of mightyness is a 7 seated (allegedly) though you would have to be Douglas Bader to use the third row, the Rexton is also 7 useable seats
  10. Aren't all cars by definition "people movers"? Any hoo welcome to the NZ chapter of autoshite. 20 mpg. 14 l/100km, had a few of them over the years. Finally bit the bullet and bought something a bit more economical as I do 800km (500 miles) a week just going to work. So have a Nissan cube cubic and a Ssangyong Rexton for the wife. Am about an hour north of Auckland
  11. At least they had a "make the noise" in this one
  12. xkjagnz

    Coolant woes

    It was Takapuna car clinic (Auckland's North shore) mistakes happen just glad I didn't ruin the little cube as touch wood she isn't a bad car --- stop laughing!!
  13. xkjagnz

    Coolant woes

    yup, just went and checked it (nice green coolant) after about the 100k drive home
  14. xkjagnz

    Coolant woes

    I took my car in for a service and as part of it they topped up the coolant, unfortunately the halfwit that did the job put an incompatible coolant in (I had green, he used red) resulting in the mess below and an overheated engine. Fortunately I had water in the car so I didn't end up with omghgf or any damage (although I did get a bit messy when I removed the radiator cap) this also managed to blast quite a bit of the gunk out. The heater was also pretty pathetic post clogsville (was like an asthmatic ant blowing through a straw after eating a polo mint) Took back to the garage and got a full flush and replacement of coolant, although took a bit of internet persuasion to the desk idiot to prove that the coolants were incompatible. Mind you he also tried to say that the fan wasn't working and as we were stood in front of the car it cut in, then he tried the old "well that's at the high end of its temperature range" Twat!!!
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