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  1. I know this must be the most obvious stupid answer but can't a new one be got from Russia?
  2. The answer was on the first page. Frontera at 60 seems to be the only speed in which you don't use a ton of petrol. It can go alot faster to overtake when needed and it's got a big boot. I may have said it once or twice before but it's a very nice car to drive. OK so it's no XM etc but then they can't go off road and yeah by off road mean the occasional curb or grass.
  3. So sort of related to this but what's it like in Ireland for unusual stuff surviving there? I mean is there a site like how many left etc? BTW it is nice to see what you're doing to it and why.
  4. LOL what did I say? No I was the bad naughty man (again, for the hard of thinking, this is sarcasm)
  5. This from me too. I'd rather drive a bitsa than yet another hotrod. It's like the pineapple bridge, individual* and different* while actually being the same as the rest. Still that said it's missing enough bits so...
  6. TIME TRAVELLER!!! With a early 2000s pda! The future holds such wonders!
  7. I just recognised the steering wheel, seat and that the engine looked Minorish. No idea about the underside bits as the last one I was underneath I was about 8 Will you be leaving it as is?
  8. Ok,thanks. Luckily that one isn't mine. Mines nowhere near as bad (as car as I can remember) and as it's off road I'd want to try and stop it getting like all the others if I could.
  9. So is this a Minor then, bits swapped over or just some kind of thing made with whatever?
  10. Having never taken one apart is there really some kind of foam stuff behind here on a Ka? If there is, can it be removed in anyway so what's in the picture doesn't happen? I mean if it's trapped and there's cutting involved or can you just remove trim and stuff?
  11. Bought a game from some random on twitter. He was getting rid of loads. Seemed OK. That was about 3 weeks ago. Cunt of course hasn't sent it (I gave it time for Xmas) no reply to emails or twitter where he was last on 3 days ago. Paid into his bank so I've got his name and now I've found his address (Internet is good for shit like that) he's getting the next week, as I'm on holiday, and a few more emails or he'll just have to take it further. Bit sad really as it's only the giant amount of £7, still it's my 7 quid.
  12. What Fordperv said about the colour! Shit me if only I had the money
  13. I'm a proper cock. Supposed to know about cars and do stuff like maintenance. Taking the Frontera to Nottingham next week, 'must check the oil, when did I last do that?' yeah that's right sod all in it and it needed some water in the radiator too. Luckily had some in the garage and just ordered a 5 liter bottle and a filter. Just thinking I bet it takes more..
  14. ^^Didn't someone on here have the only rhd one of those?
  15. ^^lol that's brilliant! You know you've always wanted to be Automan!!
  16. Can't link from my phone but this on ebay is a new Nexia bonnet 352512945900. Only £77 but £150 in postage! Still you don't pay if it's not your fault.
  17. Utter shit on the Daewoo. (without trying to sound like a twat) the damage on it is now why I leave a too big a gap in traffic, at lights so if I am hit from behind I don't loose the front too. As someone says though it looks very fixable if the lasts can be got or even beaten back into place, we'll OK not the boot door. Or why not a a group save like on that Visa?
  18. While I agree with the above post you've got sod all chance of whoever it is saying it was them or they would have done as you said and made a post saying what they didn't like first. It's the problem with stuff like this. Some people can't leave shit alone, no matter what it is, and instead of forming an opinion and discussing it they act like a child telling tales.
  19. ^^I thought that was the way it always was??
  20. I'm not eloquent. I'm not an expert writer. I'm not subtle. What I do is written as I speak with not much thought. I'd like to say I'm absolutely sick to fuck of what Autoshite is turning into. The well written post above says it all about how this place used to be. Since the twin cunts of Breadvan and Dave fucked this place over nothing has been the same. We have over moderation at things that have to go in the category of 'if you don't like to don't read it'. What annoys me the most though is never explaining the reasons for why things are done and it all come across as a 'protecting yourself from yourself' shit that just isn't needed. I'm not asking to know who's complaining about everything but I'd like to know how many it was and what they found so objectionable. What's disappointing is this place has always been so tolerant of everything and was a place where it was OK to' be different'. I slowly posted less and less and eventually left a few months ago due to this kind of crap. I came back as I missed whatever it was that made here special but I'm struggling to think why now. So what's next? When do we start with the no swearing and other pointless crap that's banned on places like piston heads? Turn the site into retro rides where everyone has to agree? I don't know the answer but I know it's not what we have now.
  21. Lol 2002-2008 is the mk6 and mk7 or mk6 and face-lift or... Fords winning the stupid mk numbering contest for far too long Anyway same Fiesta I'm after one of those little covers for the power plug.
  22. Aww I read the thread title wrong and I thought you'd spotted a Seat Malaga
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