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  1. That must be what it is. Can more grease be put in or do it need a new part?
  2. The Frontera is a twat. Squeaking on the front if or course a lot quiter when I took it to the expensive garage down the road this morning for them to have a look. One of the kids there messes with it and thinks it's a damper as it's so quiet. I had a look underneath and all the bushes look OK and there's no obvious leaks. Drive home, fucker starts squeaking again... I think it's coming from the hub. I'll have to get the wheel off when I get chance just can't be arsed on my own and the month long manflu isn't helping.
  3. I know it's been said before but why the fuck can't people that fix shit (builders etc) just do or don't do what you ask them instead of fannying about. Want a new sink unit top and toilet seat for bathroom. Bloke who fitted it says yeah he'll do it. Excellent you've now only been silent for two months. Pointless asking him as he always says he forgot I'll just buy it and eventually get him to fit it. Main one though is the Frontera osf Bush noise is getting worse. Took it to the garage I always use. 'I'm busy' he says. No shit all I want you to do is say yes you can do it and book it in. No. He can do it but when, no idea. I can't book I'll just have to ring up (he's shit on the phone) or bring it down multiple times, er no I won't I'll get someone else thanks. Why turn down a job and money?
  4. I'll have that Corsa handbook please. Add it to those badges and tell me how much I owe.
  5. That they thought that spoiler was a bit shit too?
  6. Aww bugger I only saw this thread today Any Fiesta one is better than none especially if someone decides to take mine off! Same for the Ford badges.
  7. 3 of 5 but hopefully 4 of 5 soonish Edit: no I forgot one so it's 3 of 6 for now.
  8. Can I have the other Austin badge please. Your nicest Fiesta mk1 and two nice blue ovals please. You don't have a mk2 Fiesta one as well do you?
  9. What about something like my Fiesta? Yeah there's loads left due to the curse of the blue oval but how many haven't been messed to death or hiding an engine swap from the doovla?
  10. I don't think I get* Wheeler dealers anymore. I mean I'm not a Brewer hater and I liked Edd but this whole move to America made it into yet another programme where money is no object and things just appear or get done with no explanation. Like that Capri they had on the other week. Fannyed about making bumpers for it saying it's too expensive to get European ones but the week after, bugger me European bumpers, grill etc for that Rabbit/Golf.
  11. Had to have another root canal today after my tooth decided it wanted to get infected last week. Took an hour and a half due to a nerve being 'at a funny angle' and me officially having "a small mouth" Mrs Shrimp says this is crap as I'm a big gobshite
  12. I've never had a car with squeaky suspension before. The Frontera has started to do it on the front drivers side. Is is the spring or damper or something else?
  13. What are you scrapping? Edit: I thought it might have been that Ka but then I've just seen how much you want for it, so it won't be
  14. 1990 mk1 mister2 last night in a very busy car park. Another one that's been a long time since I saw one.
  15. I can't remember if it was at the start of the thread but what's the big drama about people making plates for old cars that look slightly different and more than likely 99% of people will never notice?
  16. Why thank you sir, I have always wanted to be a large member
  17. ^^how very retro rides Anyway much love, as I say any work like that has to appreciated as it's not easy to do.
  18. But how can we learn and better ourselves if we don't understand?
  19. Aww deleted again. We'll never get any answers now
  20. No they don't but other people make vans. And it wasn't his only choice, he could have just left the engine in it had. Not fast,no but then it was never meant to be. Lol can't wait some someone to say that 'keeping up with modern traffic' poo As always it's each to their own.
  21. (it's always me that says this) But I don't get it. Modern engine, might as well drive a newer car. That gear stick looks stupid to me. Yeah I appreciate the work that goes into this kind of thing and I don't think I'll ever understand why.
  22. In the past I've had experience of both direct drive, but with a giant ancient engine, and giant storage tank. Both are better than the noisy small tank, small engine that seem to be very common. I'm far from an expert but if I had the money it would have to be direct drive with a small tank as there's always air. The other way you can be waiting ages for it to fill up.
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